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Printing Policy


Effective fall 2015, each registered student will be required to used their campus ID card to print in public labs.  The University will credit $12.50 per year to each student’s campus ID card to be used for printing.  This is equivalent to 250 black and white prints/copies.  Once the print credits are used, additional printing will require that students have money on their campus ID card to cover printing costs.  Additional funds can be added to the student’s campus ID card for prints/copies at the Cashier’s area, room 104 in Stokes Administration Building.  Unused print credits will be cleared before new print credits are applied each fall semester.

FMU-funded Allocations

  • Fall Semester:  Each registered student will be issued $12.50 in print credits.
  • Spring Semester:  Each newly registered student (does not include those who registered in the fall) will                be issued a pro-rated $6.25 in print credits.
  • Summer Semesters:  No print credits will be issued during the summer sessions.
  • Unused Print Credits:  Will be cleared (zero balance) before applying new funds prior to each fall                        semester.


Pricing for Prints

  • Black and white prints/copies are $0.05 each (duplex is two prints or $0.10).
  • Color prints/copies are $0.35 each (duplex is two prints or $0.70).
  • Prints/copies will be deducted first from the FMU-provided print credits. Once the FMU-provided print credits are used, printing will be debited from the student's campus ID card debit balance.  Funds can be added to the student's campus ID card at the Cashier's area, room 104 in Stokes Administration Building starting at a minimum of $5.00. 


Process for Printing

Printing in FMU’s public computer labs now requires the use of a student campus ID card.  The first time the campus ID card is used, the student will be required to “link” their campus ID card with their FMU network (Gmail) credentials.  This is done when a student prints in a public computer lab for the first time by tapping the campus ID card on the card reader attached to the printer/copier and then entering their network (Gmail) username and password.  Once this is done, the student only needs to print to the “follow me printer” queue and then tap their campus ID card at one of the printers located in the one of the public computer labs (i.e. Rogers Library, Cauthen Educational Media Center, Stanton Academic Computer Center) to complete their print request.  Students must have enough funds to cover the queued print job on the student’s campus ID card before completing the print request.



Public Lab Printing Instructions

Login for Pay 4 Print Image

  1. Must have current FMU ID card
  2. Must know login (FMU Gmail Account / FMU Network Credentials)
  3. Must link ID with login during first-time use
    • Tap ID
    • Type in FMU Gmail (network) username (Do NOT need @g.fmarion) and password      
    • Tap ID again to link information
  4. When printing use Kyocera Follow Me Printer (this is the default printer)
  5. Go to any Kyocera public lab printer
  6. Tap your FMU ID card 
  7. A list of the document(s) sent to printer will appear
  8. Select the document(s) you want to print (one at a time or print all)
  9. Cost of printing document will appear on the printer screen (.05 per b&w copy / .35 per color copy)
  10. Press print icon to release document(s) to that printer
  11. Default settings are duplex (two sided = two copies) and stapled (IF stapler unit is on that printer)
  12. Log out


Printing Policy

For computer lab users in the Library and the Media Center and all facilities of Campus Technology

Networked laser printers are provided to the university community for the pursuit of professional and scholarly endeavors. 

If you are involved with a business which requires printing, please find another way to do your printing. Commercial use of printing resources is simply not allowed.

If your university department or student organization needs to print, please be reminded that the University has already provided you with a budget for this as well as a print shop if your needs are extensive. (For example, instructors requiring students to make multiple copies of materials for class distribution should seek departmental assistance with this instructional expense.) University departments and organizations should use their own printing resources.

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