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FMU participates in the National Model United Nation's Conference

Florence S.C.— Four Francis Marion University students recently participated in the National Model United Nation’s Conference in New York City from March 18-24.

Juniors John Sweeney and Melissa Hammond, sophomore Emily Brandenburg and senior Gerald Condra participated in the conference under the leadership of co-faculty advisers, Scott Kaufman, associate professor of history, and Alissa Warters, assistant professor of political science. Students had an opportunity to better understand the Model United Nations and build skills in diplomacy and compromising. 

Sweeney said, “The conference gave those who participated the opportunity to apply studied theory in a real life situation while gaining experience in the field of international politics and human relations.”

Approximately 3,000 worldwide university students participated in the conference. Each university delegation was assigned a country to represent in debate. FMU was assigned Nauru—a small South Pacific Island. FMU students corresponded to the needs of Nauru—the General Assembly Plenary (represented by Hammond); the Fourth Committee focusing on special political issues and decolonization (represented by Sweeney); the World Health Organization (represented by Brandenburg), and the International Hydrological Programme (represented by Condra).

Students and advisers prepared for the conference by researching problems of Nauru, developing resolutions, and brainstorming ideas for the debate with international students.

Warters said preparing for the conference was difficult, but FMU students did a great job planning and dividing the workload. She also added that students performed as well as participants from previous years.

Sweeney said, “The Model United Nations conference is not only a superb teaching instrument, but also a training ground for the leaders of tomorrow’s world.”

Next year, FMU will participate in the National Model United Nation’s and Model Congress conference.

#199 / 6-22-07
Last Published: June 28, 2007 1:13 PM
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