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FMU Faculty Senate elected

FLORENCE – The Francis Marion University faculty has elected members of the Faculty Senate for the current academic year.

At the FMU senate meeting Sept. 14, the group elected officers.  For the 1999-2000 year, they are Mike Jordan, Ph.D., professor of psychology, chairman; Seth Smith, Ph.D., professor of physics, vice-chairman; and Carolyn Stokes, D.B.A., professor of accounting, secretary.

Faculty in the three academic schools of the university elect members of the faculty senate.  FMU faculty serving in the Senate from the biology department are Lynn Crowshaw, Ph.D., professor of biology, (1998-2000) and Gerald Long, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology (1999-2002); from the chemistry and physics department, Pete Peterson, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, (1998-2000) and Smith, (1999-2002).

From the English, modern languages and philosophy department, are Stan Bergstrom, Ph.D., professor of Spanish, (1998-2000), Ron Hall, Ph.D., professor of philosophy (1998-2000), and Eddie Harding, Ph.D., associate professor of German (1998-2000).

Serving in the faculty senate from the fine arts and mass communication department are Ashlee Basinger, M.F.A., assistant professor of art education, (1998-2001), Ed Freeman, M.A., associate professor of mass communication, (1998-2000) and Doug Gray, M.F.A., assistant professor of art-ceramics, (1998-2001).

From the mathematics department, are Roger Allen, Ph.D., professor of mathematics, (1999-2002) and James Ramey, Ph.D., professor of mathematics, (1999-2002).  Serving from the education department are Marjorie Pace, Ph.D., chairman of the education department and professor of education, (1998-2001) and Bill Whitmire, Ph.D., assistant professor of education/mathematics, (1998-2000).

From the university’s political science, history and geography department, are James Renneker, Ph.D., professor of political science, (1998-2001) and Kevin Lasher, Ph.D., associate professor of political science, (1999-2002); from the psychology and sociology department, Richard Brunk, Ph.D., professor of sociology, (1999-2002), Jordan (1998-2001), Laurie Sullivan Hunt, Ph.D., assistant professor of Psychology, (1999-2002), and Leslie Young-Barnes, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology, (1998-2000).

Elected to serve in the faculty senate from the computer information systems management program is Mark McMurtrey, Ph.D., assistant professor of information systems, (1999-2002); from the management program are Don Kelley, Ph.D., professor of business administration, (1999-2002) and Robert Pugh, Ph.D., associate professor of business administration, (1999-2002); from the accounting program, Stokes (1999-2002); and from the economics program, Ben Kyer, Ph.D., professor of economics, (1999-2002).

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Last Published: June 18, 2004 6:56 AM
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