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Campus Technology

Vision Mission and Values

Our Vision

  • We envision a campus community which incorporates technology as a transforming influence in teaching and learning.
  • A community where students and faculty are comfortable using and integrating technology across the curriculum;
  • Where administrative functions are fully automated, thereby allowing more of the energy and resources of the University system to be focused on teaching/learning as the central reality; and
  • Where technology can support the institution in realizing its distinctive mission through a trained and caring information technology team of professionals. 


Our Mission

  • To facilitate and promote the effective use and integration of information technology in teaching and learning, scholarship and creative activity, business processes, and community engagement and service.


Our Values

We believe that those who use our services define quality for us, and that collaboration and consensus are essential to achieving our goals.  We are committed to continuously improving our services and to working productively in self-managed teams.


  • We regard quality service to our customers as critical.
  • We each recognize a personal responsibility to solve problems for the institution. 
  • We believe that resources make things possible but that people make things happen. 
  • We recognize teaching/learning as the central reality for the University and prioritize all activities accordingly. 
  • We value the sharing of information, expertise, decision-making, and ideas so that all people have a stake in events. 
  • We strive to optimize the use of resources in cost-effective ways. 
  • We treat all people with honesty and with consistent respect for their contributions, capabilities, and knowledge. 
  • We communicate openly and consistently. 
  • We believe in working together in effective teams. 
  • We always seek to improve all areas of our responsibility. 
  • We concentrate on solving immediate problems and learning to eliminate repetitive problems.
Last Published: February 24, 2016 1:54 PM
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