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Welcome to the Francis Marion University's Blackboard support site! Blackboard is FMU's course management tool used by instructors and students.

You may access FMU's main Blackboard page by using the URL: *Please note that not all instructors utilize Blackboard and have their courses setup within it.

Through the collaboration of the User Services Division of Information Technology Staff and FMU's Faculty, this site has been built to better serve our user needs. With our support, you will find "How To" guides, "How To" videos, Frequently Asked Questions, and known issues. We will be actively updating this site with any announcements or new questions and issues that may arise.


Blackboard manual for faculty

Blackboard manual for students

  1. Can you successfully connect to your Swampfox email account? Your Swampfox email account is your official email address for all FMU notifications.

    Your email address is composed of your first initial, your full last name, and the last four (4) digits of your FMU Student ID number without and punctuation marks or spaces. For example, a student named Jane Smith-Jones with ID number 000098765 would have username jsmithjones8765. Jane’s email address would be

    The initial password for Swampfox email accounts is composed of the word fmarion and the month and day of birth. Using our example of Jane Smith-Jones, if Jane’s birthday is May 9, then her initial Swampfox email password is fmarion0509. The leading zeros are important and there are always four digits.

    If you can connect to your Swampfox email, jump ahead to part 2, otherwise, perform the following steps to connect to Swampfox email for the first time:

    1. Point your web browser to
    2. Click the Sign In link in the upper right corner. The Swampfox Sign in screen is displayed and looks similar to this:
      swampfox mail
    3. Enter your full email address in the upper box. (
    4. Enter your initial password in the lower box. Be sure to use all lower case letters. Passwords are case sensitive. “A” is different than “a” in a password.
    5. Click the Sign In button.
    6. Review the terms of Service. Click to accept and complete the Captcha to verify you are a person, not a spambot.
    7. Your Swampfox email page is displayed. Your one-time setup is complete.
    8. For future reference, you can link your browser directly to email by pointing to It is a good idea to bookmark it.
  2. Setup your Blackboard password

    For security purposes, Blackboard accounts are not issued an initial password. Instead, password creation and resets are a user self-service procedure. To create your initial Blackboard password, or to reset/change it at any time, perform the following steps:

    1. Point your web browser to
      Blackboard image
    2. Click the “Forgot your Password?” link
    3. The Lost Password form is displayed. Complete only Part 1, Username Option, of the form.
      Blackboard image
    4. First Name is your proper first name as the University has on record. If your first name is Rebecca or Richard, do not enter Becky or Rick.
    5. Enter your full last name.
    6. Enter your username. This is the same as your Swampfox email username (your email address to the left of the @ symbol)
    7. Click the Submit button.

    Blackboard compares what was typed to what is has on record. When all three parts match, Blackboard sends an email to your email address of record – your Swampfox address.
    Blackboard image

    Go to your swampfox email, sign on, and open the Inbox. Open the message from the Blackboard Administrator.

    Click the long hyperlink in the message. A Change Password form is displayed. Enter the password of choice – twice – in the form.
    Blackboard image

    Your new password may be anything you want. Remember upper and lower case letters are different. Longer passwords are better than short ones. Make it something you will remember, or you get to do all this over again!

    Click the Submit button when done.

    The Blackboard sign on page is displayed. Enter your username and the password you just created and click on the Login button.
    Blackboard image

    Your My Francis Marion page is displayed. Courses you are currently enrolled in are shown in the My Courses module on the right side of the page. Click on a course name to go that that course’s home page.

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