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FMU names students to President's List, Dean's List

        FLORENCE, S.C. – Officials at Francis Marion University have named 371 full-time students and 19 part-time students to the President’s List, and 615 full-time students and 10 part-time students to the Dean’s List for the 2010 fall semester.

         Of those students listed on the President’s List, 190 earned perfect 4.0 grade point averages for the semester, the highest possible ratio a student can receive.

         Students named to the President’s List must have earned a 3.75 or higher GPA for the semester. Full-time students named to the President’s List must have taken at least 12 semester hours and part-time students named to that list must have completed at least 12 hours at FMU, have declared a major and completed at least six hours during the semester.

         Dean’s List students earned a GPA for the semester between 3.25 and 3.749. Full-time students named to the Dean’s List must have taken at least 12 hours and part-time students named to that list must have completed at least 12 hours at FMU, have declared a major and completed at least six hours during the semester. 

        Grade point averages are based on a 4.0 system. 


Part-time students on President’s List (* denotes a 4.0 GPA) 

NEW YORK: * Jelani Myers, Bronx, Psychology. 

WASHINGTON: Emily M. Dean, Edmonds, Psychology. 

SOUTH CARLINA (by county):

Darlington: * Brandon C. Gainey, Hartsville, Biology; * Bethany L. Pezzimenti, Hartsville, Biology/Pre-Nursing. 

Dillon: George E. Edwards, Latta, Biology. 

Florence: Kendal J. Floyd, Pamplico, Visual Arts/Painting Specialty; Eduardo B. Guzman, Florence, Management; Krystal Hill, Florence, RN-BSN; * Philip K. Huber, Scranton, History; Suresh Kumaran, Florence, Management Information Systems; * Shauna E. Lair, Florence, Visual Arts/Second Degree; Clyde G. Mitchell III, Florence, Elementary Education; Dacey B. Riley, Florence, Management; * Lawrence B. Roscoe, Timmonsville, Economics; * Sandy D. Smith, Timmonsville, Nursing; * Julie E. Tjhung, Florence, Psychology. 

Marion: * Symon M. Gibson, Marion, Art Education. 

Marlboro: Kayatana A. Alford, Bennettsville, General Business Administration; Misty D. Polston, Bennettsville, RN-BSN. 


Full-time students on President’s List (* denotes 4.0 GPA)

FLORIDA: German O. Reyes, Miami, General Business Administration. 

MICHIGAN: * Elisabeth L. Dobek, Sterling Heights, Psychology. 

MISSOURI: * Danielle A. Parker, Lockwood, Mathematics. 

NORTH CAROLINA: Tyler L. Cantrell, Goldsboro, Physics/Health Physics; * Merritt A. Sosnoskie, Statesville, Finance;  Joseph S. Wagstaff, Zebulon, General Business Administration. 

NEW YORK: Christopher R. Burns, Greenfield Center, Biology. 

TEXAS: * Mihai S. Birladeanu, Nacogdoches, History. 

WASHINGTON: Jamie L. Holmes, Monroe, Elementary Education. 

INTERNATIONAL:  * Sebastian H. Backlund, Bollebygd, Sweden, Economics;  * Kerry L. Hall, Durban, South Africa, Business Economics;  Mindaugas Petreikis, Siauliai, Lithuania, Economics;  * Gaetan Robin, Chince, France, General Business Administration;  * Karl J. Rogers, Killiney Coounty, Dublin, Ireland, Finance;  Claudia F. Strohm, Trier, Germany, Psychology;  * Oshada A. Wijemanne, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Political Science. 

SOUTH CAROLINA (by county):

Aiken: * Anthony N. Gavalas II, North Augusta, Biology; * Timothy D. Gress, Aiken, Finance. 

Berkeley: Ashley C. Burton, Goose Creek, Art Education; Brittany N. Caddell, Moncks Corner, Psychology; * Nicole S. King, St. Stephen, Nursing; Vera S. Prioleau, Alvin, Elementary Education; Sakina N. Venning, Huger, Psychology;  Brannon Z. Wilson, Ladson, English-Liberal Arts. 

Charleston: * Erica E. DeJesus, Charleston, Psychology; * LaVonda D. Glover, Johns Island, Early Childhood Education; Bridget S. Grant, Ravenel, Mass Communication/Convergence; Dana R. Grant, Johns Island, Psychology; Adam J. Haidary, Charleston, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Quinterra D. Middleton, Johns Island, Psychology; Takeyah C. Powell, McClellanville, Accounting; Sierra D. Wiggins, North Charleston, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Charlotte M. Williams, Charleston, Nursing. 

Chester: Robert J. Gaither, Great Falls, Accounting; Shiquita J. Pickett, Chester, Nursing; Mary A. Rosborough, Blackstock, Biology. 

Chesterfield: Dustin K. Blackmon, Patrick, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Kayla J. Chambers, Cheraw, Psychology; * Heather N. Driggers, Cheraw, Chemistry; * Kacey M. Gainey, McBee, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Stacey M. Hunter, McBee, Early Childhood Education; James A. Isgett, Ruby, Mass Communication; * Alexis M. Johnson, Cheraw, English-Professional Writing; * James B. Jones, Cheraw, Middle Level Education Science/Social Studies. 

Clarendon: * Ashley M. Anderson, Turbeville, Nursing; Melissa A. Britt, Manning, Early Childhood Education; Margaret E. Conant, Manning, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Maggie M. Driggers, Turbeville, English; Bridget N. Lee, Turbeville, Nursing; Shaniqua S. Lesesne, Manning, Psychology; Lacey N. Padgett, Manning, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Elizabeth A. Ross, Manning, RN-BSN. 

Darlington: Mary E. Batchelor, Hartsville, Undecided; Ashley M. Calhoun, Hartsville, Biology; * Jessica A. Carnes, Hartsville, International Studies; Alyssa C. Carver, Darlington, English-Professional Writing; Vance L. Evans, Hartsville, Middle Level Education Mathematics and Science; Jeffrey P. Gardner, Hartsville, Management; * Megan A. Howard, Hartsville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Andrew R. Jones, Darlington, Sociology/General Track; Dean C. Lundy, Hartsville, Computer Science-Second Degree; * Elizabeth M. McRae, Darlington, Psychology; Kirby C. Register, Darlington, Elementary Education; * Jeremy D. Rolfe, Hartsville, History; Raymond K. Shepard Jr., Darlington, Modern Language/German; * Brandi L. Stewart, Hartsville, Modern Language/Spanish; Jessica L. Stewart, Hartsville, Biology/Environmental Science Option. 

Dillon: Tiffany N. Anderson, Lake View, Psychology; * Farah N. Arnette, Latta, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Candace H. Bohachic, Dillon, Elementary Education; Randy L. Branch, Latta, Political Science; Branson A. Dial, Latta, Art Education; Holly C. Hunt, Dillon, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Richard W. Johnson, Latta, Biology; * Alesha E. Lewis, Latta, Political Science; Robyn C. McNeil, Dillon, Mass Communication; * Addie C. Moody, Lake View, Accounting; * Hope C. Mullinax, Latta, Accounting; * Erin P. O'Hanlon, Latta, Visual Arts; Quasheeda T. Oates, DIllon, Mass Communication; Deborah H. Outlaw, Dillon, Elementary Education; * Tiffany N. Phillips, Latta, Biology; Miranda D. Price, Hamer, Psychology; * Mallory D. Proctor, Dillon, Mathematics; Vernita R. Scarborough, Dillon, Early Childhood Education; * Kristen B. Shackelford, Dillon, Elementary Education; Sommer C. Turner, Dillon, Mass Communication; * Victoria B. Watson, Dillon, Management. 

Dorchester: * Matthew B. Adkins, Harleyville, Theatre Arts/Performance Speciality; Hillary H. Floyd, Summerville, History; Stephanie R. Perkins, Summerville, Early Childhood Education; Stephanie R. Ruble, Summerville, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; * Megan L. Simmons, Ridgeville, Modern Language/Spanish. 

Florence: * Casey L. Anderson, Effingham, Nursing; * Amelia D. Arnold, Florence, Elementary Education; Julia K. Barlow, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Mary E. Belk, Florence, Early Childhood Education; * Samantha J. Biggs, Florence, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Mona Blauen, Florence, Business Economics; Ryan S. Blum, Florence, Physics/Computational Physics Option; * Samuel Z. Boan, Florence, Management; * Shele M. Bochette, Effingham, Sociology/General Track; * Clarissa L. Bosco, Florence, Psychology; Kathryn S. Boyd, Effingham, Mass Communication/Public Relations; Kayla B. Bramlett, Scranton, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Drake C. Brookins, Florence, Physics/Health Physics; * Chenethia P. Brown, Florence, Elementary Education; Elizabeth S. Brown, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Amelia J. Bryant, Johnsonville, Biology; * Lindsay S. Buchanan, Florence, Mass Communication/Convergence; * Marissa M. Bush, Florence, Business Economics; * Evan P. Cain, Lake City, Psychology; Martina A. Cameron, Florence, Biology; Sylvia E. Campbell, Florence, Marketing; Kelley A. Cassady, Florence, RN-BSN-Second Degree; * Summer N. Coates, Florence, Elementary Education; * Cameron P. Coker, Florence, Finance; Shontah C. Cooper, Johnsonville, Psychology; * Matthew R. Corbin, Florence, Economics; Heather R. Cosson, Florence, Mass Communication/Public Relations; April N. Cox, Coward, Early Childhood Education; Emily M. Cox, Pamplico, English; * Kendra D. Crumblin, Florence, Mass Communication/Public Relations; Arial E. Da Silva, Florence, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; * Chasity M. Davidson, Effingham, Early Childhood Education; * Melissa C. Davis, Florence, Nursing; Paulo M. De Guzman, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Hunter M. Deas, Florence, History; Dax P. Doctor, Florence, Computer Science; * George C. Dodge, Florence, Business Economics; * Andrew R. Donaldson, Florence, Political Science; Deloshier D. Douglas, Florence, Early Childhood Education; * Shannon E. Durham, Florence, Physics/Health Physics; * Tyeasha S. Edwards, Florence, Early Childhood Education; * Brittany A. Erwin, Florence, Economics; Dennis J. Etman, Florence, Middle Level Education Science/Social Studies; * Ashton M. Evans, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Brooke L. Evans, Coward, RN-BSN; * Tari Federer, Florence, Visual Arts/Ceramics Specialty; Katelan A. Fercana, Florence, Nursing; Lauren N. Finklea, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Amber B. Floyd, Florence, Marketing; * Walker B. Gaddy, Florence, Physics/Health Physics; Scott C. Garland, Florence, Modern Language; Erica L. Gibbons, Coward, Biology/Pre-Medical; * Melissa C. Gibson-Davis, Florence, Accounting; Scott A. Goda, Florence, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; * Robert L. Gordon III, Florence, Political Science; Aaron D. Gotter, Florence, Mass Communication/Convergence; Elizabeth R. Graham, Florence, Art Education; Kendall E. Grant, Florence, Nursing; Duane Q. Gray, Florence, Business Economics; Hannah E. Green, Florence, Undecided; Indigo M. Green, Effingham, Biology; Jessica C. Greenwood, Pamplico, Early Childhood Education; * William J. Guthrie, Florence, Management; Joan E. Hanna, Lake City, Early Childhood Education; Shanice L. Hannah, Lake City, Sociology/General Track; William D. Hardaway, Florence, Accounting; * Lauren R. Haynes, Florence, Nursing; Amber M. Hekman, Florence, Art Education; Candice M. Heyward, Florence, Early Childhood Education; * Edward L. Hicks, Florence, Computer Science; * Chloe A. Hinson, Johnsonville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Riley F. Holt, Florence, History; Jermain A. Howell, Florence, Marketing; * Ashley B. Humphries, Florence, English-Professional Writing; * Jessica K. Isgett, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Olin G. Isom IV, Lake City, Chemistry; * Angela C. Jackson, Florence, Art Education; Steven L. Jackson, Florence, Chemistry; Matthew L. Jepertinger, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Sarah N. Jewell, Florence, RN-BSN; Christin N. Johnson, Florence, Management Information Systems; * Christopher A. Johnson, Florence, Biology; Stephanie L. Johnson, Florence, Finance; Curtis M. Jones, Johnsonville, Physics/Health Physics; * Rachal V. King, Pamplico, Middle Level Education Mathematics and Social Studies; * Vanessa A. Kinney, Timmonsville, RN-BSN; * Joshua M. Knight, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; * Kathryn T. Labbe, Florence, Political Science; * Sarah R. Lambert, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Brittany N. Lawson, Effingham, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Kerry M. Lupo, Timmonsville, Nursing; * Mary B. McClary, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; * Virginia E. McCown, Florence, Psychology; Chelsie L. McDaniel, Florence, Nursing; * Elizabeth M. McDowell, Florence, RN-BSN; Thomas J. McKay, Effingham, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; * Jennifer H. McKenzie, Scranton, RN-BSN; Meghan E. McLamb, Florence, Nursing; * Darren K. Meadows, Florence, Accounting; * Brianna A. Miller, Florence, Biology; Brittany N. Milligan, Florence, Biology; * Brittanie D. Mills, Florence, Early Childhood Education; * Kelley K. Moore, Olanta, Nursing; * Sarah E. Moore, Florence, Modern Language/French; * Andrea L. Mozingo, Florence, Accounting; Clayton G. Muench, Florence, Sociology; * Kenya L. Murdock, Florence, Biology; * Cindy J. Nettles, Scranton, Finance; * Kristen M. Nettles, Florence, General Business Administration; Kristina L. Nichols, Florence, Early Childhood Education; * Heather L. Owens, Scranton, Nursing; Brittany E. Parker, Effingham, Mass Communication/Convergence; Skyelar R. Parrott, Scranton, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Joann F. Pattillo, Florence, General Business Administration; * Rebecca D. Perales, Johnsonville, Mathematics; * Mary C. Pettigrew, Florence, Psychology; * Frank J. Pezzimenti, Florence, Biology; Katelyn S. Poston, Johnsonville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Staci E. Poston, Effingham, English-Liberal Arts; * Melissa D. Powell, Coward, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; * Shannon L. Pratt, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; * Melody E. Pritchard, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; * Cadie E. Raines, Florence, Nursing; * Allison M. Rhodes, Lake City, Modern Language; * Karen M. Richardson, Effingham, Sociology/General Track; Julian C. Robinson, Timmonsville, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; * Kaylon E. Robinson, Effingham, Biology; * Rachel C. Rushing, Florence, Psychology; * Brittany E. Sanders, Johnsonville, Elementary Education; Mark A. Sanders, Florence, Accounting-Second Degree; * Darby J. Sauls, Lake City, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Jeremy W. Saunders, Florence, History; Robert C. Segars, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; * Denny W. Seif, Florence, RN-BSN; Zachary F. Seiss, Florence, Undecided; * Kimberly D. Simon, Florence, Undecided; * Jonathan D. Smith, Florence, Management Information Systems; * Richard J. Smith, Florence, Biology; Stephanie A. Smith, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; * James P. Smyth, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Veronica L. Stark, Florence, Modern Language/Spanish; * Heather S. Stockton, Florence, Elementary Education; Rebekah M. Stone, Florence, RN-BSN; * Timothy A. Streit, Florence, Political Science; * Shametra I. Swaringer, Florence, RN-BSN-Second Degree; * Tonja L. Tart, Florence, RN-BSN; * Harrison B. Taylor, Florence, Biology; * Matthew L. Tedder, Timmonsville, Biology; Cherisse N. Thayer, Effingham, Elementary Education; Katrina E. Thompson, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Keith H. Thompson, Johnsonville, Biology; * Lauren M. Thompson, Florence, Early Childhood Education; * David B. Todd, Florence, Nursing; Matthew C. Turbeville, Lake City, English-Liberal Arts; * Kristi K. Verjans, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Trevor A. Wanco, Florence, Psychology; * Victoria L. Watts, Florence, Elementary Education; Heather M. Weatherford, Florence, Early Childhood Education; * Margot B. Weatherford, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Rachel E. Webster, Florence, Theatre Arts/Performance Speciality; * Bryan J. Wells, Pamplico, History; Jeremiah E. Williams, Florence, Computer Science; Shellie D. Wills, Scranton, English-Liberal Arts; * Barringer F. Wingard Jr., Florence, Political Science; * Elizabeth S. Worn, Florence, Biology/Pre-Veterinary; Thomas A. Worn, Florence, General Business Administration; * Mary E. Yarborough, Florence, Biology; * Amanda B. Young, Timmonsville, Accounting; * David L. Young, Florence, Undecided; Latoya A. Young, Florence, Psychology. 

Georgetown: * Jessica L. Butler, Georgetown, Nursing; * Brooke T. Fabry, Georgetown, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Rebecca C. Gillaspie, Pawleys Island, Biology/Pre-Medical; Brooke E. Hilburn, Georgetown, Elementary Education; * Caleb A. Prevatte, Georgetown, Biology; * Megan M. Thompson, Murrells Inlet, Biology/Pre-Medical. 

Greenville: Faatimah A. Muhammad, Greenville, Biology/Pre-Medical; * Jessica M. Upchurch, Greenville, English-Liberal Arts; Olivia R. Zielinski, Greenville, Elementary Education.

Greenwood: Davis R. Behrendt, Greenwood, Finance. 

Hampton: Jalissa C. Newton, Estill, Sociology/General Track. 

Horry: Brittany T. Causey, North Myrtle Beach, Nursing/Second Degree; * Jake F. Cox, Longs, Elementary Education; Kasie L. Dawsey, Galivants Ferry, Nursing; * Jeana N. Dunn, Conway, Nursing; Kimberly A. Keith, Loris, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Zachary T. Lascell, Conway, English-Liberal Arts; * Victoria L. Lopresto, Myrtle Beach, Art Education; Bridgett N. McBey, Conway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Holly L. Todd, Loris, Elementary Education. 

Jasper: Morgan R. Daley, Tillman, Mass Communication/Public Relations. 

Kershaw: * Nancy Boska, Camden, Biology; Kellie L. Gainey, Lugoff, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Amal J. Hall, Camden, Psychology; * Matthew T. Kirkland, Lugoff, Computer Science; * William A. McCaskill, Lugoff, Elementary Education; * Zachary R. Nickerson, Camden, Sociology/General Track; * Jonathan C. Wiggins, Lugoff, Accounting; Eric J. Wooten, Lugoff, Nursing/Second Degree; Buddy A. Wyckoff, Lugoff, Biology/Pre-Nursing. 

Lancaster: Kayla L. Duncan, Lancaster, Psychology; Andrew T. Helms, Kershaw, Accounting. 

Laurens: Magen E. Rice, Laurens, History. 

Lee: * Nicole J. Farmer, Bishopville, Political Science; Kristin A. Lyttle, Bishopville, English-Liberal Arts; * Mitchell S. Skinner, Bishopville, Biology. 

Lexington: Christopher W. Bell, Columbia, Mass Communication/Broadcast; Marianne T. Copelan, Irmo, Management; * Tia N. Hicks, West Columbia, Modern Language/Spanish. 

Marion: * Patricia A. Donohue, Marion, Art Education; Amanda M. Doughty, Marion, Biology; * Angel D. Godbolt, Mullins, RN-BSN; * Deborah A. Hayes, Marion, Nursing/Second Degree; Daniel J. Holmes, Nichols, Biology/Pre-Nursing; SC Kumar Kuljit, Mullins, Computer Science; * Elizabeth M. Morgan, Marion, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Heather E. Patterson, Nichols, Early Childhood Education; Samantha L. Pollett, Mullins, English; * Dewey W. Propst, Marion, General Business Administration; * Eunice I. Rabon, Marion, Nursing/Second Degree; * Angela D. Saxon, Nichols, Nursing; Steven A. Smith II, Mullins, Political Science; Mariah I. Spigner, Mullins, Mass Communication/Print; Regina P. Stanley, Mullins, RN-BSN; Starkeisha L. Steadman, Marion, Mass Communication/Convergence; * Fallon N. Watts, Nichols, Nursing; Shiquata L. Woodbury, Mullins, Early Childhood Education. 

Marlboro: * Miranda G. Driggers, Wallace, Nursing; Virginia D. Foreman, Bennettsville, Elementary Education; * Amanda M. Graham, Bennettsville, English; * Whitney N. Harvey, Wallace, Elementary Education; * April M. Hyatt, Bennettsville, Psychology; Brittany L. Langley, McColl, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Cristin F. Langley, McColl, English; Amanda N. Liner, Bennettsville, Early Childhood Education; * Jennifer K. McColl, Clio, Biology; * Myra M. Moore, Bennettsville, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Michelle Y. Rogers, Clio, Nursing/Second Degree; Kenlynn R. Sports, Blenheim, History; * Kati L. Strawderman, Clio, Biology/Pre-Medical; * Tina C. Williams, McColl, RN-BSN. 

Pickens: Joshua O. Davidson, Sunset, Early Childhood Education. 

Richland: Jasmine L. Booker, Columbia, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; * Brandon A. Buske, West Columbia, Early Childhood Education; * Ashley D. Dicker, Columbia, Elementary Education; Rita T. El-Khabbaz, West Columbia, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Robert D. Eubanks, Blythewood, Management; Caitlynne R. McNeill, Columbia, Biology; Tanisha S. Richardson, Columbia, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Kera J. Watts, Columbia, Accounting; * Andrew J. Wescott, Columbia, Sociology/General Track. 

Spartanburg: * Terry D. Burgess, Campobello, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Charity H. Hawkins, Woodruff, Physics. 

Sumter: Jessica L. Ardis, Sumter, Nursing; * Brooke Brown, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Matthew B. Cote', Sumter, Early Childhood Education; Lillian-Amanda N. Gummerson, Sumter, Elementary Education; * Mary A. Hodge, Sumter, RN-BSN-Second Degree; Shawnika L. Holland, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Marquria L. McMillian, Sumter, Nursing/Second Degree; Brandon J. Morgan, Sumter, Accounting; * Chanel Q. Moses, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Dental. 

Williamsburg: * Kayla L. Bellflowers, Hemingway, Middle Level Education Mathematics and Social Studies; Xavier J. Branham, Kingstree, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; Michael B. Brank, Cades, Economics; Justina A. Dozier, Hemingway, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Rachel M. Gaster, Hemingway, Mathematics; * Hannah S. Legendre, Hemingway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; * Tyra S. McBride, Salters, Political Science; Brian T. Owens, Hemingway, Physics/Health Physics; * Mindy A. Parsons, Hemingway, English; Jalisa S. Porchea, Hemingway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Austin C. Poston, Hemingway, Modern Language/French; Charlotte R. Powell, Kingstree, English-Liberal Arts; Tara M. Squires, Hemingway, Biology; * Traci E. Worrell, Cades, Psychology. 

York: Melissa D. Burns, York, Elementary Education; * Alyson R. Thompson, Clover, Art Education. 


Part-time students on Dean’s List

 SOUTH CAROLINA (by county):

Darlington: Wilma H. Epps, Darlington, Bachelor of General Studies; Kimberly A. Roos, Hartsville, Middle Level Education Science/Social Studies. 

Florence: Kristin L. Brigman, Effingham, Early Childhood Education; Alicia L. Coleman, Florence, English-Professional Writing; Donovan A. Cooper, Lake City, Management Information Systems; Audrey N. Hobbs, Timmonsville, General Business; Samantha R. Isaiah, Florence, Visual Arts/Painting Specialty; Charles L. Miller, Florence, Theatre Arts. 

Georgetown: Ashley D. Stafford, Georgetown, Art Education. 

Horry: Breeze B. Blume, Myrtle Beach, Biology/Pre-Nursing.  


Full-time students on Dean’s List

COLORADO: Ashlee D. Crook, Parker, Mathematics; William G. Escoe, Littleton, Economics. 

DELAWARE: Bethany L. Seely, Greenwood, Psychology. 

FLORIDA: Sara A. Broderick, Sunrise, Political Science; Emily A. McNutt, Port St. Lucie, Mass Communication-Sports Journalism; Destinea T. Schneider, Jacksonville, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Jasmine M. Williams-Hayes, Cocoa, Management. 

GEORGIA: Murphy L. McConnell, Milton, Undecided. 

IOWA: Michelle A. Phillips, Waukee, Accounting. 

ILLINOIS: Paige E. Perreault, Kankakee, Biology. 

MARYLAND: Casey M. Durham, Waldorf, International Studies; Brian C. Paulhus, Mt. Airy, Psychology; Lauren E. Vetock, Pasadena, Elementary Education. 

MICHIGAN: Simone R. Trice, Flint, General Business Administration. 

MINNESOTA: Mallory E. Eggert, Lake Elmo, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty. 

NORTH CAROLINA: Casey F. Gebhardt, Charlotte, General Business Administration; Andrew H. Hood, Charlotte, Accounting; Chantanique A. Jones, Raleigh, Early Childhood Education; Preston D. Shuey, Charlotte, Finance. 

NEW JERSEY: Kaitlyn P. O'Brien, Hillsdale, Biology/Pre-Nursing. 

NEW MEXICO: Thomas W. Geddings V, White Sands Missile Range, Psychology. 

OHIO: Autumn N. Bendle, Amsterdam, Nursing; Monica E. Nedelcu, Shaker Heights, Marketing; Jerry T. Roth II, Avon Lake, Management. 

PENNSYLVANIA: Kayla B. Denmyer, New Freedom, Elementary Education; Caitlyn T. Margusity, Pottstown, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Ryan D. Siney, Bryn Mawr, Accounting. 

TENNESSEE: Amanda M. Mitchell, Knoxville, Biology. 

TEXAS: Jesus A. Cruz, Austin, Accounting; Haley M. Flowers, Houston, Biology. 

VIRGINIA: Elizabeth A. Drewry, Glen Allen, General Business Administration; Olivia R. Ferguson, Roanoke, Biology; Amelia R. Wallace-Zocher, Chesapeake, Undecided. 

WISCONSIN: Andrew F. Smith, South Milwaukee, Computer Science. 

WEST VIRGINIA: Erin Breen, Martinsburg, Psychology. 

INTERNATIONAL: Jack D. Bishop, Kent, United Kingdom, Economics;  Yasmin M. Bunter, Fleet, United Kingdom, Psychology;  Joanne Farrelly, County Louth, Ireland, General Business Administration;  Jitka Gavdunova, Vejprty, Czech Republic, Marketing; Anne-Lise P. Geffroy, Granville, France, English-Liberal Arts;  Ivan Juric, Toronto, Canada, History;  Mariel L. Kaney, Edinburg, United Kingdom, Mass Communication;  Kristina R. Marra, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, English-Liberal Arts;  Megan T. Ogiltree, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Mass Communication/Public Relations;  Stefan A. Ruprecht, Harare, Zimbabwe, General Business Administration;  Kenneth Svanum, Skoppum, Norway, Business Economics. 

SOUTH CAROLINA (by county):

Abbeville: Braden N. Moore, Abbeville, Biology/Pre-Nursing. 

Aiken: Bianca S. Glover, Salley, Early Childhood Education. 

Beaufort: Leah N. Anderson, Seabrook, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; Jasmine J. Green, Beaufort, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Shawn W. Sullivan, Port Royal, Undecided; Michael D. Threet, Beaufort, Computer Science. 

Berkeley: Niasha L. Blake, Goose Creek, Management; Alexzandrea N. Brown, Huger, Nursing; Erin R. Burns, Wando, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Ebony A. Butler, St. Stephen, Elementary Education; Diamon N. Curtain, Moncks Corner, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Haley R. Hamer, Moncks Corner, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Sylvia S. Jackson, Goose Creek, Mass Communication/Public Relations; Ashley C. Major, Ladson, Management; Sophia L. Sweatman, Cross, Political Science; Brandy E. Wall, Ladson, Psychology. 

Calhoun: Margaret E. Haigler, Cameron, Biology/Med Tech Option; Le'Andra S. Keller, St. Matthews, Mass Communication/Convergence; Brittany D. Riley, St. Matthews, Finance. 

Charleston: Sara E. Bean, Charleston, Nursing; Keita R. Eaddie, Awendaw, Finance; David Fickens, North Charleston, Management; Kala M. Green, North Charleston, Finance; Drayton M. Hammes, Charleston, English-Liberal Arts; Patricia E. Helzer, North Charleston, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Deanna L. Hunt, Hollywood, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Asia Isadore, North Charleston, Biology; Anna C. Johnston, Charleston, Biology; Alexandra K. McCarthy, Mt. Pleasant, Political Science; Brittany J. McClellan, North Charleston, Early Childhood Education; Angelica T. McCoy, Charleston, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Preston R. Myers, McClellanville, Marketing; Brittany N. Robinson, Charleston, Psychology; Cornetta L. Sams, Wadmalaw Island, Elementary Education; Kiana R. Simmons, Charleston, Sociology/General Track; Timothy B. Singleton, North Charleston, Accounting; Justin N. Walton, Charleston, Computer Science; Sha'Lana N. Ward, Charleston, Mass Communication/Broadcast. 

Cherokee: Cierra S. Hoque, Blacksburg, Mass Communication/Convergence; Nakeshia A. Kirby, Gaffney, Biology/Pre-Nursing. 

Chester: Alexi M. Aguiar, Chester, Modern Language/Spanish. 

Chesterfield: Bredae S. Baker, Pageland, Mathematics; Jordan L. Bryant, Chesterfield, Nursing; Weston B. Cranford, Cheraw, Mathematics; Lindsey J. Davis, Jefferson, Elementary Education; Laura A. Figueroa, Cheraw, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Tiffany L. Gould, Cheraw, Sociology/General Track; Hannah L. Gulledge, Chesterfield, Nursing; Kerri N. Jackson, Chesterfield, Biology; Heather C. Johnson, Pageland, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Kayla N. Miles, Jefferson, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Stephanie A. Moore, Cheraw, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Eric C. Nesbitt, Chesterfield, Biology; William E. Overcash, Cheraw, Psychology; Anna P. Paul, Patrick, Psychology; Jeremy C. Rivers, Chesterfield, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Jessica N. Rivers, Chesterfield, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jennifer L. Smith, Cheraw, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Sarah E. Thurman, Ruby, Nursing. 

Clarendon: Anna E. Bleasdale, Alcolu, Nursing; Brittany N. Doughty, Manning, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; Vanessa K. Epps, Manning, Management; Roxanne Y. Floyd, Manning, Biology; Chelsie E. Johndrow, Summerton, Early Childhood Education; Wendell B. Jones Jr., Manning, Biology; Staci L. Neel, New Zion, Management; James B. Phillips, Summerton, Biology; Jonathon N. Ross, Manning, General Business Administration; William D. Thigpen, Turbeville, Computer Science; Meghan J. Wallace, New Zion, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jourdan A. Winans, Manning, Biology. 

Colleton: Jonathan D. Gordon, Walterboro, Biology; Rachel L. Hanson, Cottageville, Biology. 

Darlington: David R. Campbell, Darlington, Business Economics; Andrea M. Dickey, Hartsville, Mass Communication/Public Relations; Rachel S. Foxe, Darlington, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Rachel D. Frazier, Darlington, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Ashley A. Godfrey, Hartsville, Biology; Julian M. Gray, Lamar, Management; David J. Griggs, Hartsville, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Nicole M. Groves, Hartsville, Elementary Education; Sarah A. Hodge, Hartsville, Physics/Health Physics; Brianna J. Huffer, Hartsville, Early Childhood Education; Kelly A. Hutchinson, Hartsville, Sociology/General Track; Stuart T. Johnson, Hartsville, Electronic Engineering Technology; Alanna K. Jones, Hartsville, Computer Science; Sumner E. Kirven, Darlington, Psychology; Justin M. McGee, Darlington, English-Liberal Arts; Christopher R. McKagen, Lamar, Mass Communication/Convergence; Ashley C. Morrison, Hartsville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Katie L. Ogilvie, Hartsville, Early Childhood Education; Crystal D. Patrick, Darlington, Accounting; Aisha L. Pendergrass, Hartsville, Middle Level Education Mathematics and Science; Agnes E. Polk, Lamar, Nursing; Jonathan M. Rainey, Hartsville, English-Liberal Arts; Jeffery A. Robinson, Darlington, Mass Communication; Corey A. Scarlett, Darlington, Management Information Systems; Blair C. Sherrill, Hartsville, Management; Pascha E. Simonsen, Darlington, Nursing; Sarah M. Sinclair, Darlington, Marketing; Brittany D. Smith, Hartsville, Mass Communication; Hunter S. Thomas, Darlington, Mass Communication; Chappel T. Timmons, Darlington, Nursing; Alexanderia C. Valentin, Darlington, Nursing; Jennifer L. Vann, Hartsville, Early Childhood Education; Tina M. Watrous, Darlington, Elementary Education; Ora S. Williamson, Darlington, Elementary Education; Michelle E. Yarbrough, Lamar, Marketing. 

Dillon: Pamela M. Braswell, Latta, Elementary Education; Cierra M. Buckman, Hamer, English-Liberal Arts; Cheryl L. Cottingham, Dillon, Early Childhood Education; Kerry L. Cox, Latta, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Allie N. Elvington, Lake View, Psychology; India R. Fludd, Dillon, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; Justin T. Ford, Dillon, Chemistry; Arra B. Fore, Latta, Psychology; Janet L. Gardner, Hamer, Elementary Education; Jennifer E. Goings, Dillon, Undecided; Arthur F. Hasty, Lake View, Nursing; Susan E. Hooker, Latta, Early Childhood Education; Kathlyn A. Jackson, Dillon, Elementary Education; Leslie C. Lane, Latta, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Ezria J. Lighty, Hamer, Early Childhood Education; Caitlin G. McCallum, Dillon, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Alanna L. McLellan, Dillon, Psychology; Amber S. Moody, Dillon, Chemistry; Dianna N. Moody, Dillon, Undecided; Trey G. Poston, Latta, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Danielle L. Price, Latta, Psychology; Kevin Reaves, Latta, Management; Taylor M. Sanderson, Lake View, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Kristin E. Sims, Lake View, Biology; Latiffa J. Smith, Hamer, Undecided

Dorchester: Andrew S. Brooks, Summerville, Psychology; Elizabeth A. Cook, North Charleston, General Business Administration; Autumn R. Porter, Summerville, Psychology; Melissa E. Rhodes, Summerville, Early Childhood Education; Aubry A. Stegall, Ridgeville, Political Science. 

Florence: Breeze Allen, Scranton, Accounting; Courtney N. Allen, Florence, Sociology/General Track; William S. Allen, Florence, Sociology/General Track; Susan F. Altman, Florence, History; James E. Anderson, Timmonsville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Karen C. Artis, Florence, RN-BSN; Amanda N. Asher, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Jane B. Austin, Florence, Marketing; William C. Baehr, Florence, Physics/Health Physics; Margaret R. Baggett, Florence, General Business Administration; Mary-Michael S. Bailey, Florence, Sociology/General Track; Katherine B. Barnette, Timmonsville, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Cody D. Beard, Olanta, Biology; Nabria T. Beck, Florence, General Business Administration; Maggie Ca Bellflowers, Pamplico, Early Childhood Education; Scott B. Bertram, Florence, Nursing; Kerrie A. Bethel, Florence, Psychology; Andrew D. Blankenship, Timmonsville, Psychology; Amanda M. Booker, Florence, Nursing; Dawnna M. Bowens, Effingham, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Andrea B. Boyce, Florence, Theatre Arts; Kaesi N. Boyce, Florence, General Business Administration; Hillary E. Boyd, Florence, Psychology; Samantha I. Bragman, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jessica M. Britton, Florence, Modern Language/French; John W. Brown Jr., Florence, History; Joseph B. Brown, Effingham, General Business Administration; Julia L. Bruce, Effingham, Management; Kayla N. Bush, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Brittany A. Bynum, Florence, Mass Communication/Convergence; William C. Bynum Jr., Florence, Elementary Education; Jamie P. Byrd, Pamplico, Elementary Education; Lauren A. Byrd, Florence, Accounting; Kody B. Cannon, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Christopher H. Carter, Florence, Biology; Heather N. Carter, Johnsonville, English; Caress E. Cauthen, Timmonsville, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; Allison M. Chandler, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Caren E. Chinich, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Jason S. Christmas, Florence, Accounting; Jordan S. Cockfield, Florence, Biology; Brandon J. Coker, Lake City, Computer Science; Hagen E. Collins, Timmonsville, Undecided; Joseph S. Conner, Florence, Physics/Health Physics; Benjamin T. Cooper, Pamplico, Mathematics; Jasmine S. Covington, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Ronald K. Cox, Florence, Mass Communication/Broadcast; Lance C. Crouch, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Howard S. Crowley, Florence, RN-BSN; Justin M. Cummings, Florence, Management Information Systems; Gregory C. Dailey, Florence, History; Casey E. Davis, Florence, Biology; Annie M. Day, Florence, Psychology; Jordyn C. Dean, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Kevin A. Deaver, Florence, Middle Level Education Social Studies and English; Heather C. Deitch, Florence, Biology; Tyler R. Donaldson, Florence, Management Information Systems; Brandi N. Driggers, Lake City, Undecided; Courtney A. Driggers, Lake City, Accounting; Jessie S. Duffee, Florence, Biology; Stephen A. Dungee, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Christopher M. Elmquist, Florence, Music Industry; James A. Elvis, Johnsonville, RN-BSN; Colin G. Enzor, Florence, Biology; Charlie I. Ervin, Florence, Biology; Kirby K. Ethridge, Lake City, Biology; Catrice A. Ezekiel, Effingham, Management; Kayla A. Fettro, Pamplico, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Allison B. Finklea, Pamplico, Nursing; Melissa A. Finklea, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Mary E. Fite, Lake City, Biology; Andrea' N. Fleming, Florence, Mass Communication/Broadcast; Lee A. Floyd, Lake City, Biology; Crystal Y. Fulgencio, Effingham, Biology; Allizada Fullard, Timmonsville, Computer Science; Charity B. Gainey, Pamplico, Biology; Cynthia J. Gainey, Florence, RN-BSN; Hubert J. Garrett, Florence, English-Professional Writing; Rachel E. Geddings, Florence, Nursing; Julialyn M. Gerrald, Florence, Mathematics; Kyle A. Gilley, Effingham, Physics/Health Physics; Jasmine B. Gordon, Florence, Business Economics; Eleni J. Gotter, Florence, Art Education; Trayton K. Graham, Lake City, Mass Communication/Broadcast; Melody B. Grainger, Effingham, Biology; Ava L. Green, Timmonsville, Accounting; Anthony J. Gregg, Florence, English; Brittany A. Gulledge, Effingham, Accounting; Ashley C. Hall, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jason M. Hammond, Lake City, Elementary Education; Emily M. Handley, Florence, Biology/Pre-Veterinary; James C. Hargett, Florence, Management; Deanna C. Harley, Florence, Nursing; Kelsi L. Harper, Florence, Psychology; Emily J. Harris, Effingham, Early Childhood Education; Liza C. Harris, Florence, Psychology; Leah E. Haselden, Johnsonville, English-Liberal Arts; Mason T. Haynes, Effingham, Mass Communication; James R. Hill, Timmonsville, Nursing; Elyse N. Horne, Florence, Elementary Education; Ashley A. Hubbard, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Nicole V. Hudson, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Kerri M. Huffman, Effingham, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Caitlin A. Hyman, Darlington, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Benjamin M. Johnson, Quinby, English-Liberal Arts; Brittany E. Johnson, Florence, Elementary Education; Mikel A. Johnson, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Shante' L. Johnson, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Ashley M. Jones, Johnsonville, Early Childhood Education; David E. Jones, Johnsonville, Accounting; Kisha B. Jones, Florence, Art Education; Wanda L. Jones, Effingham, RN-BSN; Mason D. King, Florence, Political Science; Tyler J. King, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; William M. Kirkland, Florence, Biology/Second Degree; Glenn L. Kirven, Effingham, Chemistry; Mary K. Kirven, Florence, Nursing; Robin K. Kirven, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Ting-Yu Lai, Florence, Biology/Pre-Dental; Leslie E. Lancaster, Florence, Mass Communication; Sierra S. Lawhon, Effingham, Psychology; Abby Y. Lee, Timmonsville, Early Childhood Education; Janie H. Lee, Florence, Biology; Laura A. Lee, Florence, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; Rachael H. Lewis, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Mercedes S. Little, Pamplico, Management; William A. Little, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Madisyn E. Lutcken, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Shaquan N. Lyde, Florence, Biology; Jamison C. Mady, Florence, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; David L. Mahn Jr., Florence, Management; Patrick C. Marschel, Florence, Finance; Nicolas A. Martin, Johnsonville, Nursing; Michelle L. Matteson, Florence, Political Science; Dorothy R. Matthews, Florence, Modern Language/Spanish; Cameron L. McBride, Florence, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; Michael S. McCracken, Florence, Chemistry; Chassity J. McFadden, Olanta, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Chelsea A. McFadden, Florence, Middle Level Education Mathematics and Social Studies; Danika S. McGill, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Shayna R. McGuire, Scranton, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Charles P. McKenzie, Effingham, Chemistry; Christine A. McKenzie, Scranton, Early Childhood Education; Andrew L. McKone, Lake City, Nursing; Kenyatta L. McWhite, Pamplico, Management; Tiffany E. McWhite, Quinby, Psychology; Daniel C. Miller, Coward, Management Information Systems; Bailey C. Mills, Florence, Mass Communication; Christos J. Mitropoulos, Florence, Undecided; Demetrius A. Moore, Florence, Management; Thomas F. Moye, Florence, Accounting; Kristen N. Mozingo, Florence, Biology; Phillip A. Mozingo, Florence, General Business Administration; William T. Myers, Scranton, Biology; Bridget N. Nance, Florence, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; LaTonya D. Nesbitt, Lake City, Psychology; Charles J. Nettles, Scranton, Physics/Computational Physics Option; James H. Owens, Florence, Modern Language/Spanish; Samantha M. Owens, Florence, Nursing; Kristen M. Pace, Florence, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Tyler E. Pate, Coward, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Krupa R. Patel, Effingham, Chemistry; Ashley M. Peguese, Florence, Psychology; Kenyun W. Peterson, Florence, Psychology; Christopher D. Phillips, Florence, Accounting; Dustin D. Phillips, Effingham, RN-BSN; Thomas S. Phillips, Lake City, Political Science; Jonathan S. Phipps, Florence, Finance; Roger L. Polsky, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Woody A. Powell, Pamplico, Undecided; Miranda S. Pringle, Lake City, Early Childhood Education; Monica M. Quarles, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Sara E. Reaves, Florence, Chemistry; Madeline G. Reed, Effingham, Chemistry; Johnny I. Rishmawi, Lake City, Political Science; Alexandria D. Rivers, Coward, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Hannah F. Rivers, Florence, Psychology; Brooke E. Rogers, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Jessica M. Russell, Florence, Nursing; Ashley R. Ruth, Florence, Biology/Pre-Medical; Kiswana Salters, Florence, Psychology; Deloris M. Samuel, Florence, Psychology; David M. Sanderson, Florence, Psychology; Blake A. Sansbury, Effingham, Undecided; Barrie L. Sawyer, Florence, Biology; Mary E. Schilling, Johnsonville, Elementary Education; Gordon E. Scott, Effingham, Biology/Pre-Medical; Jonathan L. Seal, Florence, History; Ryan S. Sealey, Effingham, Management Information Systems; Jennifer E. Shaffer, Florence, Biology; Christina B. Shelton, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Jessica S. Shoppell, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Brittany N. Singletary, Coward, Biology; Austin M. Smetana, Florence, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Lekita L. Smith, Florence, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; Stephen H. Smith, Florence, Psychology; Christopher H. Snipes, Florence, Mathematics; Monica B. Sokol, Lake City, Biology; Amanda N. Spates, Lake City, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Mary C. Springs, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Charlotte E. Stephens, Florence, Psychology; Daniel K. Stone, Florence, Physics/Health Physics; Keenan M. Stone, Florence, Physics; Amanda M. Strickland, Florence, Biology; Ranesha L. Stuckey, Johnsonville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Abby E. Sullivan, Pamplico, Mathematics; Carson L. Summersett, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Cory J. Swearingen, Florence, Marketing; Amanda G. Taylor, Florence, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Amber S. Taylor, Effingham, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Megan G. Thomas, Florence, Elementary Education; Merritt M. Thomas, Florence, Finance; Shelisse D. Thomas, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Benjamin L. Timmons, Johnsonville, Biology; Rakeyta M. Timmons, Florence, Psychology; Alexander R. Turner, Florence, History; Diamond K. Turner, Florence, Psychology; Australia D. Van Dyke, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Tricia K. Varner, Florence, Elementary Education; Angelica M. Vaughn, Florence, Economics; Robert B. Veasey, Florence, Nursing; Shakia R. Vivians, Florence, Biology; Thomas S. Walker, Florence, Biology; Christina M. Wallace, Florence, Undecided; Emily N. Wallace, Florence, Elementary Education; George J. Wallace, Timmonsville, History; Debra A. Walters, Florence, History; Jordan W. Ward, Johnsonville, History; Tanna A. Warrin, Florence, Nursing/Second Degree; Britney R. Weaver, Lake City, English-Liberal Arts; Meredith A. Welch, Johnsonville, Nursing; Rebekah L. Wells, Florence, Psychology; Zackary R. Wheeler, Florence, Computer Science; Paula K. Whisenhunt, Florence, Nursing; Kellie S. White, Pamplico, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Vivian T. Whitlock, Lake City, Biology; Jordan B. Wicker, Florence, Biology/Pre-Medical; Casey M. Wilkes, Scranton, Psychology; Christine A. Williams, Florence, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Lindsay L. Williamson, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Adam Wilson, Florence, History; Anna L. Wilson, Lake City, Biology; Mary F. Windham, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Lisa M. Worthy, Florence, General Business Administration; Dana V. Wright, Florence, Biology; Davia P. Wright, Florence, Psychology; Stephen A. Yokim, Florence, Accounting; Catherine M. Young, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Natalie J. Young, Scranton, Nursing. 

Georgetown: Catherine E. Baker, Georgetown, Undecided; Brendanique N. Brown, Murrells Inlet, Early Childhood Education; Andrea H. Collins, Georgetown, RN-BSN; Quintella E. Deas, Georgetown, Early Childhood Education; Rachel A. Hemingway, Georgetown, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Nia I. McCray, Pawleys Island, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; Angel N. Parson, Andrews, Management; Clinton D. Prevatte, Georgetown, Psychology; Caroline H. Scott, Georgetown, Biology/Pre-Nursing. 

Greenville: Robert B. Brissey Jr., Greer, English-Liberal Arts. 

Greenwood: Travis D. Gantt, Greenwood, Management. 

Horry: Erica L. Ayersman, Myrtle Beach, Nursing/Second Degree; Jessica D. Baxley, Myrtle Beach, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; Christy D. Bodine, Myrtle Beach, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Mary E. Carter, Conway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Katelin M. Cornwell, Myrtle Beach, Theatre Arts/Performance Speciality; Katie J. Deangelo, North Myrtle Beach, Nursing/Second Degree; Brantley A. Farmer, Myrtle Beach, Biology; Karin L. Gore, Longs, English; Aubree L. Jeffords, Conway, Nursing; Reginald W. Jones, North Myrtle Beach, Political Science; Candace B. Knox, Myrtle Beach, Political Science; Rebecca L. Koenig, Myrtle Beach, Nursing/Second Degree; Lauren K. Kuperus, Conway, Nursing/Second Degree; Summer J. Laidlaw, Galivants Ferry, Biology/Pre-Nursing; David E. Lovett, Green Sea, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Milva C. Masur, Myrtle Beach, Nursing; Julia C. Nwanegwo, Conway, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Shamiel K. Riley, Conway, Nursing/Second Degree; Darren R. Sealey, Myrtle Beach, Biology; Abbie M. Shelley, Little River, Nursing/Second Degree; Matthew L. Snelling, Conway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Tanisha D. Thompson, North Myrtle Beach, Visual Arts/Painting Specialty; Whitney J. Vick, Conway, Early Childhood Education. 

Kershaw: Jennifer L. Brasington, Lugoff, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Andrew J. Cemprola, Lugoff, Computer Science; Delia J. Davis, Camden, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Tangela Y. Holloman, Camden, Biology; Christopher M. Honeycutt, Lugoff, Finance; Caroline O. Jowers, Camden, Elementary Education; William R. McLaughlin, Bethune, Music Industry; Tierra L. Richardson, Lugoff, Sociology/General Track; Stelishia A. Truesdale, Cassatt, Political Science; Johnathan C. Williams, Lugoff, Marketing. 

Lancaster: Brandon P. Clem, Kershaw, Physics/Health Physics; Angela P. Duren, Lancaster, Early Childhood Education; Tristan A. Faile, Lancaster, Biology; Shonda M. Massey, Lancaster, Biology. 

Laurens: Cheryl L. Jackson, Laurens, Psychology; Rashunda L. Madden, Laurens, Psychology; Brittaney N. Massey, Fountain Inn, Biology/Pre-Nursing. 

Lee: Courtney T. Albert, Bishopville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Justin R. Baird, Bishopville, Computer Science; Jessica A. Coleman, Lynchburg, English-Professional Writing; Jenny L. McFaddin, Lynchburg, Nursing; Angela L. Montgomery, Bishopville, Sociology/General Track; Willis J. Woodham, Bishopville, English-Liberal Arts. 

Lexington: Marion H. Baker, Chapin, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Valeea T. James, Lexington, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Marquitta I. Johnson, Lexington, English-Liberal Arts; Adrianna T. Lovato, Gaston, Art Education; Kristy O. McCaskill, Pelion, Psychology; Kesler E. Monts, Irmo, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Amber M. Sherritt, Lexington, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Samantha R. Smith, Lexington, Psychology; Cristina N. Stinton, Gaston, Biology/McLeod Medical Technician; T'sheira L. West, Batesburg, Nursing. 

Marion: Laresha M. Baccous, Marion, Psychology; Stephanie C. Berry, Sellers, Biology; Robert R. Campbell, Marion, Accounting; Shacara T. Davis, Mullins, Finance; Charles N. Driggers, Mullins, Biology; Jason O. Hewett, Mullins, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Tarah K. Hooks, Marion, Nursing/Second Degree; Kendal L. Hughes, Mullins, English; YanLing Liang, Marion, Accounting; Jenifer L. Miller, Marion, Nursing; Sara N. Morel, Mullins, English-Liberal Arts; Le B. Nguyen, Marion, Biology; Laurie C. Roche-Cecala, Marion, Visual Arts/Painting Specialty; Megan D. Sheffield, Nichols, Political Science; Brittany N. Shelley, Mullins, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Kristen L. Stokes, Marion, Nursing; Shante M. Todd, Mullins, Psychology; Krystal A. Walton, Mullins, Psychology; Latoya T. Williams, Mullins, Biology; Misty J. Williams, Marion, Psychology; Nicole S. Woodberry, Greshem, Early Childhood Education. 

Marlboro: Kathryn C. Branch, Bennettsville, Early Childhood Education; Amanda N. Britt, Clio, Elementary Education; Armand O. Broady, Clio, Mass Communication; Caitlyn A. Bullard, Bennettsville, General Business; Benjamin C. Carabo, Blenheim, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Michael J. Fortune, Wallace, Elementary Education; Marsh A. Julian, Bennettsville, Political Science; Ebonye T. Palmer, Bennettsville, Elementary Education; Sarah K. Rowe, Bennettsville, Art Education; Gilberto Sanchez, Wallace, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Kristy L. Taylor, Bennettsville, Psychology; Ada M. Thomas, Bennettsville, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; LeAnna E. Wadlow, Wallace, History; Ryan G. Widejko, Bennettsville, Chemistry. 

Newberry: Michael P. Bower Jr., Newberry, Biology; Courtney A. Wilson, Newberry, General Business Administration. 

Oconee: Ashley E. Hall, Seneca, History. 

Orangeburg: Ashley N. Randolph, Eutawville, Mass Communication/Convergence. 

Pickens: Stacie J. Johnson, Easley, Psychology; David L. Wallis, Easley, Music Industry; Rebecca Z. Young, Easley, Middle Level Education Mathematics and Science. 

Richland: Adeniyi A. Adelere, Blythewood, Accounting; Ciara L. Cornelius, Columbia, Biology; Charlene L. Delaughter, Columbia, Political Science; Kristen A. Dickerson, Columbia, Management; Rafael A. Douglas, Columbia, Computer Science; Mica A. Ellis, Columbia, Mass Communication/Public Relations; Tiara D. Felder, Irmo, Biology; Larissa M. Hill, Columbia, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Danii M. Jefferson, Irmo, Physics/Health Physics; Marissa C. Manning, Columbia, Mass Communication/Convergence; Johntriece T. Myers, Columbia, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jayde B. Nelson, Irmo, Biology; Kamille M. Parker, Columbia, Early Childhood Education; Kendra S. Raven, Columbia, Sociology/General Track; Arielle J. Robinson, Columbia, Visual Arts/Painting Specialty; Arvay M. Ross, Blythewood, Psychology; Erica S. Sanders, Columbia, Accounting; Rebecca M. Wiesehahn, Columbia, Biology; Shayla O. Williams, Columbia, Elementary Education. 

Spartanburg: John L. Floyd, Spartanburg, Marketing; Alison K. Monahan, Moore, Physics/Computational Physics Option. 

Sumter: Kiyana S. Belser, Pinewood, Psychology; Tyrrell T. Bennett, Rembert, Marketing; Porsche' L. Bolden, Dalzell, Nursing; Patrick F. Brock, Sumter, Middle Level Education Mathematics and Science; Rebecca A. Brown, Sumter, Nursing; Lavon Davis, Sumter, English-Liberal Arts; Amber B. Ferguson, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing; David M. Haynes, Sumter, Biology; Tiarra M. Hodges, Sumter, Sociology/General Track; Patrick K. Kelly, Sumter, Chemistry; Byron T. McCants, Sumter, Political Science/Criminal Justice Option; Rachel L. Miller, Dalzell, Psychology; Melanie L. Mitchell, Sumter, Mass Communication/Convergence; Nicole D. Ouellette, Sumter, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; Nancy L. Reading, Sumter, Early Childhood Education; Jeanelro A. Releford, Rembert, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Quantia R. Richardson, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Lauren E. Roberson, Sumter, Marketing; Jasmine T. Smith, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Sineada Smith, Sumter, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jonathan J. White, Sumter, Computer Science. 

Williamsburg: Hope C. Baker, Cades, Early Childhood Education; London I. Barnhill, Hemingway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Davetta V. Battle, Kingstree, Chemistry; Renate Browder, Cades, RN-BSN; Dei'Nyejah C. Brown, Kingstree, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Anna C. Chinnes, Hemingway, Psychology; Lauren R. Coleman, Hemingway, Elementary Education; Heather L. Cox, Kingstree, Early Childhood Education; Brandi M. Hodge, Greeleyville, English; Kassie E. Hughes, Hemingway, Mass Communication/Public Relations; Quinnisha R. Jones, Kingstree, Early Childhood Education; Deondra L. Ladson, Hemingway, Sociology/General Track; John T. Lewis, Hemingway, Biology; Sidney T. Marlowe, Hemingway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Danielle C. McCrea, Kingstree, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Ebone B. Pressley, Kingstree, Psychology; Adriane N. Price, Kingstree, Nursing/Second Degree; Cory N. Roberts, Hemingway, General Business Administration; Kendall F. Scott, Kingstree, Elementary Education; Kristen D. Shaw, Kingstree, Mathematics; Lakeidra S. White, Kingstree, Elementary Education; Jasmine L. Williams, Kingstree, Middle Level Education Mathematics and English. 

York: Jordan A. Allen, York, Elementary Education; Ashley T. Beaumont, Fort Mill, Early Childhood Education; Daniel M. Hall, Clover, Accounting; Jessica E. Horne, Rock Hill, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Jessica A. Hunter, Rock Hill, Marketing; Christina D. Jackson, Rock Hill, English-Liberal Arts; Courtney L. Miller, Rock Hill, Chemistry; Zachary T. Nicholas, Fort Mill, Modern Language/French. 


Last Published: February 11, 2011 11:51 AM
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