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Faculty & Staff

Richard Almeida
Richard A. Almeida, Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Missouri-Columbia


Office: FH 139
Phone: 661-1631
E-mail: ralmeida@fmarion.edu

carter photo #2
Fred Carter, Professor and President, Francis Marion University
Ph.D. University of South Carolina


Office: SAB 110
Phone: 661-1210
Email: lcarter@fmarion.edu

Will Daniel
William T. Daniel, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh


Office: FH 134
Phone: 661-1613
                            E-mail: wdaniel@fmarion.edu
                            Website: https://sites.google.com/site/wdaniel127/

Richard Doughty
Richard G. Doughty, Instructor of Political Science and Geography
M.A. Columbia University


Office: FH 144
Phone: 661-1612
E-mail: rdoughty@fmarion.edu

Kevin Lasher
Kevin J. Lasher, Professor
Ph.D. University of Georgia


Office: FH 138
Phone: 661-1618
E-mail: klasher@fmarion.edu

Natalie Johnson
Natalie P. Johnson, Assistant Professor of Political Science
PH.D. University at Albany, SUNY


Office: FH 133
Phone: 661-1615
E-mail: njohnson@fmarion.edu

Alissa Warters
T. Alissa Warters, Associate Professor and Director, Robert E. McNair Center
Ph.D. University of Tennessee


Office: FH 125
Phone: 661-1616
E-mail: twarters@fmarion.edu

David R. White
David R. White, Associate Professor and Department Chair
Ph.D. University of Arizona


Office: FH 129
Phone: 661-1614
E-mail: dwhite@fmarion.edu

Scott Brown
Scott S. Brown, Professor
Ph.D. Louisiana State University


Office: FH 130
Phone: 661-1611
E-mail: ssbrown@fmarion.edu

Allan Lockyer
C. Allan Lockyer, Professor and Neal D. Thigpen Professor of Public Affairs
D.A. University of Northern Colorado


Office: FH 132
Phone: 661-1619
E-mail: clockyer@fmarion.edu

Anita Harper
Anita Harper, Senior Administrative Assistant


Office:  FH 271
Phone: 661-1374

Email:  aharper@fmarion.edu

Brandi E. Cook
M.Ed. Francis Marion University
David A. Richardson, Jr.
J.D. University of South Carolina
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