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BB91 FAQ Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions For Faculty

  • Who do I call for Blackboard support?
    • You may call the Campus Technology Help Desk at 843-661-1111 or email for support. The Help Desk hours are Monday Thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm..
  • What credentials do I use to login to Blackboard?
    • Blackboard uses the same account credentials as the FMU Domain. Creating an account for one grants access to both. Changing your password for one changes it for both.
  • What do I do when using IE8 and I am prompted with a security warning asking "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?"
    • Click here for detailed instructions and an explanation for why you recieve this warning.
  • My students cannot see my course, why?
    • Students will not be able to see the course until made available by the instructor.
  • How do I make a course available to the students?
    1. Go to Customization > Properties.
    2. Then, option 3. Set Availability and choose Yes for Make Course Available.
    3. Click Submit.

  • How do I copy content from a previous course into a new one?
    1. Go to Packages and Utilities in the source (previous) course
    2. Then, go to Course Copy
    3. Browse for the appropriate new course as the Destination Course ID
    4. Select the appropriate boxes (check all the boxes if you are unsure)
    5. Click Submit

  • How do I get my course on Blackboard?
    • All Blackboard courses are created after you place a request with the Campus Technology HelpDesk.  The System Administrator will notify you when your courses are available to you.
  • How and when do my courses become populated?
    • Courses are populated as student enroll in your class.  If your students encounter issues with enrolling in your Bb9.1 course send them to the Campus Technology HelpDesk for assistance.
  • I need a user added to my course as an observer, what do I do?
    • Email your request to with the course ID (ex. SOC-102a-Thayer), person's name, email address, and what role they will need within your course. If the user is outside of the fmarion domain, a username and password can be setup for them to use within Blackboard.


Last Published: September 18, 2011 1:25 PM
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