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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Confirming My Schedule” and does this have to be done every semester?

“Confirming” a schedule simply means paying the tuition, fees, and, if applicable, housing charges for a semester. Payment plans, full payment with cash or credit card, and financial assistance funds can all be used.  This action is required each semester in order to verify your intention to attend FMU.  Please visit the Office of Accounting website for further information.

What website can I use to find out information about State Scholarships (LIFE, HOPE, and Palmetto Fellows)?

Commission on Higher Education sets all rules and regulations for State Scholarships. www.che.sc.gov

When can/should parent and student register for a FAFSA Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

The FAFSA Personal Identification Number can be registered for within 18 months of completing a FAFSA.

When should I have the FAFSA submitted each year to be considered for Perkins Loan, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, SC Need-Based Grant, and other limited-funded financial assistance?

In order for you to be considered for the types of aid listed above for 2011-12, you must complete your FAFSA and provide the Office of Financial Assistance with all required paperwork by March 1.

What is FMU’s school code for the FAFSA?


How should I fill out the FAFSA if I am unable to obtain my parent’s tax information?

The Office of Financial Assistance encourages a student to contact a Financial Assistance Counselor  by calling 843-661-1190 or come by the Office of Financial Assistance (Stokes Administration Bldg.  Room 117)  to discuss the proper next steps for your individual situation.

If I am notified by FMU that I'm selected for “verification” what documents should I send to the Office of Financial Assistance?

Dependent Students: Dependent Verification Form, signed copy of the parent and student Federal 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ, and W-2 Forms

Independent Students: Independent Verification Form, signed copy of the student (and spouse, if applicable) Federal  1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ, and W-2 Form

What do I need to do to use my Stafford Loan money?

Students who have a Federal Direct Stafford Loan award listed on your Award Notice should complete Entrance Loan Counseling and a Federal Direct Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note if you have never before received a Direct Loan.

What steps are necessary if I want to obtain my a second bachelors degree?

Student seeking a second undergraduate degree should list that they are a second-degree seeking student, not Graduate or Professional, on the FAFSA. Complete a new Admissions application with the new information.  Complete, with the help of your Academic Advisor, an X-6 Checklist to submit to the Office of Financial Assistance.

If I am eligible for college funding due to being a Veteran, who should I contact?

Amanda Johnson is the VA Representative for FMU. Registrar’s Office. (843)661-1172

What are the necessary steps if I would like to work on campus? 

Postings for On-Campus job opportunities are available online and on the bulletin board outside of Career Development (UC205) on the 2nd Floor of the University Center.   If no posting is available, feel free to talk to representative in the department in which you would like to work to see if any student employees are needed.

If I am taking FMU classes through an outside organization, such as a school district (contract courses), what information should I know?

Student taking Francis Marion University coursework through an outside institution should consult with the outside institution for prices and the schedule of payment.  Payments must be made before classes start.  Financial assistance will be awarded once the student is considered “enrolled” in at least 6 credit hours (undergraduate) or 3 credit hours (graduate).  Typically, the student will have to pay the outside institution out of pocket and then be reimbursed (based on eligibility) at a future date.  The enrollment process could take several weeks.

Why do I need to submit a “Petition” ?

Students are only awarded federal financial assistance if they are meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.  These standards require completing at least 75% of the classes registered.  Also, students who have exceeded or are close to obtaining 180 credit hours without having obtained a degree will also have to petition.

What actions must be taken to obtain Federal Financial Assistance for summer sessions (Late Spring, Summer I, and Summer II)?

Student interested in obtaining federal financial assistance for summer sessions must have a CURRENT (2010-11) year FAFSA on file in our office, pre-register for at least 6 credit hours (undergraduate) or 3 credit hours (graduate), and complete a Summer Aid Application in the Office of Financial Assistance by the deadline.  **The Summer Aid Application will be available on FMU's Financial Assistance website when registration starts in March.


Last Published: February 21, 2011 10:04 AM
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