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Types of Financial Aid



2017-18 FMU Scholarship Application -  March 1 deadline

These awards may be from the University or outside sources. Generally, full-time enrollment is required  to receive a scholarship. Unless otherwise stated in your initial award letter, scholarships are non-renewable. 

IMPORTANT:  Students must turn in a scholarship application by March 1 each year in order to be considered for non-renewable scholarships.


South Carolina Scholarships

Life Hope
Palmetto Fellows Enhancement


University Scholarships

Robert E. McNair Patriot & Fellows
Education Distinction

        Outside Scholarship Search Service

Recommended Scholarship Search Services:

Fast Web
College Board
Sallie Mae's College Answer
US News

Other Services:

Academic Invest
African American Scholarships
Best of the Web (BOTW)
Club Scholarships
College Planning Network
College Scholarships
College View
EDU Prep
Gates Millennium Scholars
Go College
Grants, Scholarships and MORE
Hispanic Scholarships
International Education Financial Aid
Military Scholarships
Next Student
Scholarship Experts
Scholarship Guidance
Scholarship Hunter
Scholarship News
Scholarships Live
Student Awards
Super College


Last Published: January 2, 2017 11:24 AM
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