PfalzAkademie - Travel Course from Lembrecht to Berlin, Germany
12-24 July 2011 Credit can be earned in HIST 318 or POL 341.

PfalzAkademie - International Seminar for German and American students

Program Dates: 12 July - 24 July 2011

Language of Instruction: English

Course Credit: History 318 or Political Science 341

Program Outline:    PDF File

Daily Schedule:  PDF Icon PDF File


Dr. George Harding, Modern Languages, CEMC 113A, (843) 661-1603,

Dr. Jeannette Myers, Coordinator of International Programs, LSF L103F, (843) 661-1441,

Application Process:

 FMU Student Application

FMU Deadline: 15 April 2011

Return Applications to: Jeannette M. Myers, LSF L103F

Program Costs: Between $2500 to $3200 (breakdown below)

Program Fee: 250 Euro ($350)

Airfare: $1400 (approximate)

Hotel in Mainz before program (2 nights): $300 (single) or $150 (double)

Hotel in Mainz after program (1 night): $150 (single) or $75 (double)

Meals: $200 - $250

Passport + Insurance: $150

Transportation (2 Train tickets): $75

Personal Items: $100 - $300

Travel Expense Refund: 70% of transatlantic flight costs to a maximum of 400 Euro (about $550).

Seminar Topics:

  • Images in our minds: a personal approach on politics
  • Stories becoming history: Our grandparents' biographies
  • Understanding different perspectives: A look into history books (comparing historic narratives)
  • Divided and United: The German question in international politics
  • Who is the people? (Transfer to Berlin, visit to the museum at the former East-West border)
  • Tearing down the walls: Intercultural projects in Berlin
  • Impressions on dialogue and integration: Participants document the life of a city
  • Interference required: Ideas & visions on democratic citizenship (talk with political activists)
  • Building bridges: The message of history for the common projects in the future

Course Information:

This course is an intensive 2-week program with travel across Germany. All FMU students are expected to participate in the program activities. This includes group discussions and writing papers. If you are selected for the program you will be asked to interview a grandparent (or elder member of your family) about their knowledge of Germany and history. You will also need to bring a History book with you. It can be from one of the History courses at FMU, from High School or other source. During this program you will meet up with students from Poland, Lithuania and Northern Ireland who are participating in a similar program. You will have the chance to compare history books with these students.

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