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Student Log-in Instructions and Links 


Complete Password Manager (step 1)  

Password Manager (step 1) synchronizes your password for Email, Wi-Fi, and Library Resources.  This means that the password for Email, Wi-Fi, and the Library Resources will be the same as the password you just set in Password Manager.  

If you have any questions, please call the Help Desk at extension 1111 (off campus: 843-661-1111).  

 1) Password Manager  (Password Self-Service)

Please CLICK HERE for instructions on how to reset your password.  


 Username: First initial + full last name + last four digits of FMU Student ID number

 Initial password: fmu + last five digits of Social Security number

            Example username: mjohnston5643

Example initial password: fmu54321

 Wi-Fi (Wireless Network)            CLICK HERE for devices that are NOT supported on the wireless network 

 AFTER Enrolling in the Password Manager (see instructions above):

  • All Windows devices, register your device to the WiFi network first. 
  • All Android, Apple or Blackberry devices enter your username and password information directly.  Accept the cppm2 certificate if prompted.

Please CLICK HERE for instructions on how to connect to the wireless network.  


 Username: First initial + full last name + last four digits of FMU Student ID number

 Password: enroll in Password Manager (step 1)

            Example username: mjohnston5643

 Email (Swampfox Mail)


 Username: Full email address -- first initial + full last name + last four digits of FMU Student ID number, no spaces, no punctuation

 Password: enroll in Password Manager (step 1) 

            Example username:

 Administrative Accounts (Swampfox Web)


 Username: Your student ID number on the front of your ID card (9 digits)

 Initial password (PIN): month and day of birth (expressed as 4 digits).  

  Note: the system will require a new PIN after initial login.

Example username: 000012345

Example initial PIN: 0209



 Username:  First initial + full last name + last 4 digits of FMU student ID number.  No spaces.  No


 There is no default or initial password. Click the “Forgot your Password” link.  Complete Part 1 ONLY

 of the form and SUBMIT.  Open the email that was sent to you and follow the directions. 

 Library Resources


 The same username and password you use for Email and Wi-Fi.

 If that doesn't work, it usually indicates you also cannot connect to the Wireless (FMU, not FMU Guest)  network.  You will need to complete Password Manager (step 1), on this page.  If you are unable to  complete  the Password Manager, contact the Help Desk at (843) 661-1111 during normal business  hours (M-F, 8:00am -  5:00pm).    

 Retrieve barcode:  (update personal info)

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