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FMU names students to President's List, Dean's List

    FLORENCE, S.C. – Officials at Francis Marion University have named 335 full-time students and 11 part-time students to the President’s List, and 554 full-time students and 15 part-time students to the Dean’s List for the 2008 fall semester.

    Of those students listed on the President’s List, 167 earned perfect 4.0 grade point averages for the semester, the highest possible ratio a student can receive.

    Students named to the President’s List must have earned a 3.75 or higher GPA for the semester. Full-time students named to the President’s List must have taken at least 12 semester hours and part-time students named to that list must have completed at least 12 hours at FMU, have declared a major and completed at least six hours during the semester.

    Dean’s List students earned a GPA for the semester between 3.25 and 3.749. Full-time students named to the Dean’s List must have taken at least 12 hours and part-time students named to that list must have completed at least 12 hours at FMU, have declared a major and completed at least six hours during the semester.

   Grade point averages are based on a 4.0 system.

 #90 / 1-27-09



Part-time students on President’s List (* denotes 4.0 GPA)


Dillon: Pamela M. Braswell, Latta, Elementary Education.

Florence: *Elizabeth M. Epps, Lake City, RN-BSN; *Kimberly C. Evans, Florence, Accounting-Second Degree; *Eduardo B. Guzman, Effingham, General Business Administration; *Kirsten M. Hiortdahl, Florence, Biology; *Angela C. Jackson, Florence, Art Education; *Brenda Lincoln, Florence, Finance-Second Degree; *Lawrence B. Roscoe, Florence, Economics; *Allyson O. Scott, Florence, Accounting-Second Degree; *Mandee T. Varazo, Florence, Accounting-Second Degree.

Horry: Rachel P. Buckley, Conway, Psychology. 


Full-time students on President’s List (* denotes 4.0 GPA)

COLORADO: Michaela D. Wolf, Littleton, Mass Communication/Public Relations. 

FLORIDA: *Jessica N. Birchmeier, Port Richey, Accounting. 

GEORGIA: Tamela L. Bell, Covington, Elementary Education; Brandi P. Bonifay, Sandersville, Accounting-Accepted. 

ILLINOIS: *Jessica L. Alesi, Elk Grove Village, Marketing. 

MICHIGAN: Elisabeth L. Dobek, Sterling Heights, Psychology. 

NEW YORK: Lauren S. Nelli, Plattekill, Elementary Education/Applied.

NORTH CAROLINA: Rachel F. Rubin, Charlotte, Biology. 

OHIO: Autumn N. Bendle, Amsterdam, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Lakyn M. Bendle, Amsterdam, Psychology; *Kirby M. Stenard, Cincinnati, Accounting. 

TEXAS: Josh K. Biggers, South Lake, Business Economics. 

VIRGINIA: *Kiersten N. Nedervelt, Montpelier, Mass Communication/Public Relations. 

INTERNATIONAL: Stevie E. Arrand, London, Ontario, Canada, Early Childhood Education; *Bastian K. Czwalinna, Erlangen, Germany, General Business/Accepted; Nancy Geissler, Romhild, Germany, Marketing; Kathrina Grau, Schmakalden, Germany, General Business Administration.



Beaufort: *Tamashia L. Daise, St. Helena Island, Elementary Education/Applied; *Laura Alexandra Hauff, Beaufort, Elementary Education. 

Berkeley: *Emily S. English, Cross, Finance-Accepted, Business Economics-Accepted; Brittany N. Jackson, Moncks Corner, Accounting; Heather M. Lewis, Ladson, History. 

Calhoun: Margaret E. Haigler, Cameron, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy. 

Charleston: Micah A. Kelley, Charleston, Finance, Mathematics; Angela J. Myers, Charleston, Psychology; Cornetta L. Sams, Wadmalaw Island, Elementary Education; *Jacob J. Thiry, Summerville, Accounting-Accepted. 

Chester: Matthew C. Dickinson, Chester, Political Science; *Amanda H. Morales, Great Falls, Middle Level Education Social Studies/English.

Chesterfield: Arnold Gonzalez, Pageland, General Business Administration; Randee R. Griffin, Jefferson, Elementary Education; *Dana R. Gulledge, Ruby, Biology; Hope K. Hardison, Cheraw, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; *James B. Jones, Cheraw, Biology; Janet A. Moore, Cheraw, Early Childhood Education/Applied; *Ashley N. Rivers, Cheraw, English-Liberal Arts; Joshua M. Smith, Pageland, Mass Communication; Ashley B. Stancil, Ruby, English-Pending Teacher Certification. 

Clarendon: *Jessica J. Boyington, Turbeville, Elementary Education/Applied; *Shelley K. Floyd, New Zion, Early Childhood Education/Applied; *Whitney B. Gibbons, Manning, Management-Accepted; Cari E. Hicks, Manning, Biology; Wendell B. Jones Jr, Manning, Biology; *Jessie Welch, Gable, Art Education. 

Darlington: Summer N. Anderson, Darlington, Elementary Education; *Ellenetta Bateman, Darlington, Computer Science; *Ashley M. Calhoun, Hartsville, Biology; *Christina Ashley D. Cantey, Darlington, Middle Level Education Science English; *Hiedy L. Doyle, Darlington, Undecided; *Vance L. Evans, Hartsville, Middle Level Education Math and Science; Arlia M. Frink, Darlington, English-Professional Writing; Allison F. Gause, Darlington, Sociology/General Track; *Ashley A. Godfrey, Hartsville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Irby A. Haynes, Hartsville, Early Childhood Education/Applied; *Audrey E. Hyman, Darlington, History; Jessica M. Joint, Darlington, Nursing, Biology; *Kathryn N. Jones, Hartsville, English-Professional Writing; *Heather V. King, Hartsville, Nursing; *Rebecca D. Koontz, Darlington, English-Professional Writing, Modern Language/French; *Mary G. McInville, Darlington, Psychology, Biology; Lindsey B. McKnight, Hartsville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Samuel D. McLellan, Darlington, History; *Austin T. Oates, Darlington, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Lucas M. Oates, Darlington, Political Science; *Yana V. Sivolobova, Hartsville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Caitlin B. Wells, Darlington, Political Science; *Rebecca J. Widel, Hartsville, Biology. 

Dillon: *Randy L. Branch, Latta, Political Science; Sarah J. Calhoun, Hamer, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Lauren A. Christenburg, Dillon, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Cheryl L. Cottingham, Dillon, Early Childhood Education; Krystle N. Daniel, Dillon, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Lance B. Flowers, Fork, History; Pamela D. Grice, Dillon, Elementary Education; Krista C. Jackson, Hamer, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; Pamela R. Lane, Latta, Elementary Education/Second Degree Pending; *Haley E. Legette, Latta, Biology; *Addie C. Moody, Lake View, Accounting; Deborah H. Outlaw, Dillon, Elementary Education; *Jessica L. Page, Dillon, Management-Accepted; Jerry L. Phillips III, Latta, Mathematics/Pending Teacher Certification; *Tiffany N. Phillips, Latta, Mass Communication; *Shannon L. Pratt, Dillon, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Christopher S. Ray, Latta, Elementary Education/Applied; *Gary T. Sanders, Dillon, Chemistry; *Vernita R. Scarborough, Dillon, Early Childhood Education; Kristin E. Sims, Lake View, Biology. 

Dorchester: *Hillary H. Floyd, Summerville, History; *Alonda M. Heyward, Summerville, Elementary Education; *Megan L. Simmons, Ridgeville, Modern Language; *Courtney L. Thiry, Summerville, Biology; Tara A. Thiry, Summerville, Early Childhood Education/Applied; *Melanie S. Trice, Summerville, Psychology. 

Fairfield: Robert C. Charles, Jenkinsville, Accounting-Accepted. 

Florence: Ashley M. Anderson, Effingham, Nursing/Second Degree; *Robin B. Anderson, Florence, Elementary Education; *Amelia D. Arnold, Florence, Elementary Education; *Charles T. Atkinson, Effingham, Political Science; Sin-Young Bak, Florence, General Business Administration; Marilyn A. Bartol, Florence, Bachelor of General Studies/Social and Behavioral Sciences; *Whitney E. Bell, Florence, Political Science; Adrienne N. Benton, Florence, Nursing; Lauren E. Benton, Pamplico, Biology; Scott B. Bertram, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Kayla E. Bishop, Johnsonville, Biology; Nancy Boska, Florence, Biology; Tiffany K. Boyd, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Drake C. Brookins, Florence, Dual Engineering; *William D. Campbell, Florence, Management; Jeremy P. Capps, Florence, Physics/Computational Physics Option, Mathematics; Katelyn S. Carraway, Pamplico, Biology; Nicole C. Carraway, Pamplico, Biology; Jason S. Christmas, Florence, Accounting; *Ashley B. Clay, Timmonsville, Nursing/Second Degree; Lesley B. Coker, Johnsonville, Elementary Education; Arron E. Compton, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; *Joseph S. Conner, Florence, Chemistry/ASC Certified; *Anna L. Cox, Johnsonville, Management-Accepted; April N. Cox, Coward, Early Childhood Education; *Emily M. Cox, Pamplico, Biology/Pre-Nursing; James D. Cox, Florence, Mass Communication; Donna P. Creel, Pamplico, Elementary Education/Applied; *Benjamin R. Daniel, Florence, Elementary Education/Second Degree Pending; Hunter M. Deas, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Isaac D. DeFee, Timmonsville, Biology; *Andrew R. Donaldson, Florence, Political Science; *Hayley J. Douglas, Florence, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; *Courtney A. Driggers, Lake City, Accounting; Tina L. Duarte, Lake City, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Heidi B. Dumm, Johnsonville, Nursing; *Jonathan P. Edwards, Florence, Psychology; *Brittany A. Erwin, Florence, Economics; Kirby K. Ethridge, Lake City, Biology; *Katelan A. Fercana, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Jonetha M. Fleming, Scranton, Biology; Kevin A. Floyd, Scranton, Biology/Pre-Medical; Elizabeth J. Ford, Florence, Chemistry/ASC Certified; Shante M. Ford, Florence, Biology; Betty E. Gattison, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; *Melanie L. George, Florence, General Business/Accepted; Erica L. Gibbons, Coward, Undecided; Mandy N. Godwin, Florence, Biology; Brent A. Gooch, Florence, Management; Sarah M. Gooch, Florence, Early Childhood Education; *Claudia L. Guzman Jasso, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Jason M. Hammond, Lake City, Middle Level Education Mathematics/English; *Lindsay R. Harrelson, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Kenisha T. Haynes, Florence, Sociology/General Track; *Timothy R. Herb, Florence, Mass Communication/Broadcast; *Crystal K. Hinson, Florence, Management-Accepted; Julia N. Holloran, Effingham, General Business Administration; Tasha M. Hoskins, Florence, Nursing; Marguerite G. Howard, Florence, Art Education; *Jessica D. Humphrey, Florence, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Katelyn E. Illingworth, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Benjamin M. Johnson, Quinby, English-Liberal Arts; Christina A. Johnson, Florence, Psychology; *Curtis M. Jones, Johnsonville, Physics/Health Physics; Crystal N. King, Florence, Elementary Education; *Jami G. Kirby, Scranton, Early Childhood Education; *Alexandra M. Kowalski, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Ting-Yu Lai, Florence, Biology; Philip A. Laing, Florence, Physics/Health Physics; Matthew P. Lamb, Florence, Biology; Sarah R. Lambert, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Laura A. Langston, Scranton, Psychology; Ashley E. Leamon, Florence, English-Liberal Arts, Theatre Arts; *Evan H. Lee, Effingham, Finance-Accepted; Matthew M. Lee, Coward, Computer Science; *Jamie L. Lehr, Florence, Elementary Education; *Corrine L. Loughrey, Florence, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; *Brett L. Lynch, Florence, Psychology; *David L. Mahn Jr, Florence, Accounting; Amanda D. Martin, Florence, Finance-Accepted; Katie M. Mathews, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; *Richard M. McCabe II, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Virginia E. McCown, Florence, Psychology; Kimberly A. McDowell, Florence, Chemistry/Second Degree; Chelsea A. McFadden, Florence, History/Applied Social Studies Teacher Certification; Brian W. McGahee, Florence, Finance-Accepted; *Kyle D. McGee, Lake City, Elementary Education/Applied; *Melissa S. Merchant, Florence, Sociology/General Track; *Brianna A. Miller, Florence, Biology; *Katherine S. Moore, Pamplico, Finance-Accepted, Marketing; Kelley K. Moore, Olanta, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Sarah E. Moore, Florence, English-Liberal Arts, Modern Language French; *Bradley A. Morris, Florence, Finance-Accepted; Sarah T. Morrison, Effingham, Psychology; *Thomas F. Moye, Florence, Accounting; *Clayton G. Muench, Quinby, Sociology/General Track; *Meloney L. Munn, Florence, Nursing; *Charles J. Nettles, Scranton, Physics; Cindy J. Nettles, Scranton, Finance; *Kristen M. Nettles, Florence, General Business Administration; *Michael C. O'Donnell, Florence, Chemistry/Second Degree; *Juliet R. Oncale, Florence, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; *Laurie J. Perry, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Bethany L. Pezzimenti, Florence, Biology; Frank J. Pezzimenti, Florence, Biology; Forrest E. Poston, Pamplico, Political Science; *Staci E. Poston, Effingham, English-Liberal Arts; Stephen A. Proctor, Johnsonville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Sarah R. Quinn, Effiingham, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Cadie E. Raines, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Angela R. Rampey, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Daina C. Reed, Effingham, Early Childhood Education; *Stephanie L. Regalado, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; *Kristin D. Reynolds, Effingham, Psychology; *Karen M. Richardson, Effingham, Sociology; *Kathryn N. Rosa, Florence, Biology; *Tracy F. Ruetterman, Johnsonville, English-Pending Teacher Certification; *Brittany E. Sanders, Johnsonville, Elementary Education; *Megan E. Sanders, Johnsonville, Biology; Wendy L. Sanders, Effingham, Accounting-Accepted; *Ryan S. Sealey, Effingham, Management Information Systems; *Lynn T. Sines, Florence, General Business Administration; Brittany N. Singletary, Coward, Biology; *Jennifer K. Smith, Florence, Biology; James P. Smyth, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Matthew C. Snipes, Florence, Finance-Accepted; *Monica B. Sokol, Florence, Biology; Mollie N. Soto, Florence, Elementary Education, Modern Language/Spanish; Natalie Elizabeth Stalheim, Florence, Modern Language/German; *Emily J. Stewart, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Timothy A. Streit, Florence, Political Science; *Leslie P. Strickland, Florence, Chemistry; Abby E. Sullivan, Pamplico, Mathematics; Lavender L. Sullivan, Florence, Mathematics; *Harrison B. Taylor, Florence, Biology; Samone L. Thomas, Lake City, Finance-Accepted, Accounting-Accepted; *Lindsay B. Truax, Florence, Mass Communication/Print; Alexander R. Turner, Florence, History; Kimberly A. Turner, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; *Melissa K. Turner, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; *Lindsay E Vandegrift, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; *Robert B. Veasey, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Fotini T. Vlahos, Florence, Sociology/General Track; *Mary E. Waddell, Effingham, Political Science; *Jessica L. Wall, Johnsonville, English-Professional Writing; *Julie I. Wallace, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Debra A. Walters, Florence, History; *Meredith A. Welch, Johnsonville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Vivian T. Whitlock, Lake City, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Jennifer D. Wilkes, Florence, Mass Communication/Broadcast; Bernice D. Williams, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Patricia D. Williams, Florence, Nursing; Russell A. Witherspoon, Florence, Finance-Accepted; *Ashley T. Wright, Florence, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy. 

Georgetown: Sylvia M. Davis, Andrews, English-Liberal Arts; Quintella E. Deas, Georgetown, Early Childhood Education; *Charlene R. McKnight, Georgetown, English-Pending Teacher Certification; *Clinton D. Prevatte, Georgetown, Undecided; *Kara D. Spring, Murrells Inlet, Nursing; *Megan M. Thompson, Murrells Inlet, Biology/Pre-Medical. 

Greenville: Porshay R. Ellis, Greer, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jessica M. Upchurch, Greenville, English-Liberal Arts. 

Greenwood: Courtney D. Williams, Greenwood, Management. 

Horry: Amanda E. Broy, Myrtle Beach, Elementary Education; *Erin E. Davis, Little River, Biology/Medical Technology Option; *Jeana N. Dunn, Conway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Sheena M. Gause, Little River, Physics/Health Physics, Physics/Computational Physics Option; Jessie C. Green, Loris, Elementary Education; *Tiffany L. Lint, Myrtle Beach, Nursing; David L. Lyles, Aynor, Political Science; *Timea Meszaros, Conway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Torcy S. Mishoe, Conway, Undecided; *Layla R. Sherrer, Green Sea, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Bridgit L. Skipper, Conway, Chemistry; Hope K. Wofford, Aynor, Management-Accepted; *Monica T. Wofford, Myrtle Beach, Elementary Education/Applied; Karianne M. Yates, North Myrtle Beach, Biology/Pre-Medical. 

Kershaw: Mindy A. Carpenter, Camden, English-Liberal Arts; *Courtney L. Phipps, Lugoff, Mathematics/Applied Teacher Certification; *Morgan M. Sanders, Lugoff, RN-BSN. 

Lancaster: *Lauren N. Tucker, Lancaster, Biology. 

Laurens: Magen E. Rice, Laurens, History. 

Lee: Nicole J. Farmer, Bishopville, Early Childhood Education; Kristin A. Lyttle, Bishopville, English-Liberal Arts; Kristy O. McCaskill, Bishopville, Psychology; Matthew W. McElveen, Lynchburg, Physics/Health Physics, Biology; *Megan O. Skinner, Bishopville, Biology. 

Lexington: *Emily A. Brandenburg, West Columbia, Political Science; Santanna A. Byrd, Lexington, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Casey A. Campbell, West Columbia, International Studies; Samantha R. Smith, Lexington, Psychology. 

Marion: *Kristin B. Cook, Nichols, Management-Accepted; *Melanie B. Cook, Nichols, Nursing; *April M. Dietz, Nichols, Biology; Jimmy F. Ford II, Mullins, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; *Stephanie D. Hobbs, Nichols, Early Childhood Education/Applied; *Curtis O. Jacobs, Mullins, Accounting-Accepted; *Daniel A. James, Marion, English-Liberal Arts; *Kumar Kuljit, Mullins, Computer Science; *Heather E. Patterson, Nichols, Early Childhood Education; *Eunice I. Rabon, Marion, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Caroline E. Sellars, Mullins, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Megan D. Sheffield, Nichols, Political Science; *Casey S. Shelley, Nichols, Elementary Education/Applied; Heather R. Soles, Mullins, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Tanya B. Soles, Nichols, Biology/Pre-Veterinary. 

Marlboro: *Jennifer M. Avery, Bennettsville, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Alisha E. Blackmon, Blenheim, Sociology/General Track; Jessica S. Graham, Bennettsville, Management-Accepted; Matthew C. Kimrey, Wallace, Management-Accepted; Krista N. McRae, Bennettsville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Ryan A. Melton, Wallace, Management-Accepted; *Myra M. Moore, Bennettsville, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty. 

Newberry: Elizabeth D. Smith, Newberry, English-Liberal Arts. 

Orangeburg: *Alyssa K. Polson, Cordova, Biology; Krystal N. Shuler, Bowman, Nursing. 

Richland: *Hedi B. England, Columbia, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Danii M. Jefferson, Irmo, Chemistry; *Alex W. Lee, Blythewood, Mathematics; *Kaitlin E. Wilson, Blythewood, Finance. 

Spartanburg: Cassandra L. Carstensen, Lyman, Marketing.

Sumter: Jessica L. Ardis, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Ericka A. Bennett, Sumter, Elementary Education/Applied; Rebecca A. Brown, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Alissa A. Dyne, Sumter, Elementary Education/Applied; Charnelle M. Smith, Sumter, Accounting; *Jonathan J. White, Sumter, Computer Science; Lateshia R. Williams, Rembert, Psychology. 

Union: S'ade D. Glenn, Union, Elementary Education/Applied. 

Williamsburg: *Kayla L. Bellflowers, Hemingway, Middle Level Education Math and Social Studies; Lauren R. Coleman, Hemingway, Elementary Education; Winter N. Grier, Hemingway, Accounting-Second Degree; Cynthia N. Johnson, Kingstree, Political Science; Tyra S. McBride, Salters, Political Science; Mindy A. Parsons, Hemingway, English-Applied Teacher Certification; Johnny I. Rishmawi, Hemingway, Political Science; Lana B. Scott, Kingstree, Biology.

York: *Sarah M. Breaux, Rock Hill, History, Political Science; Melissa D. Burns, York, Elementary Education; Zachary T. Nicholas, Fort Mill, Modern Language/French; Alyson R. Thompson, Clover, Art Education. 


Part-time students on Dean’s List


Anderson: Courtney N. Holden, Anderson, Art Education. 

Darlington: Megan M. Howell, Hartsville, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track. 

Florence: Andrew D. Blankenship, Timmonsville, Psychology; Kimberly W. Canup, Effingham, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; George A. Fostel, Florence, Middle Level Education Math and Social Studies; Jason C. Greer, Florence, Chemistry; Demetrice R. Lighty, Florence, Accounting-Accepted; Jillian R. Lynch, Timmonsville, Art Education; James F. Melton, Florence, Sociology; Christopher S. Ringley, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Stephen B. Shives-Shirley, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Elizabeth F. Toth, Florence, Accounting-Second Degree. 

Horry: Brittany N. Banks, Myrtle Beach, Psychology. 

Marion: Alexander Whittington, Marion, Biology/Second Degree. 

Richland: William D. McElveen, Eastover, Psychology.


Full-time students on Dean’s List

ALASKA: Amanda C. Hall, Anchorage, Marketing.

ARIZONA: Peter M. Gordon, Phoenix, Chemistry; Caitlin M. Simpson, Scottsdale, Psychology. 

CALIFORNIA: Emily C. Hill, Clio, Biology; Ashley L. Jasmer, Riverside, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Megan L. Pangburn, Covina, Finance-Accepted.

COLORADO: Ashlee D. Crook, Parker, Mathematics; Jenna M. Kaiser, Broomfield, Biology. 

DELAWARE: Bethany L. Seely, Greenwood, Psychology.

FLORIDA: Kyle P. Clinton, Safety Harbor, Mass Communication/Public Relations; Shannan N. Tyson, Seminole, Psychology. 

GEORGIA: Eboni L. Fields, Hephzibah, Management.

MARYLAND: Casey M. Durham, Waldorf, International Studies; Taylor M. Jenkins, Frederick, Visual Arts/Painting Specialty; Erin A. Sullivan, Gaithersburg, Economics. 

MISSOURI: Nathan A. Morley, Maryville, General Business/Accepted; Jessica L. O'Leary, St Louis, Psychology. 

NEW YORK: Daniel K. Brann, Brewerton, Management Information Systems-Accepted; Jessica L. Hale, Clinton, Management-Accepted; Rebecca A. Nelson, New Hyde Park, Undecided. 

NORTH CAROLINA: Maria S. Goode, Charlotte, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; Vikeisha N. Heath, Hope Mills, Psychology; Preston D. Shuey, Charlotte, General Business Administration; Erik J. Sommerville, Charlotte, General Business Administration. 

OHIO: Justin N. Kibler, Pickerington, General Business Administration; Jessica M. Lombardi, Massillon, Art Education; Jacqueline F. Phiel, Amherst, Biology; Jerry T. Roth II, Avon Lake, Management; Angela M. Salem, Akron, Psychology. 

OKLAHOMA: Darlene N. Reuter, El Reno, Biology.

PENNSYLVANIA: Kayla B. Denmyer, New Freedom, Elementary Education; Janelle M. Townsley, Fleetwood, Marketing-Accepted, Finance-Accepted.

TENNESSEE: Amanda M. Mitchell, Knoxville, Biology.

TEXAS: Nadiyah K. Batiste, Nolanville, Elementary Education; Kathryn L. Campbell, Frisco, Psychology. 

VIRGINIA: Kathleen M. Beauvais, Manassas, Management. 

WASHINGTON: Emily M. Dean, Edmonds, Psychology; Jamie L. Holmes, Monroe, Elementary Education. 

INTERNATIONAL: Nina K. Connell, North Bay, Ontario, Canada, History; Franklyn C. Emmanuel, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Marketing-Accepted; Matthew L. French, Narre Warren North, Australia, Marketing; Valeska J. Ibscher, Feucht, Germany, Marketing; Matthew J. Keth, East London, South Africa, Finance-Accepted; Mario Kieck, Hamburg, Germany, Business Economics; James S. Maclachlan, Johannesburg, South Africa, Business Economics-Accepted, Marketing-Accepted; Ronan P. O'Connor, Dublin, Ireland, Psychology; Karl J. Rogers, Dublin, Ireland, Finance.



Aiken: Matthew S. Jackson, Gloverville, Marketing; Emily A. Riley, North Augusta, Nursing; Monica A. Toole, North Augusta, Psychology.

Anderson: Joyce K. Fleming, Honea Path, Elementary Education/Applied; Laura A. McAuley, Anderson, Biology; David J. Propst, Pelzer, Mathematics.

Beaufort: Sharonda C. Daise, St. Helena Island, Elementary Education/Applied; Kayla A. Merritt, Bluffton, Sociology/General Track; Cassandra D. Moncrief, Bluffton, Accounting; Latasha N. Roberson, Beaufort, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Norman J. Roberson, Beaufort, Mathematics; Whitney R. Watson, Seabrook, Early Childhood Education. 

Berkeley: Amber N. Ballentine, St. Stephen, Nursing; Lauren M. Cox, Moncks Corner, General Business/Accepted; Renata S. Cumbee, Cordesville, Physics; Barry L. Heyward, Moncks Corner, Finance; Cheryl W. Jefferson, Goose Creek, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Shavone L. Mack, Cross, Mathematics; D'Andrea D. Mitchell, Moncks Corner, Early Childhood Education; Dana E. Poston, Goose Creek, Nursing; Shalonda Prioleau, Alvin, Management-Accepted; Vera S. Prioleau, Alvin, Middle Level Education Math and Science; Nathan J. Rivers, Huger, General Business Administration; Andrea L. Singleton, Moncks Corner, Accounting-Accepted; Jessica A. Smith, Huger, Early Childhood Education; Sasha K. Wilson, Moncks Corner, Early Childhood Education/Applied. 

Charleston: Taylor D. Bauer, Charleston, Psychology; William B. Beavers, Summerville, Aquaculture, Fisheries and Wildlife; Tiffany C. Cromwell, Charleston, Biology; Erica E. DeJesus, Charleston, Psychology; Reginald B. Doctor, Summerville, Finance; Alicia M. Gage, Charleston, Finance-Accepted; Michael A. Gajewski, Mt. Pleasant, Biology/Pre-Medical; Ashley S. Gladden, North Charleston, Biology/Pre-Nursing; LaVonda D. Glover, Johns Island, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Bridget S. Grant, Ravenel, Mass Communication; Dana R. Grant, Charleston, Psychology; Darcy A. Hall, Charleston, Mass Communication/Public Relations; Tiara S. King, Mt. Pleasant, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Lauren N. Lemoine, North Charleston, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Angelica M. Libert, Mt. Pleasant, Mass Communication/Broadcast; Sha'Shawna P. Seabrook, Charleston, Early Childhood Education; Lauren E. Willis, Mt. Pleasant, Psychology. 

Cherokee: Cierra S. Hoque, Blacksburg, Mass Communication. 

Chester: William C. Lazenby, Fort Lawn, Visual Arts; Alexander L. Melton, Chester, Music Industry. 

Chesterfield: India F. Aycock, Patrick, Accounting-Accepted; Heather N. Driggers, Cheraw, Biology/Pre-Veterinary; Sherry A. Hatcher, Cheraw, Middle Level Education Math and Social Studies; Roslyn M. Hatten, Pageland, Management; Myranda D. McDonnell, Cheraw, Nursing; Eric C. Nesbitt, Chesterfield, Biology; Gary K. Nesbitt, Chesterfield, Biology/Medical Technology Option; Kathryn B. Rogers, Cheraw, Economics; Karen Short, Chesterfield, English-Liberal Arts; Sarah E. Thurman, Ruby, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jill A. Usher, Cheraw, Sociology/General Track; Angela E. White, Patrick, Elementary Education; Amanda J. Wilkinson, Patrick, Elementary Education/Applied. 

Clarendon: Bre'Ana A. Adger, Manning, Early Childhood Education; Anna E. Bleasdale, Alcolu, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Courtney L. Canty, Summerton, Biology/Pre-Medical; Megan R. Davis, Manning, Chemistry; La-Rita L. Dingle, Manning, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Brittany N. Doughty, Manning, Middle Level Education Math and Social Studies; Abigayle D. Hicks, Manning, Finance; Sebron M. Kirkland, Manning, Accounting; Mark Robinson, Summerton, Psychology; Joshua A. Stewart, Alcolu, Political Science. 

Colleton: Leslye K. Bailey, Cottageville, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Willeen L. Gant, Walterboro, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Willette E. Gant, Walterboro, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Kenya L. Murdock, Walterboro, Biology. 

Darlington: Caitlin N. Allen, Hartsville, Psychology; Edward T. Arnold, Darlington, Biology; Hali C. Broyles, Darlington, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Brittainy R. Bunch, Hartsville, Nursing/Second Degree; Jillian A. Burke, Darlington, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Matthew D. Cook, Darlington, Physics/Health Physics, Biology; Kathryn E. Dove, Darlington, Early Childhood Education; Autumn A. Durante, Hartsville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jessica V. Fitz, Lamar, Sociology/General Track; Rachel D. Frazier, Darlington, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jeffrey P. Gardner, Hartsville, General Business Administration; David J. Griggs, Hartsville, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Nicole M. Groves, Hartsville, Elementary Education; Brianna J. Huffer, Hartsville, Early Childhood Education; Antwan Jacobs, Hartsville, Biology/Pre-Dental; Sumner E. Kirven, Darlington, Psychology; Myleka R. Leonard, Darlington, Sociology/General Track; Patrick T. Lund, Darlington, Computer Science; Tyler J. Luther, Hartsville, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; Amber N. Matthews, Hartsville, Accounting-Accepted; Chasity R. McCoy, Lamar, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Nathaniel A. Mihalovits, Hartsville, Marketing; Angela R. Page, Darlington, Nursing; Cameron S. Rainey, Hartsville, Physics/Computational Physics Option, Mathematics; Megan A. Rhoads, Darlington, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jeremy D. Rolfe, Hartsville, History; Zachary E. Rupe, Hartsville, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Darius R. Sims, Darlington, Electronic Engineering Technology; Travis W. Sinclair, Darlington, History/Second Degree; Adrienne O. Smith, Hartsville, Elementary Education/Applied; Katherine E. Stephenson, Darlington, Nursing; Adrienne D. Tidwell, Darlington, Nursing; Chappel T. Timmons, Darlington, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Shalondrice M. Ward, Lamar, Nursing; Nicholas R. Watkins, Hartsville, Mass Communication/Public Relations; Allison P. Weaver, Darlington, Biology; Monica L. Wilson, Darlington, Nursing. 

Dillon: Laurel C. Ammons, Dillon, Political Science; Brandi N. Arnette, Dillon, Bachelor of General Studies/Social and Behavioral Sciences; Alex M. Branham, Dillon, Biology; Michelle L. Breeden, Little Rock, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; David A. Cox, Lake View, Marketing-Accepted; Kassie A. Driggers, Latta, Early Childhood Education; George E. Edwards, Latta, Biology; Joshua L. Gibson, Latta, Chemistry; Heather M. Gray, Lake View, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Kadeidra C. Grice, Little Rock, Finance-Accepted; Brittaney M. Herring, Dillon, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Kacie N. Kinsey, Dillon, Elementary Education; Brandon R. Lane, Latta, History, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; Alesha E. Lewis, Latta, Political Science; Bryan E. Lewis, Dillon, English-Liberal Arts; Meagan M. Manning, Dillon, Nursing; Mia B. McAlister, Dillon, Political Science; Tamela G. McGill, Lake View, Elementary Education/Applied; Alanna L. McLellan, Dillon, Biology; Thomas L. Ocean Jr, Latta, General Business Administration; Danielle L. Price, Latta, Psychology; Mallory D. Proctor, Dillon, Mathematics, Modern Language Spanish; Shaniqua S. Timmons, Latta, Chemistry; Hannah E. Weyant, Latta, International Studies. 

Dorchester: Kellye' D. Boyd, St. George, Biology; Shannon N. Bryant, St. George, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Kacy D. Horne, St. George, Early Childhood Education; Tiffany R. Jackson, St. George, Marketing; Justin R. Marshall, Summerville, Computer Science; Melissa E. Rhodes, Summerville, Early Childhood Education; Stephanie R. Ruble, Summerville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Tiffany M. Segear, North Charleston, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Christopher D. Wimberly, St. George, Psychology. 

Edgefield: Nicole D. Abney, Trenton, Early Childhood Education. 

Fairfield: Kendra D. Crumblin, Blair, Mass Communication. 

Florence: Janet S. Allen, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Morgan B. Altman, Lake City, Psychology; Brandy P. Anderson, Florence, Biology; Casey L. Anderson, Effingham, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Crystal C. Anderson, Florence, Nursing; Christopher T. Ard, Florence, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Ronald B. Avant, Florence, Management; Matthew K. Baker, Florence, Theatre Arts/Performance Speciality; Shawn S. Ballenger, Florence, Physics/Computational Physics Option; Latoya V. Bartelle Coffie, Lake City, Psychology; Briana N. Bass, Pamplico, Biology; Gregory M. Belk Jr, Florence, Music Industry; Mary E. Belk, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Mary K. Blizzard, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Alexander D. Blount, Florence, General Business Administration; Samuel Z. Boan, Florence, General Business Administration; Rustin J. Bodiker, Florence, Biology; Amanda M. Booker, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Johnathan L. Broach, Timmonsville, General Business/Accepted; Adam J. Brown, Florence, Dual Engineering; Chenethia P. Brown, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Jamell T. Brown, Florence, Biology; Stacey A. Brown, Florence, Mass Communication; Tiffany M. Brown, Florence, Accounting; Kimberly J. Bruce, Florence, Biology/Medical Technology Option; April N. Bryant, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Liza M. Bryant, Lake City, Management-Accepted; Marissa M. Bush, Florence, Accounting; Sarah K. Calcutt, Florence, Undecided; Jayson K. Cantey, Johnsonville, Dual Engineering; Heather N. Carter, Johnsonville, English-Liberal Arts; Kwok-Shan Cheng, Florence, SC, Accounting-Accepted; Caren E. Chinich, Florence, Biology; Hope A. Clarkson, Florence, Nursing; Robert E. Clemons, Florence, Computer Science; Jordan S. Cockfield, Florence, Biology; Douglas G. Coker, Lake City, Computer Science; Gregory D. Collins, Florence, History; Joshua R. Colvin, Florence, Physics/Health Physics; Matthew R. Corbin, Florence, General Business Administration; Heather R. Cosson, Florence, Mass Communication/Public Relations; Heather M. Coward, Florence, Biology; Kristian J. Cox, Effingham, Dual Engineering; Jessica L. Cribb, Coward, Psychology; Elizabeth A. Crosby, Florence, Elementary Education; Jenna M. Crosswell, Effingham, Marketing; Amanda E. Crowley, Florence, Marketing-Accepted; Karla N. Dennis, Florence, Nursing; Helen M. Dew, Quinby, Nursing; Jennifer A. Driggers, Pamplico, Mathematics/Applied Teacher Certification; Kathi M. Ducey, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; John W. Duncan, Florence, Biology; Daniel B. Edgeworth, Florence, Biology; Cheryl A. Elliott, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Devin R. Fedorchuk, Florence, General Business/Accepted; Natalie M. Fidler, Florence, Psychology; Allison B. Finklea, Pamplico, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Kendal J. Floyd, Pamplico, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty, Computer Science-Second Degree; Bradford E. Foxworth-Hill, Florence, Computer Science; Kenyardia D. Frasier, Florence, Psychology; Heather M. Frick, Coward, Marketing-Accepted; Karmella Fullard, Timmonsville, Chemistry/ASC Certified; Samantha L. George, Florence, Accounting; Kyle A. Gilley, Florence, Accounting; Frances K. Gootman, Florence, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Blaine T. Graham, Lake City, Biology; Mary E. Grice, Florence, Mass Communication; Michael S. Griffin, Florence, Psychology; Nathan S. Grush, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Justin R. Gudvangen, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Stacy N. Gulledge, Effingham, Nursing; Charlotte H. Hanna, Johnsonville, Biology; Joan E. Hanna, Lake City, Early Childhood Education; Greafur M. Hannah, Johnsonville, Psychology; Lindsay R. Hartnett, Florence, General Business Administration; Leah E. Haselden, Johnsonville, English-Liberal Arts; Lauren R. Haynes, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Justin B. Head, Florence, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; Amber M. Hekman, Florence, Art Education; Candice M. Heyward, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Cassandra F. Heyward, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Sarah M. Hickman, Florence, Chemistry; Riley F. Holt, Florence, Biology/Pre-Veterinary; Jason E. Homeyer, Florence, History/Applied Social Studies Teacher Certification; Spenser A. Hooks, Johnsonville, Marketing; Kyle T. Hooss, Florence, Biology; Jeremiah A. Hughes, Florence, Management Information Systems-Accepted; Elissa A. Jebaily, Florence, Biology; Laurel M. Jeffers, Florence, Accounting; Bonita D. Johnson, Florence, RN-BSN; Amanda K. Jones, Florence, Nursing; Ashley M. Jones, Johnsonville, Elementary Education; Daniel G. Joyner, Florence, Psychology; Zachary J. Keefe, Florence, Computer Science; David B. Kennedy, Florence, History; Katherine M. Kiefer, Florence, SC, Psychology; Mary K. Kirven, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Davide A. Laing, Florence, General Business Administration; Sang M. Lee, Florence, Biology/Pre-Medical; William P. Leslie, Florence, Psychology; Katie M. Lewis, Florence, Chemistry/ASC Certified; Bethany L. Luhman, Pamplico, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; Jessica J. Lyerly, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Gary D. Mahaffey III, Florence, Mathematics; Courtney S. Malson, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Nicolas A. Martin, Johnsonville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Tiffany L. Matthews, Scranton, History; Matthew C. Maynard, Florence, Psychology; Martha O. McCall, Florence, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Mary B. McClary, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Brittany R. McCray, Timmonsville, Political Science; Charles A. McElveen, Florence, Marketing; Danielle C. McElveen, Florence, History/Pending Social Studies Teacher Certification; Thomas J. McKay, Effingham, English-Liberal Arts; Michelle L. McLeod, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Brandon C. McPherson, Florence, Finance-Accepted; Spencer K. Medley, Timmonsville, Psychology; Robert T. Meyer, Florence, Management Information Systems; Brittany R. Miles, Florence, Accounting-Accepted; Charlotte A. Miles, Coward, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Amanda L. Miller, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Whitley B. Mims, Coward, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Andrew P. Moore, Florence, History; Charly E. Moore, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Katelyn S. Moore, Effingham, Sociology/General Track; Chestly W. Morris, Florence, Electronic Engineering Technology; Valerie L. Myers, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Samantha M. Owens, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; James C. Page, Florence, Computer Science; Brittany E. Parker, Effingham, Mass Communication; Rebecca J. Pate, Florence, Psychology; Hetal M. Patel, Florence, Nursing; Carolyn R. Perkins, Florence, Marketing-Accepted; Kristin A. Phillips, Lake City, Early Childhood Education; Sarah A. Pierce, Florence, Finance-Accepted, Business Economics-Accepted; Elizabeth N. Pompey, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Jonathan A. Poon, Florence, Mathematics; George W. Powell III, Florence, Physics/Computational Physics Option; Miranda S. Pringle, Lake City, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Kelsey R. Reaves, Effingham, Biology; Bertie J. Reed, Lake City, Psychology; Meagan V. Reese, Florence, Biology; Sherena L. Reid, Florence, Mathematics; Tomika K. Reid, Effingham, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Benjamin R. Rogers, Lake City, Mass Communication/Convergence; Laura E. Rogers, Florence, Finance-Accepted; Lenora E. Rogers, Florence, History/Pending Social Studies Teacher Certification; Jessica M. Russell, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Derek J. Sanderson, Florence, General Business Administration; Darby J. Sauls, Lake City, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Jeremy W. Saunders, Florence, History/Applied Social Studies Teacher Certification; Paige E. Self, Florence, Biology; Stephen C. Skinner, Timmonsville, Undecided; Austin M. Smith, Florence, History, Political Science; Sarah D. Smith, Florence, Undecided; Jameson P. Snead, Effingham, Nursing/Second Degree; Yeolonda Snipes, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Jean A. Songwinds, Pamplico, Art Education; Kayren S. Spears, Pamplico, Biology; Christopher D. Starling, Florence, Accounting-Accepted; Candace M. Street, Florence, Psychology; Lauren O. Taylor, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Matthew L. Tedder, Timmonsville, Biology; Teresa J. Tedder, Pamplico, Elementary Education/Applied; Veronica L. Thomas, Effingham, Mathematics; Keith H. Thompson, Johnsonville, Biology; Rakeyta M. Timmons, Florence, Psychology; Philip J. Vernon, Florence, Biology/Pre-Medical; Heather L. Ververs, Florence, Biology; Harriett K. Walsh, Florence, Mass Communication/Broadcast; John F. Ward, Florence, History; Jordan W. Ward, Johnsonville, History/Applied Social Studies Teacher Certification; Jessica F. Watts, Florence, Marketing; Britney R. Weaver, Lake City, English-Liberal Arts; Bryan J. Wells, Pamplico, History; Stacy D. Wiegand, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jeremiah E. Williams, Florence, Computer Science; Karla L. Williams, Florence, Nursing; Whitney M. Wilson, Johnsonville, Biology; LeVandra A. Windham, Florence, Finance; Christie B. Woolwine, Florence, Elementary Education; Dana V. Wright, Florence, Biology; Amber M. Yarborough, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Mary E. Yarborough, Florence, Biology; JooWon Yoon, Florence, Accounting-Accepted; Britney E. Young, Johnsonville, Early Childhood Education. 

Georgetown: Victoria M. Butler, Georgetown, Accounting-Accepted; Brooke T. Fabry, Georgetown, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Ashley E. Flynn, Murrells Inlet, Psychology; Rebecca C. Gillaspie, Pawleys Island, Biology/Pre-Medical; Thomas Gilliard III, Georgetown, Management Information Systems-Accepted; Lakeria R. Jones, Georgetown, Finance-Accepted; Derek A. Lee, Pawleys Island, Biology; Shardae R. Nelson, Georgetown, Marketing-Accepted. 

Greenville: Jasmin L. Hicks, Piedmont, Computer Science; Adam P. Ingalls, Simpsonville, General Business Administration; Jeshua L. Speach, Simpsonville, History/Second Degree; Zachary W. Wilson, Simpsonville, Physics/Computational Physics Option. 

Greenwood: Steven A. Holmes Jr., Hodges, Nursing. 

Horry: Min Byrnes, Myrtle Beach, Computer Science; Mary E. Carter, Conway, Political Science/Second Degree; Dana L. Christmas, Galivants Ferry, Nursing; Allysha D. Cook, Myrtle Beach, Nursing; Lindsey V. Coward, Conway, Nursing; Faith M. Hughes, Conway, Nursing; Robin M. McLean, Loris, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jacqueline M. Snook, Conway, English-Professional Writing; Jamal A. Tucker, Conway, Elementary Education; Ryan E. Tucker, Myrtle Beach, Biology/Pre-Nursing. 

Jasper: Morgan R. Daley, Tillman, Early Childhood Education.

Kershaw: Jasmine S. Bennett, Cassatt, Early Childhood Education; Jessica B. Crone, Elgin, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Tiffany M. Franks, Camden, Political Science; Michael D. Hayes, Camden, General Business/Accepted; Caroline O. Jowers, Camden, Elementary Education; Kayleigh A. Kersey, Camden, Marketing; Nakendra D. Kinard, Lugoff, Elementary Education; Matthew T. Kirkland, Lugoff, Computer Science; William A. McCaskill, Lugoff, Elementary Education; Zachary R. Nickerson, Camden, Sociology/General Track; Caroline M. Parks, Camden, Marketing; Allison L. Woolard, Camden, Marketing; Jerrie'Me K. Wright, Lugoff, Management-Accepted, Biology. 

Lancaster: Tiffany D. Alford, Heath Springs, Biology; Kayla L. Duncan, Lancaster, Psychology; Shonda M. Massey, Lancaster, Biology. 

Laurens: Ja'Travian F. Brown, Clinton, Computer Science; Amanda M. Doyle, Laurens, Accounting-Accepted; Shaketa A. Foggie, Laurens, Early Childhood Education; Samantha L. Penland, Laurens, Physics/Health Physics; Rathin D. Vyas, Clinton, Undecided. 

Lee: Shaniqua A. Berry, Bishopville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jessica A. Coleman, Lynchburg, Undecided; Vernovia Richardson, Bishopville, Business Economics-Accepted; Mitchell S. Skinner, Bishopville, Biology; Amanda S. Slater, Bishopville, English-Pending Teacher Certification. 

Lexington: Senad Ademovic, West Columbia, Modern Language/German, History; Holly M. Coleman, Lexington, Mathematics; Paris S. Gartmon, Lexington, Nursing; Jocelyn C. Hernandez, Irmo, Elementary Education; Tia N. Hicks, West Columbia, Modern Language/Spanish; Adrianna T. Lovato, Gaston, Art Education; Kenneth A. Makins, Lexington, Electronic Engineering Technology; Cristina N. Stinton, Gaston, Biology; T'sheira L. West, Batesburg, Biology/Pre-Nursing. 

Marion: Krista J. Allen, Mullins, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Dara W. Brown, Mullins, Nursing; Stephanie N. Brown, Marion, Psychology; Carrie F. Daniels, Nichols, Mass Communication; William B. Ellis, Mullins, Sociology/General Track; Lori B. Farrow, Marion, Nursing; Dustin A. Floyd, Mullins, Bachelor of General Studies/Social and Behavioral Sciences; Symon M. Gibson, Marion, Art Education; Heather D. Grant, Mullins, Elementary Education/Applied; Jarrott M. Hooks, Marion, Undecided; Cristen D. Jacobs, Mullins, Nursing; Hillary D. Johnson, Marion, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Jimmi L. Jones, Mullins, Nursing/Second Degree; Shiquata A. Lewis, Mullins, Early Childhood Education; Phillip M. McDaniels, Marion, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Monica D. Moody, Mullins, Biology; Blake C. Palmer, Marion, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Frank D. Skipper III, Marion, Undecided; Kristen L. Stokes, Marion, Biology; Chiquita M. Thompson, Marion, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Sara D. Vinson, Mullins, Marketing-Accepted; Wellons M. Williams, Marion, Nursing; Ross D. Wise, Marion, Nursing/Second Degree. 

Marlboro: Casey E. Blackmon, Blenheim, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Charmonique C. Breeden, Bennettsville, English-Liberal Arts; Kentrina M. Bridges, Bennettsville, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Brandi N. Brigman, Bennettsville, Early Childhood Education; Caitlyn A. Bullard, Bennettsville, General Business Administration; George M. Bullard, Bennettsville, General Business/Accepted; Melinda A. Erwin, Bennettsville, Undecided; Virginia L. Evans, Bennettsville, Psychology; Mary E. Gliarmis, Bennettsville, Nursing; Bobbie J. Grooms, McColl, Management-Accepted; Ashley N. Hardee, McColl, History; John B. Lee, Bennettsville, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Kristen M. McQueen, Bennettsville, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Pamela E. Ocean, Blenheim, Accounting-Accepted; Stephanie A. Parker, Bennettsville, Elementary Education; Kati L. Strawderman, Clio, Biology/Pre-Veterinary. 

Orangeburg: Rachel A. Dantzler, Eutawville, Early Childhood Education; Elizabeth E. Fogle, Branchville, Accounting; Akron K. Johnson, Elloree, Accounting-Accepted; Magdalene B. Laursen, Orangeburg, Undecided; Abby N. Marlow, Santee, Biology/Pre-Veterinary; Amanda A. Ott, Branchville, Biology/Pre-Medical; Ashley N. Randolph, Eutawville, English-Liberal Arts; Ashley D. Waymer, Santee, Biology.

Pickens: Joshua O. Davidson, Sunset, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Chance R. Johnson, Easley, Management. 

Richland: Jasmine L. Booker, Columbia, Political Science; Brigette M. Davis, Columbia, Sociology/General Track; Liliana E. Glover, Irmo, International Studies; Timberly C. Griffin, Columbia, General Business Administration; Kevin E. Inyangetor, Columbia, Management; Adam G. Jacobs, Hopkins, General Business Administration; Cierra D. Jones, Columbia, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Marissa C. Manning, Columbia, Mass Communication; Kamille M. Parker, Columbia, Early Childhood Education; Natasha L. Phillips, Columbia, Biology; Shantrice L. Radford, Columbia, Mass Communication/Convergence; Kendra S. Raven, Columbia, Sociology/General Track; Christopher W. Rumph, Columbia, Management-Accepted; Iris D. Slade, Columbia, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty. 

Spartanburg: Robert M. Smith, Lyman, Physics/Health Physics. 

Sumter: Kiara N. Bey, Wedgefield, Early Childhood Education; Zan W. Boykin, Sumter, Biology; Roslyn M. Brailsford, Dalzell, Finance-Accepted; Patrick F. Brock, Sumter, Middle Level Education Math and Science; Grace A. Brunson, Sumter, Biology; Patricia A. Colclough, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Matthew B. Cote', Sumter, Early Childhood Education/Applied; John-Pierre Curry-Howard, Dalzell, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Lavon Davis, Sumter, Middle Level Education Science English; Amber B. Ferguson, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Abramaih L. Franklin, Sumter, Undecided; Brittany D. Garrett, Wedgefield, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Andrew E. Golden, Sumter, Mass Communication/Broadcast; Leslie W. Lloyd, Sumter, History; Corien C. Mack, Sumter, Management; Matthew C. Nethercutt, Sumter, General Business Administration; Robert V. Robinson II, Rembert, Management Information Systems; Melvin C. Scott, Sumter, Biology; Sineada Smith, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Monica M. Wallace, Rembert, Mathematics; Henry J. Watson, Sumter, General Business Administration; Nikki S. Wheeler, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing. 

Union: Paul M. Wells, Union, Elementary Education/Applied. 

Williamsburg: Laquita S. Anderson, Hemingway, Psychology; Brantley A. Baker, Cades, Chemistry; Michael B. Brank, Cades, Economics; Trina L. Bull, Kingstree, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Michaela A. Gentry, Greeleyville, Theatre Arts/Design Specialty; Kassie E. Hughes, Hemingway, Mass Communication/Convergence; Joshua R. Johnson, Hemingway, Mass Communication; John T. Lewis, Hemingway, Chemistry; Patricia A. McMenamin, Kingstree, Nursing/Second Degree; Christopher B. Owens, Hemingway, Dual Engineering; Ebone B. Pressley, Kingstree, Psychology; Megan B. Sims, Kingstree, Biology; Traci D. Squires, Hemingway, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Ellen E. Stone, Hemingway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Crystalyn M. Watford, Kingstree, Visual Arts/Painting Specialty; Kate Watson, Greeleyville, Biology; Krysten M. Whetsell, Kingstree, Political Science. 

York: Brittany P. Castle, York, Finance; Paul M. Cheezem, York, Political Science; Melanie E. Hafer, Fort Mill, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Daniel M. Hall, Clover, Accounting-Accepted; Jessica E. Horne, Rock Hill, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Tyler B. Lehman, York, Biology; Kelly L. McCormick, Rock Hill, Visual Arts/Painting Specialty; DeAndrea L. McMullen, Rock Hill, Sociology/General Track; Amelia R. Thompson, Clover, Mass Communication/Broadcast; Justin F. Trigg, Tega Cay, Visual Arts.

Last Published: February 9, 2009 1:55 PM
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