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FMU offers unique chemistry course

FLORENCE – Francis Marion University is offering a unique chemistry course for non-science majors during the spring 2001 semester.

 “CHEM 150: Chemistry for Everyday Life” will focus on the issues in chemistry that are most relevant to the average person. The course will be taught be Stephanie Flynn, an instructor of chemistry at FMU.

 “I believe this course will be a great opportunity for the student who shivers whenever the word ‘chemistry’ is spoken,” said Flynn.

 Topics the class will cover include environmental, conservation, medicinal and food chemistry. The class will explore questions that seem to have obvious answers, such as, “Which is more harmful to the environment: a paper cup or a Styrofoam cup?”

 “The answer may surprise you,” Flynn said.

 The course has a laboratory component in which students will use primarily household types of chemicals. Students will analyze foods for amounts of iron, salt and sugar, look to see how much vitamin C is really in a vitamin C tablet, and even make aspirin.

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Last Published: May 28, 2004 9:03 AM
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