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FMU's de Montluzin publishes electronic database

    FLORENCE, S.C. – Emily Lorraine de Montluzin, a professor of history at Francis Marion University, has published an electronic database, Attributions of Authorship in the “Gentleman’s Magazine,” 1731-1868: An Electronic Union List.

    The work is a fully searchable database that provides attributions for 25,585 anonymous contributions in the Gentleman’s Magazine. The electronic book was published by the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia and can be found online at


     From its beginning in 1731 until 1856, when the descendants of its longtime editor John Nichols relinquished ownership, the Gentleman’s Magazine was one of the most influential periodicals in England. Because many of the contributions were anonymous or signed in a way that obscured authorship, numerous attempts have been made to provide reliable attributions.

    The Union List encompasses finds from three separate earlier projects and provides thousands of new attributions of authorship together with an expanded and revised introduction. The largest component (originally published in 1999) is a recasting of materials in James M. Kuist’s The Nichols File of the “Gentleman’s Magazine,” which on its print publication in 1982 made available some 14,000 attributions identified by members of the Nichols family in a staff copy of the periodical.

    Through additional research, de Montluzin added 4,000 more attributions to Kuist’s list, publishing those authorial identifications in an electronic database in 1996. Over the years, many other scholars have made attributions of authorship, and de Montluzin culled some 1,850 of those finds from about five dozen separate publications, publishing them in an electronic database in 1997. The Union List consists of a thorough revision and integration of those three earlier databases and adds more than 5,000 finds to the total. As a result, 25,585 attributions across 137 years of the magazine’s life are now available in a single, searchable database.

     Attributions of Authorship in the “Gentleman’s Magazine,” 1731-1868: An Electronic Union List is searchable by keyword, volume number, page number, date range, title, author, and pseudonym. 

    A native of Bay St. Louis, Miss., de Montluzin earned her bachelor’s degree from Newcomb College of Tulane University and her master’s and doctoral degrees from Duke University.

    De Montluzin has taught in the History Department at Francis Marion University since 1974. She is the author of six earlier books identifying anonymous and pseudonymous contributors to the Anti-Jacobin Review, the Gentleman’s Magazine, and the European Magazine, as well as articles concerning 18th- and 19th-century British press history.

    De Montluzin, along with FMU professor of business administration Fred David, was named an FMU Board of Trustees Research Scholar when that designation was created in 2002.

    “The Research Scholar program allows outstanding scholars such as Dr. de Montluzin even more time to devote to research,” said FMU president Fred Carter. “She is a tremendous asset to our faculty and all of us at FMU are very proud of her academic accomplishments.”

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Last Published: February 13, 2006 10:04 AM
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