The accounting profession offers many opportunities in private industry, public accounting, and government. The accounting program is designed to assist students in pursuit of accounting careers in a variety of positions and organizations in these sectors.

Computer Science

The Computer Science Department aims to instill in our students a sound knowledge of all key domains of the computing sciences while encouraging critical thinking teamwork, innovation and lifelong love of learning. We have a vision of graduating engineers who are ethical, creative, respectful of their peers, and have a desire to serve their community.


The Economics faculty within the School of Business is dedicated to the success of our students. With average introductory class sizes of 35 and upper divisional class sizes of 12, students get the opportunity to interact with faculty, enhancing the learning experience.


Whether your interests include corporate finance, real estate, or investments, the Finance major in the School of Business at FMU is your destination. The faculty brings a depth of real world experience from backgrounds in industry, government, and consulting. The study of finance will help you develop the skills needed not only to make the decisions important to business, but also teach you why those decisions are important to the company, the stockholders, and the stakeholders.

General Business

All business majors gain a strong background in theory and practical applications in a breadth of business disciplines. Business students complete courses in accounting, economics, finance, management, management information systems, and marketing. Most students select one major area of emphasis from these disciplines for further concentration.


The Management major has two separate tracks:
(1) Human Resource Management Track
(2) Supply Chain Management Track

Management Information Systems

With A degree in management information systems you hold a bachelor of science in business. As a business major you will have the ability to identify business problems. As an MIS major you will have the ability to design, develop, and implement technical solutions to these problems.


Today’s dynamic, global business environment provides a variety of challenging and rewarding career opportunities for those who study marketing. Personal selling, marketing research, product management, international marketing, advertising, and marketing management are among the many career options for marketing professionals.