Faculty Chair

Photo of A. Glen Gourley

A. Glen Gourley, Jr.

Director of University Theatre, Professor of Theatre Arts and Speech - Directing

Office: HFAC 224
Phone: 843-661-1538

Faculty Vice-Chair

Photo of Mark Blackwell

Dr. J. Mark Blackwell

Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religious Studies
Director of International Programs

Office: FH 154

Faculty Secretary

Photo of Karen-Fries

Dr. Karen Fries

Assistant Professor of Education, Faculty Secretary, SC-CREATE Center Director

Office: CEMC 216
Phone: 843-661-1438

2016 – 2017 Faculty Committees

* An asterisk indicates the chair of a committee, as elected by the members of the committee. Note, not all committees have an elected chair.


Academic Affairs

Kay Poston (2019) (School of Business), elected by school
Shawn Smolen-Morton (2019) (College of Liberal Arts), elected by school
Polly Haselden (2019) (School of Education), elected by school
Jeff Steinmetz (2019) (at large), elected by the faculty
Cal Johnston (2017) (School of Education), elected by the faculty
*Erin Eaton (2017) (College of Liberal Arts), elected by the faculty
Bill Whitmire (2017), (at large), elected by the faculty
Elizabeth Sharer (2018) (School of Business), elected by the faculty
Larry Engelhardt (2018), (at large), elected by the faculty
Ruth Wittmann-Price (2017), (at large), elected by the faculty
A. Glen Gourley (2018), (at large), elected by the faculty
Nick Newman (2018), (at large), elected by faculty
Karen Gittings (2019) (School of Health Sciences), elected by school
Annie Muller (2109), (School of Health Sciences), elected by faculty


Academic Freedom and Tenure Grievance

Wendy Caldwell (2019)
*Cal Johnston (2019)
Wendy Caldwell (2017)
Rick Almeida (2017)
Tamatha Barbeau (2018)
Glen Gourley (2018)



Meredith Love (2019), (College of Liberal Arts), elected by Faculty
Erik Lowry (2019), (School of Education), elected by Faculty
Susan Peters (2019), (School of Business), elected by Faculty
Julie Thomas (2019), School of Health Sciences), elected by the faculty
Derek Jokisch (College of Liberal Arts), Dean or Dean’s designee
Shirley Bausmith (School of Education), Dean or Dean’s designee
Johnathan Munn (School of Business), Dean or Dean’s designee
Deb Hopla (School of Health Sciences), Dean or Dean’s designee
*Chris Kennedy, (appointed by President of the University)
D. Keith Best (appointed by the Chair of the Faculty)
Charlene Wages, SACSCOC liaison, ex-officio
Nick Newman, REAL Grant coordinator, ex-officio


Admissions, Advising and Retention

*Alissa Warters, ex-officio
Polly Haselden (2019)
Meredith Love (2019)
Jo Angela Edwins (2017)
Lori Turner (2017)
Kathy McCoy (2018)


Budget Review and Planning

Matt Turner (2019)
Shawn Smolen-Morton (2019)
David Franck (2018)


Faculty Grievance Committee

Nick Newman (2019)
*Erin Eaton (2017)
Meredith Love (2017)
Cindy Price (2018)
Elizabeth Sharer (2018)


Faculty Life

Glen Gourley (2019) (Mass Comm & Fine Arts)
*Caroline Padgett (2017) (School of Business)
To be elected (2017) (Humanities)
Will Daniel (2018) (Social Sciences and Psychology)
Sharon O’Kelley (2018) (at large)
Nathan Flowers (2018) (Library)
Paul Zwiers (2018) (Science and Math)
Gaye Douglas (2019) (Health Sciences)
Jeanne Gunther (2019) (Education)


Grade Appeals

Lisa Pike (2019)
*Lori Turner (2019)
Justin Yates (2017)
Will Daniel (2018)
Jeanne Gunther (2018)


Graduate Council

Chris Kennedy, Director of Graduate Programs, ex-officio
*Tracy Meetze-Holcombe, (Education)
Kay Belanger, (Business)
Will Wattles (Psychology)
Ruth Wittmann-Price, (Health Sciences)
Deborah Hopla (2018), (Health Sciences), elected by the faculty
Karen Fries (2017), (Education), elected by the faculty
Johnathan Munn (2017), (Business), elected by the faculty
Crystal Hill-Chapman (2017) (Psychology), elected by the faculty
Fangjun Arroyo (2017), (At-Large), elected by the faculty
Vernon Bauer (2017), (At-Large), elected by the faculty
Ann Stoeckmann (2017), (At-Large), elected by the faculty


Honors Program

*Jon Tuttle (ex officio)
Karen Fries (2019)
Matt Turner (2019)
Erin Eaton (Academic Affairs Committee Representative)
Natalie Johnson (2018)


Information Technology

Caroline Padgett (2019)
Jessica Burke (2019)
Justin Sims (2019)
Hari Rajagopalan (2017)
Charles Jeffcoat (2017)
Nathan Flowers (2018)
*Ginger Bryngelson (2018)


Institutional Effectiveness

Charlene Wages (ex officio)
Jessica Burke (2019)
Crystal Hill-Chapman (2019)
Jan Serrano (2017)
Buck Schnibben (2017)
Meredith Love (2018)
*Tracy Meetze-Holcombe (2018)



Liz Zahnd (2019)
Lisa Pike (2019)
David Franck (2018)
* Marsha Taylor (2018)



Natalie Johnson (2017)
Liz Zahnd (2019)
* Mary Dittman (2017)
Cindi Nixon (2018)
Nick Newman (2018)
Hubert Setzler (2018)
Tracy George (2019)


Professional Development

Glen Gourley (2019) (Fine Arts and Mass Communications)
Scott Kaufman (2017) (Humanities)
**Lisa Pike (2017) (Science and Math)
*Rick Almeida (2018) (Social Sciences and Psychology)
Bernadette Johnson (2018) (Library)
Regina Yanson (2018) (School of Business)
Louis Venters (2018) (At Large)
Chip Hull (2019) School of Health Sciences
Daljit Kaur (2019) School of Education
*indicates chair of the Committee
** indicates chair of the Sabbatical and Reassigned Time Subcommittee

Faculty Awards In Teaching, Research/Scholarship, and Service

The Vice Chair of the Faculty Life Committee will solicit nominations for these awards early in the Spring Semester.  Once nominated, each candidate for an award will receive a letter from the Vice Chair of the Faculty Life Committee requesting supporting materials.