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Articulation Agreement by Department


Articulation Agreements

 by Department

Each department at Francis Marion has prescribed certain courses that students should take if they plan to transfer from one of the South Carolina Technical Colleges. These guides can help you stay on track if you are currently at a technical college and plan to seek a degree at Francis Marion University.


Bachelors of Arts


Suggested Courses
Biology _Articulation_Biology_BA_.pdf
Economics Articulation_Economics_BA.pdf
English Articulation_English_BA.pdf
French Articulation_French_BA.pdf
German Articulation_German_BA.pdf
History _Articulation_History_BA.pdf
International Studies Articulation_International_BA.pdf
Mass Communication Articulation_Mass_Comm_BA.pdf
Mathematics Articulation_Math_BA.pdf
Political Science Articulation_Political_Sci_BA.pdf
Psychology Articulation_Psychology_BA.pdf
Sociology Articulation_Sociology_BA.pdf
Spanish Articulation_Spanish_BA.pdf
Theatre Arts Articulation_Theater_BA.pdf
Visual Arts Articulation_Visual_Arts_BA.pdf


Bachelors of Science

Art Education Articulation_Art_Ed_BS.pdf
Biology Articulation_Biology_BS.pdf
Biology- Env. Science Track _Env_Sci_BS.pdf
Chemistry Articulation_Chemistry_BS.pdf
Computer Science Articulation_Comp_Science_BS.pdf
Education- Early Childhood Articulation_Early_Childhood_BS.pdf
Education- Elementary Articulation_Elementary_Ed_BS.pdf
Engineering- Elec. or Civil Eng.                                     Technology Articulation_Engineering_BS.pdf
General Studies Articulation_General_Studies_BS.pdf
History Articulation_History_BS.pdf
Mathematics Articulation_Math_BS.pdf
Physics- Health Concentration Health_BS.pdf
Physics Articulation_Physics_BS.pdf
Political Science Articulation_Political_Sci_BS.pdf
Psychology Articulation_Psychology_BS.pdf
Sociology Articulation_Sociology_BS.pdf


For a complete listing of South Carolina Technical College courses that are accepted at FMU, click here: Transfer Guide



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