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FMU part of grant from the National Institute of Health

Francis Marion University is part of multi-institution group that was recently awarded a $1.4 million research grant titled “Advances in Skeletal Dosimetry through Microimaging.”  The research is in the field of health physics, which is the study and practice of radiation safety.

Derek Jokisch, an assistant professor of physics at FMU, is a co-investigator for the project. The National Cancer Institute, a component of the National Institute of Health, is funding the research.

The work will develop improved methods and data for assessing the amount of damage done by radiation in the skeleton. This research will benefit not only general radiation protection, but will also lead to benefits in the medical uses of radiation therapy.

The work will utilize modern imaging techniques such as MRI and CT to provide detailed bone structure information. This structural data will then be used in a computer program that simulates how radiation moves and deposits energy in tissue. Ultimately the work will produce reference data for males and females that can be scaled to individuals of different ages, sizes, and health.

FMU is working on the project with the University of Florida, the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, and the Johns Hopkins University. The four-year project runs through January 2007.

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Last Published: May 6, 2004 6:00 AM
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