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Non-FMU Programs


Should you go with an Independent Exchange Provider or directly to an Institution?

Are you ready to begin the search? There are two types of programs for you to look at.  One is to contract with an Independent exchange provider--a company specializing in sending students abroad.  The other is to apply directly to an institution you're interested in.   Each type of program has its advantages and disadvantages.  Independent exchange providers will charge higher fees, though sometimes the cost of airfare is built into those fees.  If you apply directly to an Institution you will have to pay its tuition and fees as well as housing, meals and travel.  In either case, be sure to read the fine print.  If you are unsure about a program or institution--or if it has received bad reviews from other students--come see the Coordinator of International Studies.

Remember, you will need to pay attention to the deadlines each program provider sets. Failure to pay any deposits may result in you not being able to participate!


You can find many programs by conducting a few simple searches.

www.goabroad.com/study-abroad - Here you can search by Country, Subject, and Term. Programs are listed for both types mentioned above.

Additionally you can check out some of these Program Providers or University Programs (listed in no particular order):


Web Site Countries

IES Abroad

https://www.iesabroad.org/IES/home.html Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, China, Ecuador, England, EU, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain 
International Studies Abroad http://www.studiesabroad.com/ Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Coast Rica, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Spain
AIFS http://www.aifsabroad.com/ Argentina, Australia, Austria, China, Czech Republic, England, Francy, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Russia, South Africa, Spain
Semester At Sea http://www.semesteratsea.org/ Varies
CET Academic Programs


Academic Treks http://www.academictrekscollege.com Various across South America
Global Student Experience


Barcelona, Granada, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Paris, Sydney
ARCADIA http://www.arcadia.edu/cea Australia, China, England, Equatorial Guinea, Greece, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Wales

Center for Cross-Cultural Study




Spain, Argentina, Cuba

Academic Studies Abroad


Argentina, Chile, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain

Study Abroad Italy

http://www.studyabroaditaly.com Milan, Florence, Rome, Sicily
Harvard Summer School http://www.summer.harvard.edu/abroad Argentina, Brazil, Borneo, China, Czech Rebuplic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Scandinavia, Uruguay
School for Field Studies http://www.fieldstudies.org Australia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Mexico, Turks & Caicos
George Washington University


U.S. Foreign Policy Summer Program
Knowledge Exchange Institute http://www.keiabroad.org Australia, Belgium, China, France, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand


If you are still having problems locating a program please stop by the office of the Coordinator of International Studies in FH 146 and ask to look at the Program Books. We receive many brochures and catalogues you are free to examine.



You'll want  to research any program before you send any money or fill out an application form.  Ask of each program the following:

1. How long has this program been offered?  Is it well-established and reputable--or brand new?

2. Are there any travel advisories for that country? Check out http://travel.state.gov/ to see what our Government says about travelling in hat country.

3. What courses or credits is this program offering? Credit hours do not always transfer to FMU.  Be sure to consult your academic advisor or the Coordinator of International Studies.

4. Is the independent provider insured? Will you have to purchase additional insurance or is that built in to the program costs? What costs are covered with that insurance?

5. Is there any language requirement?

6. Can you afford this program? Most financial aid packages will not cover your participation in a non-FMU program, so consult with FMU's Financial Aid office about your particular air package before you make any decisions. You can also look for Grants, Scholarships or Fellowships to help cover these expenses.

7. Will you need a VISA? VISA's can take up to four weeks or longer sometimes to process. You may even have to appear at an embassy in person--which will involve travel.

If you are comfortable with the program, begin the application process. Pay close attention to deadlines, write in all caps if you are filling in a paper form, and be sure to stop by the Coordinator of International Programs office in FH 146 if you have any further questions.

Last Published: August 6, 2014 10:19 AM
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