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1.  SIGN INTO SWAMPFOX:  USERID is your FMU student ID# (ex: 0000xxxxx) & FMU PIN   (hint: 4 numbers)

2.  IF YOU FORGET YOUR PIN:  Click Here   to retrieve it

3.  SIGN OUT OF SWAMPFOX:  You MUST close all browsing sessions & browsers when done to ensure complete                                               logout                 



****Effective 8/22/13.  All students are required to enroll in the FMU Student Password Manager. This will synchronize your G-mail and student network passwords.


Q.  How do I enroll in the FMU Student Password Manager?

A. Go to the following link to enroll.  Be sure to bookmark the link for future use to reset your password as needed.             

Q.  What is my account name and password?

A. The account name is the same as your G-mail user name.  The credentials are first letter of your first name, last name and last 4 numbers of your user  number (i.e. JSmith2345).  Effective 8/22/13 all student passwords will be fmu and the last 5 numbers of your SSN (i.e. fmu12345).

After enrolling you may reset your password.  This password will now be used to access G-mail and the student wireless network so you only have to remember one password.


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Last Published: March 16, 2015 1:25 PM
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