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Network Operations and Systems


Design and maintain campus-wide network infrastructure of switches, routers, cable plant facilities, and all network and communication servers to ensure secure, reliable, and stable network performance with a stated disaster recovery process for the network infrastructure and servers.

Unit Objectives

  • Develop and maintain campus-wide communications infrastructure to ensure required service levels including reliability, availability, and serviceability of network and communication equipment and systems are achieved.
  • Design campus-wide technology equipment integration for voice, data, and video networks.
  • Design and maintain data-type systems and servers to support campus-wide data and application platforms.
  • Perform capacity planning of hardware equipment and network systems to ensure current and future performance needs are met.
  • Ensure security measures are in place and network policies are enforced campus-wide to guarantee business process continuity and recovery.
  • Maintain an accurate and relevant inventory of FMU's technology devices.
  • Responsible for both the procedural and systems architecture design and implementation for securing Francis Marion University's network infrastructure, applications, and confidential information.  Also responsible for managing IT and IT-related projects working with stakeholders to ensure that projects meet specifications and solve challenges to business processes.
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