Dr. Christopher Barton

Assistant Professor of Archaeology

Office: FH 212
Phone: 843-661-1376

Dr. William Bolt

Associate Professor of History

Office: FH 208
Phone: 843-661-1469

Dr. Jacqueline Campbell

Associate Professor of History

Office: FH 211
Phone: 843-661-1555

Dr. Elena Eskridge- Kosmach

Associate Professor of History

Office: FH 209
Phone: 843-661-1556

Dr. Erica Johnson

Assistant Professor of History

Office: FH 204
Phone: 843-661-1497

Dr. Scott Kaufman

Chair, Department of History, Professor of History

Office: FH 207
Phone: 843-661-1550

Dr. Christopher Kennedy

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Director of Graduate Programs, Professor of History

Office: FH 205
Phone: (843) 661-1557
Email: ckennedy@fmarion.edu

Dr. Mary Louise Nagata

Professor of History

Office: FH 209
Phone: 843-661-1554

Dr. Louis Venters

Associate Professor of History, Coordinator of Pre-Law Program

Office: FH 273
Phone: 843-661-1593

Administrative Staff

Anita Harper

Senior Administrative Assistant

Office: FH 271
Phone: 843-661-1374

Faculty Emeriti

Dr. John Britton

Part-time faculty

Email: jbritton@fmarion.edu

Latin America, World.

Dr. Duayne P. Myers, Ph.D.

20th-Century Europe, Germany, Soviet Union/Russia, Eastern Europe. Former Coordinator, FMU International Studies Program. Former Director, FMU Honors Program. FMU Distinguished Professor

Dr. E. Lorraine de Montluzin, Ph.D.

18th- and 19th-Century Great Britain, Medieval Europe. FMU Distinguished Professor

Dr. Johannes R. Lischka, Ph.D.

Science and Technology, Ancient History, Medieval Europe. Former Chair, Department of History

Dr. Larry Nelson, Ph.D.

19th-Century U.S., American West. Former Chair, Department of History. FMU Distinguished Professor

Dr. Richard Chapman, Ph.D.

U.S. Economic

Dr. Theodore W. Cart, Ph.D.

Colonial America, American Revolution, U.S. Economic, America in the Gilded Age, Conservation