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Center of Excellence Wins National Award

The Francis Marion University Center of Excellence to Prepare Teachers of Children of Poverty won a 2012 Partnership Organization Award from the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) at Johns Hopkins University. The COE was recognized for its work that led to the establishment of the Add-On Certification for teachers of children of poverty.
In addition, the COE, a member of NNPS, provided detailed descriptions of specific strategies that it conducts to help districts and schools improve their plans and programs of family and community involvement to support school improvement goals. Essential elements include teamwork, leadership, goal-linked plans for action, implementation, facilitation, evaluation, and network connections, which resulted in two local schools earning national recognition as well.
The center assists districts and schools in various ways. Those include training teachers in the conduct and use of research to increase their ability to make data-based decisions, linking research directly with professional development, and helping teachers understand parents who live in poverty and the community resources that are available to them.
The COE will continue to advocate policies to strengthen the programs and personnel in our districts and schools, said Tammy Pawloski, director of the COE.
“It is no surprise that the center earned this honor that recognizes our activities which are designed to support local districts in their efforts to build and sustain family and community partnerships and promote the success of teachers of children of poverty,” said Pawloski. “Under the leadership of Markey Bee, associate director, this segment of center services continues to grow.”
This is the fifth year the center has earned this recognition, and according to Pawloski, it is due in large part to the work of Bee.
“We are so honored to receive this award,” said Bee. “Our focus has always been on the development of effective, goal-oriented partnership practices leading to excellence in the teaching of children of poverty. This award confirms our commitment to the needs of this community.”
For information about FMU’s COE, contact Bee at 843-669-1826. For information on NNPS, visit the National Network of Partnership Schools website.


Last Published: January 11, 2013 11:19 AM
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