Future Students:


Payment Plan & Pay Fees

  To use the 'PAY FEES' link below:

  • You will need to to have your Swampfox USERID & PIN
  • Need A UserID & PIN? -- See below

    If this is your first time signing on to Swamp Fox Web, your userid is your social security number (no dashes...ex. 555555555) and your PIN is your birth month and day (ex. 0115 if you were born January 15). Once you sign on to Swamp Fox Web, you will be prompted to change your PIN and you will be notified of your FMU ID#. 

    If you have signed on to Swamp Fox Web before, then your USERID is your FMU ID# (you must include 4 zeros at the beginning...ex. 000011111).

    • To sign into Swampfox: USERID is your FMU student ID# (ex: 0000xxxxx) & FMU PIN (hint: 4 numbers)
    • To sign out of Swampfox: You MUST close all browsing sessions & browsers when done to ensure complete logout.

    Change UserID & Password -- See below

    If you are forgot your PIN, click here 'FORGOT PIN'

 PAY FEES:  Click here to...

  • Confirm your schedule
  • Confirm your housing
  • Put money on your FMU ID (debit) card
  • Apply for a parking decal


PAYMENT PLAN :  Click here to...

  • Find out more about the Payment Plan & eligibility requirements
  • Choose between dividing your balance into 3 or 4 payments
  • Download the Payment Plan application & calculation sheet


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