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Adding an Event to course calendar

Instructors can add and even modify events in their Course's calendar. To do this, first make sure you are in the course you wish to work in, and select Course Calendar from Tools in the Course Menu. Once in the Course Calendar page, you change your view by selecting the following view tabs: Day, Week, Month, and even Year.

To add an Event, select the Create Course Event button on the Action Bar of the page. In the Add Calendar Event page, enter the Event Name, Description, choose the Event Time and then select Submit to finish. In this way, you can add Course Calendar events that coincide with Assignments, Tasks, Surveys and Assessments that you have already created or will create.

To modify an event that has been created, you can either click on the event link and select Edit from the drop-down menu of the Event on the Calendar View Event page or, in the Calendar: View by Day page, select Edit from the drop-down menu of the event. Once in the Edit Course Event page, you can change any information that is needed and select Submit to finish.

To remove an event that has been created, select Delete from the drop-down menu of the event in the Calendar: View by Day page. A confirmation window will pop up stating 'This action is final and cannot be undone. Continue?’ Select OK to remove the event from the Course Calendar.

Last Published: August 11, 2011 12:56 PM
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