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Honing your focus
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Getting a focus for your grant efforts

Many people approach grants with a shopping list of things they want rather than with an outcome in mind. The “shopping list” approach can result in a lot of stress because you end up twisting yourself out of shape to try and get it to fit the objectives of the funding source. Without a logical outcome, trying to set up coherent arguments that justify the “shopping list” gets very tricky.

The easy way to begin your process is by playing the “So what?” game with yourself. Simply state your case in a sentence or two as to why you need this money. Next, if you can find a volunteer to assist you with this process, read aloud your statement and get them to say “So what?” Now, try and answer that question. Each time you come up with an answer, have them challenge you by saying, “So what?” Eventually, you’ll either discover you’ve been heading in the wrong direction or you’ll find that you have hit on the heart of the matter and are ready to put everything else into place. Play “So what?” by yourself or with a partner - it’s a little exercise that can save you a lot of time.


Last Published: January 9, 2009 10:41 AM

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