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Television Studio

The studio is a fully functional television studio used for both student and university productions.  Equipment in the studio includes:


  • Dove Systems light control board
  • Brightline fluorescent lights
  • Multi-colored cyclorama light
  • Black, white, and blue background curtains on travellers
  • Chroma wall
  • 2 Hitachi Z-2000 cameras
  • 1 Hitachi Z-2010A camera
  • 3 Cartoni C20 tripod heads
  • 3 Cartoni P50 pedestals
  • "EasyReader Lite" teleprompter system
  • 4 Clearcom intercom system headsets


Studio control contains:

  • Mackie 32 channel audio board
  • Cassette player
  • CD Player
  • DAT player
  • Sony switcher
  • Extron scan converter (VGA to video)
  • Videonics "Power Script Studio" character generator
  • Autopatch routing system
  • 3 DVCAM VTRs
  • 2 S-VHS VTRs
  • CCUs for studio cameras
  • 3 Clearcom intercom system headsets
Last Published: August 21, 2008 11:57 AM
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