Photo of Enoch Adogla

Dr. Enoch Adogla

Assistant Professor of chemistry

Office: LSF 303H Phone: 843-661-1483

Photo of professor Breazeale

Dr. William H. Breazeale

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Former Chair 1970-1997   

Photo of Dr. Allen Clabo

Dr. Allen Clabo

Professor of Chemistry

Office: LSF 303E
Phone: 843-661-1457

Photo of professor Clayton

Dr. Fred R. Clayton

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, General and Analytical Chemistry

Years: 1971-2008  

Dr. Joshua R. Gray

Chemistry Laboratory Manager

Office: LSF 303I
Phone: 843-661-1446

Photo of Barbara Holliman

Dr. Barbara Holliman

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Office: LSF 303B
Phone: 843-661-1449

Photo of Ernest Jenkins

E. Nicholas Jenkins

Instructor of Chemistry

Office: MSB 301 E
Phone: 843-661-1483

Photo of Jennifer Kelley

Dr. Jennifer Kelley

Professor of Chemistry

Office: LSF 303F
Phone: 843-661-1492

Photo of Jessica McCutcheon

Dr. Jessica McCutcheon

Assistant Professor of chemistry

Office: LSF 303A
Phone: 843-661-1715

Photo of Sherry Owens

Sherry Owens

Administrative Assistant - Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy

Office: LSF 103
Phone: 843-661-1381

Photo of Leroy Peterson

Dr. LeRoy Peterson, Jr.

Chair, Department of Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry, Coordinator of the Chemistry Program, Joyce Durant Chair in African American Studies

Office: LSF 303C
Phone: 843-661-1454

Photo of Kris Varazo

Dr. Kris Varazo

Professor of Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pre-Pharmacy Advisor

Office: LSF 303D
Phone: 843-661-1450

Photo of Ken Williams

Dr. Kenneth B. Williams

Professor of Chemistry, Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation Professor of Chemistry

Office: LSF 303G
Phone: 843-661-1447