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FMU first U.S. university to form partnership with eZedia

FLORENCE, S.C. – Francis Marion University’s PT3 Capacity Building grant has formed a research partnership with eZedia Inc., a digital multimedia development group. As a result of this partnership, FMU will be the first post-secondary institution in the United States to work directly with eZedia to explore the potential of this new class of software to enhance learning.

Michael Madden, an associate professor of education at FMU who heads the grant, said eZediaMX software represents a new way to integrate digital media to communicate knowledge, information and ideas with a heavy emphasis on thinking skills and literacy.

 “In an era where we see the convergence of media, print and the Internet, strong skills in reading, writing, speaking and thinking are critical. It is not enough to know how to ‘click’ on something; individuals have to know when and why they will use different technological tools,” Madden said.

The partnership with eZedia will continue through the PT3 Implementation grant that is concluding the first year of a three-year program under the joint leadership of Madden, FMU associate professor of biology Peter King, and FMU assistant professor of education and mathematics Bill Whitmire.

The PT3 grants from the federal Department of Education are part of a nationwide initiative to provide future educators with direct experience of how interactive information and communications technologies can profoundly transform schooling.

eZedia recently became the first company in the world to sign on as a developer for Apple Quick Time 5. Founded in 1994 by Stefan Embleton, eZedia has grown from a full-service interactive digital media development organization to a leader in digital media software technology. The company derives its name from the phrase “easy media,” which underscores its corporate focus on the delivery of easy-to-use and easy-to-learn digital media creation, authoring and development products.

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Last Published: May 6, 2004 10:17 AM
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