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Roche Donates Chemistry instrument to FMU program

FLORENCE –Roche Carolina International recently donated an HPLC instrument to the FMU Department of Chemistry & Physics. The HPLC is a High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, an instrument used especially to separate chemicals when determining the purity of chemicals.

These are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. The donated machine is a fairly recent model that lacks record-keeping abilities useful to satisfy FDA requirements.

Since many FMU students may pursue jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, the instrument will enhance training of students in current pharmaceutical techniques.

Also, FMU chemistry faculty members Allen Clabo Jr., Travis Ragsdale, and five students made a trips to Charlotte in April to hear talks presented by Dr. Roald Hoffmann, the 1981 Nobel prize winner in chemistry. 

Faculty members Fred Clayton and Travis Ragsdale traveled to Clemson University for a workshop in May to study Cooperative Chemistry Laboratories. These types of laboratories are more group and project-oriented than traditional laboratories.

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Last Published: June 24, 2004 4:40 AM
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