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Trustees Approve $34.4 Million Budget for FMU

FLORENCE---The Francis Marion University Board of Trustees adopted a $34.4 million operating budget for the 2000-2001 fiscal year during its quarterly board meeting Friday (July 21).

 This is an increase of about one half million dollars over the previous year’s budget, an increase of less than two percent.

 About $12.5 million is projected toward instruction, $3.3 million for academic support, $2.9 million for student services, $4.8 million for institution support, $3.9 million to operate the physical plant, and about $800,000 in scholarships and fellowships.  The rest of the budget goes toward unrestricted and restricted expenses.

 The trustees also voted to name the campus planetarium in honor of James E. Dooley, a longtime faculty member who taught astronomy and operated the planetarium.

 The trustees adopted an administrative organization plan presented by President Fred Carter.  The major change would split some of the responsibilities of the business affairs division with some functions being placed in a new administration division.

 In selection of officers for the 2000-2001 year, Robert E. Lee of Florence and Gail Ness Richardson of Barnwell were re-elected chairman and vice-chair respectively, while Teresa C. Anderson of Florence replaced Rainey Knight of Harttsville as secretary.  Knight declined to run for re-election.

 In other action, the board approved a second $1,000 staff employee award and made some revisions in its bylaws to address meeting dates, move the election of officers to the spring meeting and to disallow proxy voting.

 Board meetings for the coming year were scheduled as follows:  Oct. 19-20, Jan. 25-26, 2001; and April 19-20,2001.


Last Published: June 3, 2004 12:03 PM
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