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ResNet Policies

ResNet Policies

Francis Marion University provides free basic internet access to students living in FMU on-campus housing.  This service is intended to support primarily the academic growth of the student, provide e-mail access, and basic internet browsing capability.

Implied Consent: In accessing the campus network through university supplied connections in the residence area, users agree to abide by the policies of the University and are subject to any applicable federal, state, or local laws and statutes. By connecting to the network, users consent to any activity monitoring deemed appropriate by the University computer system management staff.

The University reserves the right to disconnect users at any time for violation of the policies stated here. Notification of the violation will be forwarded to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students. Reconnection of service must be approved by the Vice President for Administration.

Network access requires the student to have a fully functional and personally maintained, network capable computer which includes:

  • All critical updates from the operating system vendor installed and maintained
  • Antivirus software installed and updated with the vendor’s virus definition or signature files and software patches
  • A student-provided Ethernet patch cable
  • A functional operating system on a computer which boots and runs with no critical errors, recognizes all properly installed hardware, and which has an operating system environment conducive to the varied demands of Internet access.

The following activities are considered inappropriate use of university assets, and are therefore prohibited:

  • Promotion of commercial business in any form
  • Software piracy or copyright infringement (e.g. peer-to-peer, BitTorrent, UTorrent, etc.)
  • Any attempt to circumvent security or in any way gain unauthorized access to any computing resources (on or off campus)
  • Any deliberate practices to waste bandwidth or disrupt the campus network

In order to ensure the integrity of the campus network cabling system, the University imposes the following restrictions:

  • Users may not alter or tamper with the data outlets, nor the wiring behind them.
  • Users may not connect Wireless Routers or Access Points. If such devices are connected, we will give the user one warning. If this warning is not heeded, Student Affairs will be notified of the violation, and the user will be blocked from accessing the network.

In the interest of providing adequate basic service to all users, the university sets the following restrictions for residence area connections:

  • No machine on the University’s network in the residence area may be used as a “server” of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, Web servers, mail servers, FTP servers, news servers, and LAN servers.
  • Computers in the residence areas are dynamically assigned IP addresses for internet access. Users may not configure their systems to use another address nor enable others to use their assigned address.
  • Users connected to the residence area system may not establish domain names for their computers through free domain name services or by any other means.
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