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All students are required to enroll in the FMU Student Password Manager. This will synchronize your G-mail and student network passwords.

To enroll in the FMU Student Password Manager, follow this link:
(Be sure to bookmark the link for future use to reset your password as needed.)

Your account name is the same as your G-mail user name.  The credentials are first letter of your first name, last name and last 4 numbers of your user  number (i.e. JSmith2345). 

All student passwords will be fmu and the last 5 numbers of your SSN (i.e. fmu12345).

After enrolling you may reset your password.  This password will now be used to access G-mail and the student wireless network so you only have to remember one password.


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Last Published: June 2, 2015 12:01 PM
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