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Printing Policy

Printing Policy

Printing Policy

For computer lab users in the Library and the Media Center and all facilities of Campus Technology

Networked laser printers are provided to the university community for the pursuit of professional and scholarly endeavors. Since part of a student’s collegiate experience also involves opportunities for both social and personal growth, reasonable and responsible personal use of printing resources is acceptable.

While printing is provided at no cost to the user, printing is not free. We ask that you limit your printing to but one copy of your document and learn to avoid wasting everyone’s resources accidentally.

If you are involved with a business which requires printing, please find another way to do your printing rather than expecting your firm to be underwritten by your neighbor’s taxes and our student’s fees. Commercial use of printing resources is simply not allowed.

If your university department or student organization needs to print, please be reminded that the University has already provided you with a budget for this as well as a print shop if your needs are extensive. (For example, instructors requiring students to make multiple copies of materials for class distribution should seek departmental assistance with this instructional expense.) University departments and organizations should use their own printing resources.

The charge for printing is still zero cents per page but our costs are many thousands of dollars per year. Please abide by this policy and help us keep printing free for you.

Last Published: January 16, 2013 9:55 AM
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