Future Students:


Alternative Loans

Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance if you need additional aid for 2013-14.  Once you have been advised by the Office of Financial Assistance, you can complete an alternative loan application by selecting one of the lender options listed by clicking the link below or by applying through another lender of your choice.  Alternative loans should be the LAST resort as they are more expensive than federal Stafford student and parent loans.  Make sure that you research the loan benefits and fees thoroughly so that you can choose the lender that best suits your needs.  You have the right to select any alternative loan lender.  The link to the list provided is meant to assist you and not to indicate that FMU limits your lender choice or has a preference for the lender you use.  


Things You Need To Consider Before Applying For An Alternative Loan:

  • Have you completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?
  • Have you talked to a financial assistance counselor to make sure that you have received the maximum amount of federal and/or state aid for which you qualify?
  • Has your biological or adoptive parent applied for a Parent PLUS loan?  If your parent has not applied for the PLUS loan, click here and have your parent read about the online PLUS application process.  You should do this prior to applying for an alternative loan

Choose A Lender:

View a list of lenders.  (Note:  Once you click on this link, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the list of lenders.)

Most students will be expected to have a credit-worthy co-signer to be considered for these loans. 

 Also remember that each lender sets its own interest rate or fee assessment based on the credit worthiness of each borrower and his/her co-signer.

In certain special cases, Private loans may be used to cover balances you may owe Francis Marion University from previous terms.

If your lender does not provide you with a Private Education Loan Application Self-Certification, you can download the form by clicking here.







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