Future Students:


Getting Started

Application Process

Francis Marion University students applying for the International Student Exchange program should meet the following requirements:

1. By the beginning of the study abroad experience, applicants must have successfully completed 30 hours of coursework at FMU.

2. Only applicants in good academic standing are considered. A minimum overall GPA of 2.75 is desirable, and previous study of the language of instruction (if other than English) is essential.

3. Applicants must explain in an essay how their study abroad experience would contribute to their academic or professional  career plans (see below).

4. Since applicants will be representing FMU abroad, they must be mature and capable of adjusting to new living circumstances.

5.  Applicants must solicit a letter of recommendation from an FMU faculty member attestin to the applicant's academic ability and maturity. 

To complete the application process, follow the steps below:

1. Down load the application pdf or obtain a copy from Dr. Jon Tuttle, FH 146, or from one of the liaisons.

3. Write an Essay (approximately 250 words) about how your study abroad will contribute to your academic career.

4. Obtain a Letter of Recommendation from an FMU faculty member that addresses your academic ability and maturity. This letter  should be addressed to Dr. Jon Tuttle, Coordinator of International Programs, and sealed in an envelope by the faculty member. Allow adequate time--several weeks, probably--before the due date for the faculty member to complete this letter.

5. Turn in your completed application file to the liaison for the selected Program. Your liaison will review your application and make sure it's complete.

6. Once your application has been accepted by the liaison, it will be sent to the Coordinator of International Programs. The International Studies Committee will then review all applications and select exchange candidates (and any wait-list candidates).

7. Selection by the International Studies Committee is final. All applicants will receive written notice of the Committee's decision concerning their application.  Keep in mind that some of FMU partner institutions allow for only one or two exchange students, so not everyone who applies will be accepted.

Summer / Travel / Non-FMU Programs

Students interested in the Summer Programs or Travel Courses should follow the directions given in those sections. Summer Language and Culture programs should turn in their applications to the Coordinator of International Programs by the due date.  Travel Course applications are to be returned to the Faculty Sponsor for that course.

FMU students who decide to participate in a non-FMU program are subject to that program's application procedures and deadlines.   Before committing any funds to a non-FMU program, you should first speak to a member of the International Studies Committee and/or the Registrar to be sure the courses you take can transfer to FMU.   Participation in non-FMU programs is 'at your own risk'; consult with the Coordinator of International Programs to be sure you understand what that means.

Last Published: September 19, 2011 4:16 PM
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