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     The John K. Cauthen Educational Media Center functions primarily for the use of the students, faculty, and staff of the University. All persons in these categories, upon presentation of a valid FMU I.D. card, are entitled to use facilities.

     If there is no conflict with the primary function, any resident of the area may use the Media Center for reference and research. Special needs of public school teachers. clergymen, and research specialist in business and industry will be handled on an individual basis.

     Students enrolled in elementary and secondary schools of the area may use the Media Center facilities for reference and research, but cannot check out material or equipment for home use.


     The on-line public access catalog is the primary guide to materials in the Media Center. The collection is currently under conversion to the Library of Congress catalog system. A professional staff member can assist in locating materials.


     Some titles have been designated by professors for use in specific class assignments and have been placed on "Closed Reserve" behind the Control Center. These materials must be used in the Resource Area.


  1. Most materials and equipment are available only for use in the building. Arrangements can be made for short-term loan of materials to be used in the classroom. Professors can schedule equipment for these presentations.
  2. Portable equipment used in the Resource Area such as stereo headsets, mono headsets, viewers, etc., can be obtained from the Control Center upon presentation of a University I.D.. Users are responsible for items checked out.
  3. Any material may be removed from the shelf and used in the Resource Area. Users are requested not to re-shelve materials but to leave them on the wheeled carts near the storage shelving Student assistants will re-shelve materials.
  4. If materials is damaged or if equipment does not operate properly, the user is asked to notify the person at the Control Center. Users are responsible for damage/loss of equipment and materials resulting from negligence. Repair or replacement charges will be based on current market value.

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