15 August 2017

New academic year, some new faculty, a good time for a bit of an overview, updates, and maybe a few reminders:

Fill out the yellow fall semester schedules: post the little one outside your office door; mail the big one to “Provost’s Office – SAB” and give Mr. Best a photocopy of the big one for his files.

Intellikeys to exterior building doors must be used within three days of issue in each lock they are programmed to open or they will forget how.

Please keep Fine Arts office locked when empty — even if you find the door open, please close and lock it as you leave.

Also, please lock rooms with A/V equipment (like 113, 118, 202, 213, Kassab) after your class. Even mounted projectors are at risk.

Periodically take your blue recycle bin to the pick-up station by elevator. Flattened cardboard can also be recycled. Custodial only empties your office trash cans once or twice a week; use hall trash cans if you throw away pizza crusts and banana peels.

Supplies available in the FAC main office are pretty much limited to departmental stationery and some common forms used on campus. You’ll need to get most of your office and instructional supplies from the Smith University Center Store or other approved vendors and bill them to your program with your VISA. Once you set up accounts, FSIOffice.com and StaplesAdvantage.com usually have next-day delivery.

Local Calls: 9 + 843 +Digit Number
Long Distance: 9 + 1 + Area Code + Number
Collect Calls: 9 + 0 + 0 + Area Code + Number
Toll Free: 9 + 1 + 800 + Number

The Facilities Management Shop (ext. 1150) is responsible for problems with heating, air conditioning, power outlets, plumbing, etc. If you experience some problem, you can tell me and I will contact building maintenance. If I’m not available or you want to talk to them yourself, please also let me know so we can I’m in the loop if they ask me.

FAC doors are treated with fire-retardant, so paint doesn’t adhere well. Painter begs that we only use post-it tape to mount memos, etc., on doors and walls — small thumb tacks are even better than regular Scotch tape or masking tape.

Keep up with your e-mail account. Like voice mail, it is not for your convenience — it is vital that your students be able to reach you.

Remember that your small buffer size on the e-mail server quickly fills up and then e-mails to you are returned to sender as undeliverable. Save e-mail you want to keep locally and delete it from the server as you read it.

E-mail is not private. Hackers aside, a random sample reveals 36% of supervisors routinely read employee e-mail; nearly 100% thought this practice perfectly reasonable.

Periodically check voice mail even if your message light isn’t blinking: thunderstorms and hiccoughs in the system can turn off “message waiting” lights while v-mail languishes in purgatory.

You MUST update your FMU password every 120 days, and you get no warning if you are a Macintosh user and/or are using a web browser email client. If you never want to get locked out of the FMU email and web access again because of an expired password, do this:

Go to the following Password Management address and bookmark it in your computer (and phone) browser. (Otherwise you can’t get back to this page without entering your password which, of course, has expired.)


ENROLL by answering a few silly personal questions that can later be used to verify you are you the next time your password expires. You can now back out and you are ready for the next unpleasant surprise (or you can go ahead and change your password now).

Next time you’re locked out for expired password, go directly to the link you saved (https://recovery.fmarion.edu/pm/), click UNLOCK, answer the questions, and reset your password. No waiting for computer center help desk office hours, etc.

(Oh, whenever you update your password, if your phone connects to campus wifi, remember to enter your new password into your phone for secure faculty wifi access.)

Currently your program’s supply budget is charged about 4«› a pop for copies, and duplexing (copying onto front and back of page) counts as two copies. When this budget runs out, so do your hand-outs, so use the internet to give students class materials whenever possible.

Office Services (in the Print Shop next door) has a one-day copy service for high speed Xerox, no charge for collating and stapling. Cost is about the same as using our Xerox machine, but they can collate, fold, staple or bind documents for you.

We often run out of supply funds for Xeroxing in April and are severely pinched until a new fiscal year begins in July. (This does not mean Xerox everything in September….)


Please follow instructions you received with your card and online at http://www.fmarion.edu/procurement/ under Purchasing Card Program.

Use University VISA for expendable supplies (NOT food, travel, booze, etc.). We cannot reimburse charges you place on your own credit card.

Some categories of supplies must be purchased from specific vendors. Vendor information can be found at https://procurement.sc.gov/agency/contracts for items like office supplies, furniture, toner, IT purchases, etc. If you are not certain a vendor can be used, check with Joe or the FMU Purchasing Office. Joe can also help you set up accounts with our office supply vendors, and orders are generally received the next business day.

If you place phone or web orders for supplies, insist your name be on shipping label of packages being shipped or you may never receive them. Orders must ship to FMU shipping address. Our procurement card “billing address” NOT the same as our “shipping address:”
BILLING ADDRESS = Statement Address:  Cardholder Name; PO Box 100547; Florence SC 29502-0547
SHIPPING ADDRESS:  Your Name/Building; Francis Marion University; 4822 East Palmetto St; Florence SC 29506

All receipts must be maintained and attached to monthly statement you receive, then filed in the Fine Arts Office by the 6th of the month.

Purchasing will deduct an additional 8% SC tax from your budget for any out-of-state purchases unless you immediately alert Joe so he can complete a Vendor Tax Information Form and to send it to Purchasing showing out-of-state taxes have already been paid. Tax Info forms must be filed with Purchasing before the 15th.

Purchase Modification Forms must be used to transfer procurement card charges to another supply budget. Alert Joe to verify modifications and make sure he has a copy of letter or email giving you permission to use non-departmental grant funds, faculty development accounts, etc. Then we send the form to Purchasing and attach a copy to bank statement along with receipts. Modification forms must be filed with Purchasing before the 15th.

All state purchases can be viewed on-line by the public. We have had several protracted audits to justify our VISA purchases.


Sometimes out-of-state or mail-order purchases require use of a requisition form. Fill out the purchase requisition form, and include vendor’s phone number. Indicate catalog number and item numbers, if applicable. Tally up subtotal, add 8% sales tax and approximate shipping, and submit to Mr. Anderson. He will review, sign, and submit to our Purchasing Office. He will receive a copy of the original Purchase Requisition and a slightly different copy of what the Purchasing Office actually sends to the vendor. If Purchasing calls with questions about an order, we will then be able to assist them.

We will need to let Purchasing know whenever such an order is received or work is completed so they can authorize payment. After verifying that your shipment is correct in full or in part, write a note saying as much, attach any invoice and give to Mr. Anderson. He will then sign the receiving copy and notify Purchasing so they can authorize full or partial payment.

If order is wrong or damaged, a call to Purchasing (1160) will usually let you know what needs to be done.

If the order is slow to ship or you are slow to acknowledge receipt, Purchasing will send us annoying notices asking for the status of the order.

Campus mail dropped in the box outside FAC 101 goes out around midday. Off-campus mail will be paid for by FMU if it has a valid FMU department return address. Stamped personal mail will also be dropped at the Post Office for us.

PO Box 10547
Florence SC 29502-0547
This is also the “billing address” for our VISA procurement cards, although most items ship to the street address (below).

We ship to and from street addresses, since most shippers do not accept a Post Office Box on parcels.
FROM: Dr. Knowsitall
Department of Fine Arts
Francis Marion University
4822 East Palmetto St
Florence SC 29506

SENDING PARCELS: Always use black or blue when addressing packages. Call Receiving Office 1153 and request package be picked up from Fine Arts main office. Leave package in main office plainly marked with Post-It:
For Pick-Up
Insurance Value = $______
so Receiving can spot it when they come by and ship appropriately insured. If item MUST go parcel post (i.e., to PO Box) put it in campus mail or, if too large, call Mailroom 1337 for pickup instructions.

DEPARTMENTAL WEB SITE = fmarion.edu/finearts
Check it out, note errors, make suggestions. As you can see, we could use a recent photo and current info from each faculty member to post online.