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RN to BSN Track

RN to BSN Track

The RN to BSN track is for registered nurses (RNs) with an associates degree or diploma in nursing seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. All nursing courses in the RN to BSN track and English 200 are offered as online courses.

The RN to BSN program assists registered nurses to gain new knowledge regarding roles and responsibilities of the professional nurse in a rapidly changing health care environment and to build on their previous education. 

Graduates are prepared to apply for advanced degree programs. Learning focuses on enhancement of critical thinking, scientific basis for decision making, and development of leadership qualities and skills. Faculty members strive to maximize each student's potential for professional development.


Required Nursing Courses

As of Fall 2014, there are 30 required semester hours. After pre-requisite courses have been completed, the required 30 hours can be completed in 11 months if done on a full-time basis.

Also, as of Fall 2014, the cost of tuition for the RN to BSN program will be $15,500. This does not include other FMU fees and expenses. Other fees and expenses can be found here. This is the cost of 30 credit hours (27 nursing hours, 3 hour English 200 course or 3 hour nursing elective for students who have a previous Bachelor's).

Click here for more information about the Plan of Study and cost of the program. 

General Education Requirements

The General Education required of all students at FMU is designed to give students an introduction to the broad areas of knowledge essential to a successful life and career.The General Education program includes choices in the humanities, social sciences, laboratory sciences and basic communications. You can take these classes on campus at Francis Marion or you can transfer credit from an approved college or university to satisfy these requirements.

General Education Requirements for RN to BSN students

General Education Requirements for RN to BSN students with a previous Bachelor's Degree


  1. Contact Ms. Devin Cribb (dcribb@fmarion.edu)
  2. She will evaluate transcripts for you and let you know what courses will transfer and what general education you need to complete, if any.
  3. Apply to FMU if you have not done so already.
  4. Once you have been officially accepted to FMU, please email Ms. Cribb and she will help you start the RN to BSN track.

**Disclaimer: RN to BSN students who are Marlboro County Residents Only: To be considered for a scholarship that originates from Marlboro County Hospital Board of Trustees, you must be accepted into the program for Fall semester by June 15, Spring semester by December 15, and Summer semester by April 15. Scholarship awards are variable each semester and never guaranteed.


Upon acceptance into the RN to BSN Program, learners must provide documentation of the following onto our online-based documentation system, Certified Background:

  • Satisfactory criminal background check and drug screen;
  • Health history per the Department of Nursing (Annual TB skin test, Hepatitis, Immunizations, Varicella);
  • American Heart Association (AHA) CPR Certification at the healthcare provider level;
  • Malpractice Insurance;
  • Unencumbered valid nursing license;
  • 3 positive references 

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