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FMU names students to President's List, Dean's List
    FLORENCE, S.C. – Officials at Francis Marion University have named 283 full-time students and 24 part-time students to the President’s List, and 495 full-time students and 15 part-time students to the Dean’s List for the 2005 spring semester.

    Of those students listed on the President’s List, 147 earned perfect 4.0 grade point averages for the semester, the highest possible ratio a student can receive. 

    Students named to the President’s List must have earned a 3.75 or higher GPA for the semester. Full-time students named to the President’s List must have taken at least 12 semester hours and part-time students named to that list must have completed at least 12 hours at FMU, have declared a major and completed at least six hours during the spring semester.

    Dean’s List students earned a GPA for the semester between 3.25 and 3.749. Full-time students named to the Dean’s List must have taken at least 12 hours and part-time students named to that list must have completed at least 12 hours at FMU, have declared a major and completed at least six hours during the spring semester.

    Grade point averages are based on a 4.0 system.


    A list of students is attached.  South Carolina students are listed by county.


Part-time students on President’s List (* denotes 4.0 GPA)

INTERNATIONAL: *Laura Dehne, Trier, Germany, Psychology.


Dillon: *Willie B. Snipes, Dillon, Management Information Systems.

Florence: Anthony S. Ard, Florence, Management Information Systems; Tabatha R. Bellflowers, Florence, Accounting *Nicholas P. Braddock, Florence, Management; *Rebecca M. Culbertson, Florence, Management; Jessica L. Hill, Florence, General Business Administration; *Derrick Lawrence Hoeben, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; *Todd F. Jeffords, Florence, Bachelor of General Studies/Social and Behavioral Science; Barbara C. Jones, Florence, English-Professional Writing; *Jenifer L. Martin, Florence, Marketing; *Stephanie L. McCullough, Florence, Political Science; *Heather D. McKay, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; *LaFerris L. Peterkin, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Natalie R. Roland, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; *Vajiehah Shami, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; *Cheryl Roberts Tuttle, Florence, Management; Roberto Vero, Florence, Accounting.

Georgetown: Eric J. Ard, Andrews, English-Professional Writing.

Marion: *Joseph A. Harmon, Nichols, Civil Engineering Technology; *Thomas R. Norris, Mullins, Accounting-Second Degree.

Marlboro: Wesley D. Welch, Bennettsville, Management Information Systems.

Orangeburg: *Tony Lee Ackiss, Orangeburg, English-Liberal Arts.

Williamsburg: *Patricia D. McCrea, Kingstree, General Business Administration.


Full-time students on President’s List (* denotes 4.0 GPA)

INTERNATIONAL: Remi F. Binet, Vaudry, France, Undecided; Christophe G. Collange, Du Perron,  France, Undecided; Daniel Coupek, Stuttgart, Germany, Undecided; Luca Forno, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Economics; Ketevan V. Vatiashvili, Gori, Georgia, Mass Communication/Print.

CALIFORNIA: *Amber R. Gaines, Garden Grove, Psychology.

FLORIDA: *Kristian L. Eyler, Hypoluxo, Mass Communication; Jessica A. Johnson, Palm City, Elementary Education.

GEORGIA: *Jessica R. Bartlett, Cumming, Chemistry.

KENTUCKY: Aaron M. Slatten, Versailles, Psychology.

MARYLAND: Keri A. Barton, White Marsh, Psychology; Elizabeth L. Gallacher, Waldorf, Mass Communication/Print; Cyprian R. Gillingham, Hollywood, Management; Jody R. Rhoderick, Middletown, Biology/Environmental Science Option; *Kathryn N. Riley, Hampstead, Biology; *Brittany L. Rothenbach, Bel Air, Mass Communication; *Deborah L. Sampson, Dunkirk, Psychology.

MISSISSIPPI: *Michelle R. Ghere, Long Beach, Mathematics, Physics/Computational Physics Option.

NEW YORK: Megan M. Harwood, Hornell, Marketing; *Morgan M. Harwood, Hornell, Biology.

NORTH CAROLINA: *Jennifer D. Howard, Raleigh, Biology, Chemistry; Gretchen F. Huggins, Sanford, Elementary Education.

OHIO: Codi K. Knoch, Wapakoneta, Undecided; *Kristina A. Plunkett, Fairfield, Mass Communication; *Lindsay E. Reilly, Dublin, Mass Communication; *Jonathan J. Runion, Findlay, Biology.

TENNESSEE: *Mark W. Keller, Delano, Art Education/Applied Certification.


Aiken: Heather G. Brown, Langley, Elementary Education; Brittany V. Toole, Aiken, Biology.

Anderson: *Joseph R. Burger, Anderson, Economics; Jessica N. Rasnake, Pelzer, Biology/Pre-Nursing.

Berkeley: Ashlee D. Driggers, Moncks Corner, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; David A. Wagoner, Ladson, Physics.

Charleston: Daniel S. Husselbee, Charleston, Political Science; Brian M. Pierce, Mount Pleasant, Computer Science.

Chester: *Amy L. Wood, Great Falls, Mass Communication/Public Relations.

Chesterfield: *Kerri E. Arant, Pageland, Elementary Education/Applied; *Everard G. Armstrong, Cheraw, Chemistry; *Misty L. Boswell, Ruby, Early Childhood Education/Applied; *Caleb L. Gulledge, Cheraw, Political Science; Heather L. Hancock, Patrick, Elementary Education/Applied; *Tressa L. Hancock, Patrick, Psychology; Jennifer D. Meadows, Jefferson, Biology; Jennifer D. Quick, Cheraw, Sociology; Travis D. Rivers, Chesterfield, Mathematics.

Clarendon: Tammy N. Feagin, Alcolu, Biology; Timothy P. Oliver, Summerton, Biology/Pre-Nursing.

Colleton: *Brenton M. Coker, Walterboro, Biology; *Christopher M. Hutto, Islandton, Accounting.

Darlington: Amanda Brunson, Hartsville, Early Childhood Education/Applied; *Thomas M. Budde, Hartsville, Management; *Roy T. Bunn, Hartsville, English-Liberal Arts; *Jillian A. Burke, Darlington, Elementary Education; *William J. Byrd, Darlington, Economics; *Robert M. Dawkins, Hartsville, Undecided; *Erin A. Gandy, Darlington, History/Applied Social Studies Teacher Certification; *Tracie L. Hall, Hartsville, Elementary Education/Applied; *Sarah J. Hatampa, Hartsville, Finance; *Lauren D. Hodge, Hartsville, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Dorian A. Hudson, Darlington, Psychology; Anita N. Jackson, Hartsville, Sociology; Preston R. Johnson, Hartsville, Economics; *Jessica A. Kirby, Society Hill, Elementary Education/Applied; Joshua T. McDowell, Darlington, Psychology; Elizabeth P. Moody, Darlington, Mass Communication; Delores D. Perkins, Darlington, Elementary Education/Applied; *Lindsay Watford Privette, Hartsville, English-Professional Writing, Modern Language/Spanish; *Laurie P. Sansbury Jr., Hartsville, Biology; Daniel P. Shanks, Hartsville, Political Science/Second Degree Social Studies Teacher Certification; Jennifer B. Thomas, Darlington, Mass Communication/Public Relations; *Kristine S. Thompson, Hartsville, Elementary Education; Ashley N. Walters, Hartsville, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Natalie A. Wilson, Darlington, Accounting, Marketing; *Morgan B. Windham, Hartsville, Accounting.

Dillon: *Rebecca R. Arnette, Dillon, Early Childhood Education/Second Degree Pending; Corine E. Bakazan, Dillon, Psychology; *Erika Barnes, Lake View, English-Liberal Arts; *Annette C. Chestnut, Little Rock, Psychology; Tiffany D. Gibson, Dillon, Political Science; *Dana L. Goodwin, Dillon, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Brandi Ray Haselden, Latta, Elementary Education/Applied; Kimberly A. Herring, Dillon, Elementary Education/Applied; *Deidra Renee Jones, Latta, Early Childhood Education/Applied, Biology; *Staci N. Miller, Lake View, Elementary Education/Applied; Matthew L. Moody, Latta, Political Science; *Mitesh V. Patel, Dillon, Management Information Systems; Sandra A. Roberts, Latta, Psychology; Jessica R. Smith, Dillon, Accounting, Finance; *Ginger J. Stone, Dillon, English-Applied Teacher Certification; *Stephani S. Taylor, Latta, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Shirley E. Webster, Latta, English-Applied Teacher Certification; Jessica M. Willis, Latta, Early Childhood Education.

Dorchester: Jennifer L. Brown, Ridgeville, Management; Rachel T. McGrew, Summerville, Management.

Florence: *Stephanie M. Adams, Coward, Chemistry; *Katie M. Anderson, Florence, Biology; Aleisha A. Allison, Lake City, Early Childhood Education; *Aisha H. Arroyo, Florence, Undecided; *Brittney M. Ayers, Timmonsville, Accounting; Mayadh Bachour, Florence, Sociology; *Magan A. Bishop, Johnsonville, Elementary Education; Robin M. Bitzky, Florence, Finance; Emily B. Blackwell, Pamplico, English-Professional Writing; Steven B. Blue, Florence, Biology; *Carrie E. Bodie, Florence, Mass Communication; Maria J. Bozzi, Florence, General Business Administration; *Rory S. Brodie, Florence, Nursing; Maurice R. Buxton, Florence, Biology; Kelli N. Campbell, Florence, Mass Communication; Ronald D. Carter Jr., Lake City, Management; *Joshua P. Chandler, Florence, Marketing; *Danielle J. Church, Timmonsville, Early Childhood Education/Applied; *Erin E. Cox, Florence, Chemistry; *Hellen L. Davis, Effingham, Finance; Courtney G. Dease, Scranton, Mathematics, Modern Language/Spanish; Joshua J. Dixon, Florence, Marketing; Dorothy M. Donaghe, Florence, Chemistry; *Lauren E. Dorton, Florence, General Business Administration; Ronald W. Douglas Jr., Florence, Management; Bryan L. Dubose, Johnsonville, Psychology; Thomas L. Duke Jr., Florence, Political Science; Barbara L. Durant, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Tracy L. Fenters, Johnsonville, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Amanda P. Gerrald, Florence, Psychology; Deanna M. Giordano, Florence, Early Childhood Education; *Brian A. Goins, Pamplico, Mathematics/Applied Teacher Certification; John M. Graham, Scranton, History, Political Science; Kerri D. Griffith, Florence, English-Liberal Arts, Modern Language/Spanish; Mary A. Grimes, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Sarah E. Haselden, Johnsonville, Biology; *Loni H. Heaton, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Daniel B. Hendrick, Florence, Dual Engineering; William S. Hicks, Timmonsville, General Business Administration; Glenn C. Hill, Timmonsville, Physics/Computational Physics Option; Robert B. Hill, Timmonsville, Mathematics, Finance; *Patrick D. Hopewell, Florence, Management Information Systems; *Ryan E. Huntley, Florence, Biology; Lisa A. Hurley, Florence, Management Information Systems; *Jane E. Hutson, Florence, Mass Communication; *Kimberly R. Inabinet, Florence, Accounting-Second Degree; *Olin G. Isom IV, Lake City, Psychology; Kelly E. Jackson, Florence, Psychology; *Robert H. Kearns, Florence, Marketing; *Susan E. Kinman, Florence, English-Professional Writing; *Hannah E. Lawhon, Effingham, Nursing; Lillian A. Lawhon, Florence, Early Childhood Education; *Amy E. Leach, Florence, Psychology; Carmel H. Lee, Florence, Finance; *Grant S. Lyerly, Lake City, History; Ann M. Mahl, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; *Jesse A. Marsh, Florence, Undecided; *Natalie R. Martin, Effingham, Political Science; Laura C. Matthews, Florence, Psychology; *Amy E. McAllister, Scranton, English-Pending Teacher Certification; *Rachel R. McAllister, Lake City, Undecided; *Jessica N. McCutcheon, Scranton, Chemistry/ASC Certified; *James M. McLellan, Florence, Dual Engineering; *Erin N. McManaway, Florence, English-Professional Writing; Lora J. Meadows, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Rebecca N. Miles, Pamplico, English-Professional Writing; Matthew A. Millson, Florence, Business Economics; Laura R. Mitchell, Florence, Management; Cornelio d. Monjarrez, Pamplico, General Business Administration; Eva R. Moore, Olanta, English-Liberal Arts; Kristen D. Moore, Effingham, Psychology; *Joan B. Moses, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; *Sara A. Moyer, Florence, Biology.Pre-Nursing; Brittney N. Newsome, Florence, Biology.Pre-Nursing; Tiffany L. Noble, Florence, Elementary Education; *Callie A. Norris, Florence, Biology; *Koral P. Northern, Florence, Nursing; Priscilla A. Ouzts, Florence, Marketing, Management; Kristen E. Owen, Florence, Mass Communication; Deana V. Owens, Pamplico, Political Science; Dorothy S. Pierce, Timmonsville, Psychology; *Jessica R. Pikna, Florence, Nursing; Donna J. Poston, Pamplico, Nursing; *Sharon Powell, Johnsonville, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Igor Prielozny, Florence, Modern Language/German; *William G. Raines, Florence, History, International Studies; *Tammie P. Richey, Florence, Elementary Education/Second Degree Pending; Kathryn A. Rosenkranz, Florence, Management; *Matthew P. Sanderson, Florence, Computer Science; *Angela D. Sawyer, Florence, Marketing; *Christopher D. Sawyer, Florence, Marketing; Sonia A. Serrata de Paz, Florence, Modern Language/Spanish; Rachel C. Severance, Timmonsville, Chemistry/ASC Certified, Mathematics; *Richard W. Shelton, Florence, Economics-Second Degree; Bradlee K. Shown, Lake City, Computer Science; *Hiren R. Sitapara, Florence, Computer Science; *Kitty S. Smith, Lake City, Elementary Education/Applied; *Ashley L. Spigner, Florence, Biology; *Lindsey K. Springs, Florence, Mathematics; *Michele K. Stephens, Florence, Art Education; *Lauren M. Stout, Florence, English-Pending Second Degree Teacher Certification; *Jesse L. Stroman, Effingham, Mathematics, Computer Science; Michael R. Sutton, Pamplico, Management Information Systems; *Stephen M. Tedder, Florence, Finance; Elizabeth L. Trapp, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; *Joseph R. Turner, Florence, Management Information Systems; *Melissa K. Turner, Florence, English-Pending Teacher Certification; *Mary E. Waddell, Effingham, Political Science; Brian O. Welch, Johnsonville, History/Applied Social Studies Teacher Certification; *Robert T. Welch, Scranton, Accounting; Casey G. White, Timmonsville, Accounting; Amy N. Wilkes, Pamplico, Marketing; Derek T. Williams, Effingham, Biology; *Virginia E. Williams, Florence, Biology; Mitchell B. Wilson, Florence, Biology; John D. Wukela, Florence, Management Information Systems; Michael C. Wukela, Florence, English-Liberal Arts.

Georgetown: Jessica K. Brandon, Georgetown, Early Childhood Education; Marshall A. Butler, Georgetown, Management; *Joni E. Godwin, Andrews, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Angela L. Gunn, Pawleys Island, Elementary Education/Applied; Tiffany D. Roberts, Andrews, Biology; *Megan J. Ross, Pawleys Island, Nursing; *Lashonda S. Rush, Andrews, Psychology; Vincent E. Triana, Pawleys Island, Management, Theatre Arts; William Trevor Wright, Georgetown, Physics, Computer Science.

Greenville: *Lindsey N. Harte, Greenville, Biology; *Nishan B. Huff, Greenville, Mass Communication/Convergence; Cynthia E. Krafft, Simpsonville, Psychology.

Greenwood: James M. Hagen, Greenwood, History.

Horry: Brandy M. Bell, Galivants Ferry, Chemistry; *Kimberly N. Best, Aynor, English-Liberal Arts; Michael W. Jernigan, Green Sea, Psychology; *Heather R. Nowak, Myrtle Beach, Management; Bradley W. Richardson, Aynor, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty.

Kershaw: Stacey G. McGee, Cassatt, Mathematics; David R. Paulo, Lugoff, English-Liberal Arts; *Courtney L. Phipps, Lugoff, Mathematics; Takinah M. Scales, Lugoff, Biology; *Katherine E. Todd, Cassatt, Mass Communication/Public Relations.

Lee: Betty E. McCray, Bishopville, Biology.

Lexington: *Anna R. Dempsey, Cayce, Visual Arts; *Rebekah L. Norris, Leesville, Psychology, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; Jesse M. Ray, Lexington, English-Liberal Arts; Warren W. Weyer, Swansea, Management.

Marion: *Michelle C. Barnhill, Mullins, Accounting-Second Degree; Sharhonda F. Buie, Marion, Psychology; Chadwick A. Cartwright, Sellers, Political Science; Jeremy Q. Cook, Mullins, Mass Communication; *Paula A. Dew, Nichols, Elementary Education/Applied; *Elizabeth King Gardner, Marion, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Daniel H. Hobbs, Nichols, Computer Science; *Jacqueline E. Lane, Mullins, Psychology; Shana K. Lee, Marion, Nursing; *Hope S. Lewis, Nichols, English-Liberal Arts; Jeremy S. Lewis, Nichols, Mathematics, Computer Science; Danna M. McDaniel, Mullins, Nursing; Lara J. Poston, Marion, Psychology; Shannon M. Price, Mullins, Early Childhood Education/Applied; *John M. Rogers, Mullins, Political Science; Francis B. Turbeville, Mullins, English-Liberal Arts; Jamie D. Wiggins, Marion, Biology.

Marlboro: Kim M. Goins, Clio, Elementary Education/Applied; Iris F. Johnson, Clio, Elementary Education; Lance E. Leviner, Bennettsville, Physics/Computational Physics Option; *Anthony B. Lowery, Clio, Finance; *Sejal A. Parekh, Wallace, Psychology; *Susan E. Sligh, Bennettsville, Nursing; *Krissy L. Smith, Wallace, Biology; *Megan B. Stroup, Bennettsville, Mass Communication/Public Relations; *Michael H. Tatum, Bennettsville, Computer Science.

Newberry: *Caroline L. Clegg, Whitmire, Elementary Education/Applied.

Oconee: Vaughn E. Bowen, Westminster, Management; Kevin A. Murr, Seneca, Biology.

Richland: William C. McNamara, Columbia, Theatre Arts/Performance Specialty; Phillip C. Smith, Columbia, Psychology.

Spartanburg: Holly A. Thomason, Spartanburg, Biology/Pre-Nursing.

Sumter: Sarah A. Carpenter, Sumter, English-Liberal Arts; Steven B. Cote’ Jr., Sumter, Modern Language/Spanish; Lindsay M. McClary, Dalzell, Elementary Education.

Union: *Mica J. Massey, Union, Biology.

Williamsburg: Canelia O. Bellflowers, Hemingway, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Jessica N. Carmichael, Hemingway, Management, Marketing; *Ashley E Davis-Young, Hemingway, Finance; Mark L. Roberts, Hemingway, Mass Communication; *Amy L. Scott, Hemingway, English-Professional Writing; Jennifer S. Stuckey, Nesmith, Nursing.


Part-time students on Dean’s List


Darlington: Melanie L. George, Darlington, General Business Administration; Onna B. Knackstedt, Hartsville, Elementary Education.

Dillon: Crystal R. Whitfield, Dillon, English-Pending Second Degree Teacher Certification.

Florence: Amy L. Barhite, Florence, History/Pending Social Studies Teacher Certification; Rhiannon L. Brown, Florence, Psychology; Amanda G. Fogle, Florence, Biology; Christopher R. Haynes, Effingham, History/Pending Social Studies Teacher Certification; Wendy L. Housend, Florence, Sociology; Matthew E. Reich, Florence, Management Information Systems; Karen C. Spigner, Florence, Accounting; Wendy Taylor, Florence, Management; Danny A. Young, Florence, Management Information Systems.

Marion: Thomas J. Johnson, Marion, Art Education/Applied Certification.

Marlboro: Antionette M. Bostic, Wallace, Elementary Education/Applied.

Sumter: Anita T. Patel, Sumter, Marketing.


Full-time students on Dean’s List

INTERNATIONAL: Jennifer Ludwig, Pulheim, Marketing; James S. Maclachlan, Johannesburg, South Africa, International Studies; Jacob Tveit, Hemvagen Romelanda, Sweden, Biology.

FLORIDA: Jamie L. Gustason, Naples, Elementary Education/Applied.

GEORGIA: Janine E. Allen, Lilburn, Management Information Systems, Accounting; Jenna L. Sexton, Carrollton, Physics/Health Physics.

LOUISIANA: Gene T. Callais Jr., Lafayette, Biology.

MARYLAND: Danielle C. Moore, Owings Mills, Marketing.

MICHIGAN: Frederick J. Fox, Clinton Township, Undecided.

NEW JERSEY: Rebecca J. Ellis, Landing, Psychology; Travis J. Thigpen, Jackson, Biology.

NEW YORK: Sarah C. Seeley, Williamson, Sociology.

NORTH CAROLINA: Christina M. Barbacci, Clayton, Psychology; Jacqueline A. Bateman, Southern Pines, Elementary Education/Applied.

OHIO: Jacqueline F. Phiel, Amherst, Biology.

PENNSYLVANIA: Nicole D. Kephart, Wattsburg, Nursing.

TENNESSEE: Beth A. Parker, Smyrna, Art Education/Applied Certification.

TEXAS: Lezlie Logan, Fort Worth, Mass Communication.

VIRGINIA: Megan N. Corker, Richmond, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Crystal L. Edwards, Franklin, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Moises A. Ortiz-Giron, Falls Church, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty.

WASHINGTON: Ashley M. Fortune, Bothell, Elementary Education.


Aiken: Jiminez E. Glanton, Aiken, Computer Science.

Bamberg: Elizabeth L. Polasky, Denmark, Visual Arts.

Barnwell: Kimberly N. Meyer, Barnwell, Psychology.

Beaufort: Daniel A. Allen, Beaufort, Sociology; Ashanda G. Heyward, Beaufort, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Doneen S. Holmes, Saint Helena Island, Elementary Education; Nicki B. Smith, Ridgeland, Psychology, Biology.

Berkeley: Lydia W. Butler, Moncks Corner, General Business/Accepted; Kara E. Dingle, Moncks Corner, Accounting; Emily S. English, Cross, General Business Administration; Jonee’ A. Evans, North Charleston, Early Childhood Education/Pending; Amanda L. Ferguson, Cross, Elementary Education/Applied; Dionne M. Fields, North Charleston, Accounting; Kenneth J. Ford, North Charleston, English-Liberal Arts; Michael E. Kempson, Ladson, Political Science; Erica A. Lear, North Charleston, Early Childhood Education; Fatima K. Powell, North Charleston, Finance; Patrick L. Venning, Wando, General Business Administration; Brittany P. Young, Moncks Corner, Undecided.

Charleston: Bernard H. Bastian, Mount Pleasant, Management; Shannon N. Britt, Charleston, Accounting; James L. Brown, Charleston, Marketing; Patrick L. Cloninger, Hollywood, Biology; Beverly G. Floyd, Charleston, General Business Administration; Maygan N. Green, Charleston, Early Childhood Education; Mecca L. Hayes, Charleston, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Daniel J. Hoy, Mount Pleasant, Management; Jazmine J. Linen, Hollywood, Marketing; Saniqua L. Magwood, Charleston, Chemistry; Christie R. Sander, Mount Pleasant, Sociology; Jamila M. Smith, Charleston, Psychology.

Chesterfield: Ashley E. Black, Chesterfield, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Phillip C. Gulledge, Cheraw, Physics/Health Physics; Robert M. Hartman III, Jefferson, General Business Administration; Samantha K. Lee, Cheraw, Nursing (BS) MUSC; James H. Lewis, Cheraw, Biology; Cara L. Merchant, Cheraw, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Heather L. O’Neal, Patrick, General Business Administration; Matthew C. Parker, Cheraw, Dual Engineering; Krista L. Roscoe, Chesterfield, Sociology/Criminal Justice Track; John R. Smith, Cheraw, Physics; Kevin B. Smith, Cheraw, Management Information Systems; Cherith D. Van Sickle, Patrick, English-Applied Teacher Certification; Carl P. Wagner III, Cheraw, Management Information Systems.

Clarendon: Warren S. Anderson, Turbeville, Political Science; Leslie E. Blackmon, New Zion, Chemistry; Kimberly E. Canty, Manning, Mathematics/Second Degree; Lauren M. Cramer, Manning, Marketing; Stephanie M. Ellis-Purpura, Manning, Biology; John H. Filyaw, Turbeville, Economics; Malorie L. Galloway, Manning, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Jordan A. Gettys, Manning, Elementary Education; Mary L. Goodwin, Turbeville, Accounting; Daniel L. Harrington, New Zion, Physics, Mathematics; Benjamin C. Knowlton, New Zion, Elementary Education/Applied; Tonyelle L. Thomas, Turbeville, Elementary Education; Susan L. Welch, Turbeville, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty.

Colleton: Lakeesha F. Gadsden, Edisto Island, Biology; James P. Murdock, Walterboro, Finance; DaQuan W. Sellers, Walterboro, Finance; Myeshia S. Wilcox, Islandton, Management.

Darlington: Kelli R. Atkinson, Hartsville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Phyllis N. Aycock, Society Hill, Biology; Lance R. Bradshaw, Lamar, Biology; Joshua E. Britt, Darlington, Management Information Systems; Crystal L. Bryant, Society Hill, Management Information Systems; Daren L. Cato, Darlington, Physics/Health Physics; Sharra B. Caulder, Hartsville, Early Childhood Education; Sara E. Causey, Lamar, Marketing; Ashley H. Floyd, Darlington, Sociology; Kimberly B. Flowers, Darlington, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Ramona M. Fox, Darlington, General Business Administration; Michael W. Gaines Jr., Darlington, Management Information Systems; Jennie A. Isgett, Hartsville, Accounting; Katrina Y. Jackson, Darlington, Accounting; Wesley Jacobs, Hartsville, Biology; Forrest W. Jordan, Darlington, Marketing; Roger D. Knight, Darlington, Management; Erin E. Lamz, Darlington, English-Liberal Arts; Stephen B. Lewis, Darlington, General Business Administration; Tamron E. McManus, Lamar, General Business Administration; Ginger J. Meshaw, Hartsville, Elementary Education/Applied; Becky J. Morris, Darlington, Finance; Ronald B. Oates, Darlington, Elementary Education/Applied; Kimberly L. Parnell, Hartsville, Elementary Education; Mary-Margaret A. Porter, Hartsville, Undecided; Robert E. Riley, Darlington, History; Dana M. Simmons, Hartsville, Psychology; Jessica L. Tyner, Hartsville, English-Professional Writing; William A. Tyner, Hartsville, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Alexanderia C. Valentin, Darlington, Psychology; Ashley M. Waddell, Darlington, English-Professional Writing; Harriet W. Ward, Darlington, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Cassandra C. Williams, Lamar, Biology.

Dillon: Shane C. Bakazan, Dillon, Marketing; Percy W. Brigman Jr., Latta, Physics; Robyn M. Brigman, Latta, Chemistry; Alicia A. Campbell, Latta, Management Information Systems; Latasha R. Coleman, Lake View, Sociology; Natashia Conyers, Dillon, Elementary Education; Rosa M. Cooper, Dillon, Elementary Education; Rachel M. Corbett, Latta, English-Applied Teacher Certification; Mary B. Driggers, Dillon, English-Professional Writing; Charles L. Edwards, Dillon, Biology; Jennifer L. Flowers, Dillon, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Crystal L. Foxworth, Latta, Chemistry; Nicholas B. Gardner, Dillon, Mass Communication; Lucender J. Graham, Dillon, Sociology; Alison R. Hardy, Dillon, Early Childhood Education; Heather M. Jackson, Latta, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Frederick L. Johnson, Dillon, General Business/Accepted; Mary N. Khalil, Dillon, Biology; Eddie B. Lee, Dillon, Mass Communication; Dawn A. Manning, Dillon, Political Science; Danyell N. Mincey, Dillon, Nursing; Amy L. Moody, Dillon, Elementary Education/Applied; Falon C. Owens, Dillon, Political Science; Shreya R. Patel, Dillon, Biology; Shamada S. Platt, Dillon, Elementary Education/Applied; Minnie L. Quick, Hamer, Elementary Education; Laura C. Rowell, Little Rock, Elementary Education/Applied; Candice J. Williams, Latta, Management Information Systems.

Dorchester: Jessica L. Darden, Harleyville, Management; Sara M. Frampton, Summerville, English-Professional Writing; Elijah S. Gelzer, Ridgeville, Management; Amanda L. Good, Summerville, Elementary Education; Kacy D. Horne, Saint George, Elementary Education; Satoria A. Lowe, Summerville, English-Professional Writing; Lianne Luisi, Summerville, Psychology; Robert S. Peterson, Summerville, General Business Administration; Shayla E. Tarte, Summerville, Management; Laura E. Vance, Summerville, Nursing.

Edgefield: Asia S. Wyatt, Johnston, Biology, Psychology.

Fairfield: Lauren V. Hull, Ridgeway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Quentin Squirewell, Winnsboro, Management.

Florence: Joshua L. Adams, Coward, Art Education/Applied Certification; Gracyn L. Altman, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Leanne Altman, Florence, Psychology; Ashley N. Anderson, Florence, Art Education/Pending Certification; Crystal N. Anthony, Florence, Finance; Renee Atkinson, Olanta, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Ronald B. Avant, Florence, Management; Jennifer L. Bailey, Timmonsville, Elementary Education/Applied; Lauren A. Bailey, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Matthew K. Baker, Florence, Theatre Arts/Performance Specialty; Donald E. Barrentine Jr., Florence, Marketing; Amy R. Barton, Florence, Undecided; Stephanie E. Barwick, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Mollie Barragan-Bates, Florence, Political Science; Britt Ryan Baxley, Florence, History; Stephanie M. Bosse, Florence, Chemistry; Branden J. Boston, Florence, General Business Administration; Bambi D. Britt, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Matthew F. Broughton, Florence, Computer Science; Leslie M. Brown,Florence, Psychology; Elizabeth A. Bruton, Florence, Mass Communication/Convergence; Deondra P. Burgess, Lake City, Biology; Denise W. Butler, Florence, English-Professional Writing; William R. Carlson, Florence, Management Information Systems; Sarah A. Carmichael, Florence, General Business Administration; Ryan B. Carsten, Scranton, Psychology; Sadebeautia J. Carter, Lake City, Accounting; Angelica I. Champo, Florence, Biology; Ashley E. Chandler, Florence, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Potitsa S. Chavis, Florence, English-Liberal Arts, Political Science; Deanna A. Cohens, Florence, General Business Administration; Pamela L. Collins, Florence, Undecided; Arron E. Compton, Florence, Theatre Arts/Performance Specialty; Joedy J. Cook, Johnsonville, History/Pending Social Studies Teacher Certification; Courtney E. Cooper, Florence, Biology; Jamie M. Cordova, Florence, Political Science; Monica F. Cox, Pamplico, Mathematics/Applied Teacher Certification; Jenna M. Crosswell, Florence, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; Joshua K. Croteau, Florence, Mathematics; Sarah E. Davidson, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Marta D. Davis, Florence, Finance; William E. Day III, Florence, English-Professional Writing; Ashley N. Dean, Florence, General Business/Accepted; Jessica M. Dean, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Mary A. Domenech, Florence, Modern Language/Spanish; Jennifer A. Driggers, Pamplico, Mathematics; Kristopher Glen DuBose, Scranton, History/Pending Social Studies Teacher Certification, Marketing; Jessica G. Dunn, Timmonsville, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Jamie R. Durant, Florence, Mass Communication/Convergence; Jessica A. Ellibee, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Pablo E. Faja, Florence, Biology; Dane G. Finch, Effingham, Biology; Jason L. Flowers, Florence, Biology; Marion M. Fostel, Florence, Biology; Steven J. Frederick, Florence, Physics/Computational Physics Option, Mathematics; Karmella Fullard, Timmonsville, Chemistry; Alaina M. Gaddy, Quinby, Elementary Education/Applied; Angela S. Gainey, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Krystal L. Gause, Florence, Art Education/Applied Certification; Andrew D. George, Florence, Political Science; Kimberly D. Gibson, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Jesse M. Goode, Florence, Sociology; Jonathan M. Goode, Florence, Political Science; Joshua M. Graham, Lake City, Nursing; Kerry S. Hagerich, Florence, Business Economics, Finance; Joel S. Hammett, Florence, History; Alfred J. Hammond, Lake City, Elementary Education/Applied; Tracy D. Hanna, Florence, Biology; Angela M. Hardee, Florence, Accounting; Stephen T. Harding, Florence, Modern Language/Spanish; Terri M. Harrelson, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Sarah L. Hebb, Florence, English-Applied Teacher Certification; Anthony C. Heger, Florence, General Business Administration; Elizabeth A. Hesley, Florence, Psychology; Jocerlyn K. Hickson, Lake City, Elementary Education; Kirsten M. Hiortdahl, Scranton, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Rachel E. Holbrooks,  Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Catherine M. Holt, Pamplico, Business Economics; Kristen K. Holt, Florence, Political Science; Francis M. Humphrey III, Florence, History; Polly A. Hunsucker, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Chad A. Hyatt, Florence, Management; Aundria K. James, Florence, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Anna M. Jones, Florence, Elementary Education; Fern V. Jones, Florence, Biology; Nadia R. Jones, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Robert E. Jones, Florence, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Tiffany E. Kanos, Florence, General Business/Accepted; Emily E. King, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Shane A. King, Florence, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; William M. Kirkland, Florence, Psychology; Ashley E. Knight, Effingham, Marketing; Lisa M. Knotts, Scranton, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Crystal M. Kunz, Florence, Biology; Joanna M. Land, Florence, Elementary Education/Applied; Anthony F. LaVigne, Florence, Biology; Jennifer M. Lee, Florence, Marketing; Whitney E. Lee, Florence, Psychology; Julien E. LeGoff, Florence, Management; Jenalee M. Levesque, Florence, English-Professional Writing; Megan E. Lowder, Scranton, Psychology; Derek E. Lutz, Florence, Art Education; Kaylea D. Lyerly, Lake City, Elementary Education/Applied; April D. Lynch, Effingham, Elementary Education; Chad A. Lynch, Coward, Psychology; Robin L. Mack, Timmonsville, Biology/Medical Tech Option; Natalie S. Mahaffey, Florence, Psychology; Adam D. Martin, Florence, Mass Communication/Convergence; Pauline M. Martineau, Florence, Elementary Education; Maria A. Matthews, Coward, Management Information Systems; Kelly A. Maxey, Florence, Nursing; Morgan M. Maxwell, Florence, Psychology; Andrea Parsons McClam, Scranton, Psychology; Candace E. McCutcheon, Coward, General Business Administration; Tiffaney D. McCutcheon, Olanta, General Business Administration; Heather E. McKissick, Florence, Art Education/Applied Certification; Sheran L. McKnight, Lake City, Psychology; Allen T. McLamb, Florence, Management, General Business Administration; Jared K. Miller, Florence, Management Information Systems; Amy K. Mims, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Andrew P. Moore, Florence, Sociology/General Track; Brandy G. Moore, Coward, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Keli G. Moore, Florence, Accounting; Lauren B. Moore, Florence, Elementary Education; Aimee A. Moratalla, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Second Degree Applied; Katheryn E. Motte, Florence, Psychology; Elaina M. Mount, Florence, Management; Meloney L. Munn, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Kristina M. New, Florence, Chemistry; Sarah E. O’Quinn, Florence, Mass Communication/Broadcast; Kristin N. Owens, Florence, Visual Arts/Photography Specialty; Danny M. Page, Florence, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Jeong Park, Florence, Accounting; Terrinique Pennerman, Florence, Finance; James R. Pollett, Florence, Biology; Anna E. Poston, Pamplico, Marketing, English-Professional Writing; Kristen R. Poston, Florence, Early Childhood Education; Paul W. Poston, Pamplico, General Business Administration; Stevie C. Poston, Pamplico,Visual Arts; Amanda M. Pridgen, Florence, General Business/Accepted; Christopher B. Puddy, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Erika N. Remillar-Hagen, Florence, Biology; Ashley M. Rhodes, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Christopher S. Ringley, Effingham, Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy; Renee E. Roberts, Olanta, Management, Finance; Christie A. Robinson, Florence, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Kelli L. Rogers, Scranton, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Misty M. Rudisill, Florence, Nursing; Danielle D. Rush, Effingham, Marketing, Business Economics; Brandon L. Rushing, Florence, Accounting; Suzanne Rybak, Florence, English-Applied Teacher Certification; Takafumi Sakamoto, Florence, Mathematics, Physics; Xavier C. Sams, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Mark A. Sanders, Florence, Biology; Stuart W. Sarvis, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Carla E. Sessions, Florence, Computer Science, Mathematics; Antonio M. Shaw, Florence, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; John A. Shupe Jr., Florence, Biology; Winniford A. Simmons, Lake City, English-Liberal Arts; Shannon C. Small, Florence, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Monique R. Smith, Florence, Psychology; Artelia W. Spears, Florence, Marketing; Dusty D. Springs, Timmonsville, Civil Engineering Technology; Stacy L. Stafford, Florence, Early Childhood Education; David S. Staggs, Florence, Psychology; Heidi D. Stalheim, Florence, Marketing; Thomas M. Starling, Florence, Physics; Kristen L. Steen, Florence, Psychology; Carla B. Stephens, Florence, Mass Communication/Public Relations; Martha K. Stewart, Effingham, Psychology; Heather D. Tanner, Johnsonville, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Mary L. Taylor, Effingham, Psychology; Taylor I. Tillman, Florence, Undecided; Richard C. Turbeville, Florence, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Ashley G. Turbeville, Florence, Mathematics; Lianna K. Watson, Florence, Undecided; Paullet E. Weaver, Timmonsville, Psychology, Theatre Arts; Megan N. Welch, Florence, Nursing; Mark Y. Wells, Florence, History; Thomas J. Wells, Florence, Political Science; Amber E. Wilks, Florence, General Business Administration; Shonda M. Williams, Pamplico, Elementary Education/Applied; Chrisha M. Wilson, Florence, Undecided; LeVandra A. Windham, Florence, English-Liberal Arts; Kevin P. Wise, Johnsonville, General Business Administration; Daniel A. Woodberry, Florence, History; Leigh A. Woods, Florence, Biology/Medical Tech Option; Katie M. Wyllie, Florence, General Business Administration; Mary E. Yarborough, Florence, Physics/Health Physics; Kayla M. Zorn, Florence, Biology/Pre-Nursing.

Georgetown: Caroline L. Altman, Georgetown, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Andrea R. Anderson, Pawleys Island, Art Education/Applied Certification; Elizabeth A. Cordray, Andrews, Psychology; Latoya N. Heyward, Georgetown, General Business Administration; Ginny L. Jordan, Andrews, Elementary Education/Pending; John H. Payne II, Murrells Inlet, Biology; Sarah C. Wewers, Georgetown, Psychology.

Greenville: Curtis G. Condra, Greenville, Political Science; Jessica K. Jones, Greenville, English-Professional Writing; Seeba E. Pepper, Simpsonville, Political Science, History; Alice L. Pressley, Greenville, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Ebony D. Sullivan, Greenville, Sociology.

Greenwood: Pamela M. Canfield, Ninety Six, History; Miranda E. deVroomen, Ninety Six, Political Science.

Horry: Matthew J. Brown, Aynor, Physics; Nicole L. Brown, Aynor, Early Childhood Education/Pending; Carmella V. Chestnut, Longs, Mass Communication; Nealy L. Cook, Galivants Ferry, Biology; Lacy N. Danikas, Myrtle Beach, Biology; Whitney A. France-Kelly, Loris, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Sheena M. Gause, Little River, Dual Engineering; Juliemar Gonzalez, Little River, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Ashley B. Johnson, Aynor, General Business Administration; Lakendra S. Kea, Myrtle Beach, Psychology; Regina G. Lewis, Green Sea, Biology; David L. Lyles, Aynor, Political Science; Brandon A. Poston, Little River, Chemistry, Physics/Health Physics; Brandi T. Watts, Green Sea, Biology; Monica T. Wofford, Myrtle Beach, Elementary Education.

Kershaw: Michael R. Blair, Bethune, Biology; Brendan J. Chick, Camden, English-Liberal Arts; Kyle D. Cunningham, Camden, Management; Danielle V. Ham, Camden, Political Science; Jonathan S. Hawkins, Lugoff, General Business Administration; Terence L. Jackson, Elgin, Mass Communication; Amanda R. Johnson, Camden, Sociology; Stacy A. Krapf, Lugoff, Early Childhood Education; Allison R. Moak, Lugoff, Political Science; Tiffany S. Moore, Camden, Art Education; Shavonne N. Postell, Elgin, Political Science; Derk Riechers, Camden, Finance; Ryan C. Wiley, Lugoff, Mass Communication.

Lancaster: Crystal M. Benson, Lancaster, Marketing; Ashley D. Boone, Kershaw, Elementary Education/Applied; Katherine E. DeWitt, Lancaster, General Business Administration; Kristian D. McNeal, Lancaster, Mass Communication/Convergence; Demarcus A. Patrick, Lancaster, Finance; Ashley D. Parker, Kershaw, Early Childhood Education/Applied.

Laurens: Kimberly D. Culbreth, Clinton, Psychology.

Lee: Amanda N. Asher, Bishopville, Elementary Education; Zackary D. Atkinson, Bishopville, Elementary Education; William G. McCutchen IV, Bishopville, Biology; Vernovia Richardson, Bishopville, Biology.Pre-Nursing; Meghan B.Truluck, Lynchburg, Computer Science.

Lexington: Vance J. Bradley, Leesville, Computer Science; Kimberly S. Brock, Lexington, English-Applied Teacher Certification; Anne E. Daugherty, Irmo, Biology; Shannon L. Haltiwanger, West Columbia, Elementary Education/Applied; Daniel J. Matthews, West Columbia, Biology; William M. Putnam, Irmo, Chemistry; Kristen H. Williams, Irmo, Psychology.

Marion: Kashonta S. Blakeney, Marion, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Poiette M. Bromell, Marion, English-Applied Teacher Certification; DeAndre’ J. Bynum, Marion, English-Professional Writing; Dewana C. Cooper, Marion, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Alison N. Davis, Marion, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Heather L. Dozier, Marion, General Business Administration; Bettie J. Evans, Marion, Sociology/General Track; Jessica B. Graves, Gresham, Sociology; Mary E. Hardwick, Mullins, Psychology; Leon P. James II, Marion, General Business Administration; Vikki Cross McClellan, Marion, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Ashley T. McCummings, Mullins, Management Information Systems; Kimberly D. Richardson, Marion, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Rebecca M. Smith, Marion, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Velmetria C. Weeks, Mullins, General Business Administration; Yolanda L. Wilson, Marion, Biology; Lisa M. Wise, Mullins, Elementary Education/Second Degree Applied.

Marlboro: Katrina Covington, Bennettsville, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Suzy D. Driggers, Wallace, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Jermaine Ellis, McColl, Undecided; Michelle D. Farmer, Blenheim, Nursing; Kelly M. Gaskins, Wallace, Undecided; Jason N. Grissom, Wallace, Sociology; Vivian T. Hodges, Bennettsville, Elementary Education/Applied; Jerry C. Melton, Wallace, History; Stephanie M. Powers, Bennettsville, Biology; Courtney H. Quick, Bennettsville, Psychology; Franklin M. Rainwater, Blenheim, Sociology; Erica N. Sellers, Bennettsville, Finance; Opal C. Sloan, Bennettsville, Sociology/General Track; Stephanie N. Spisak, Bennettsville, English-Professional Writing; Tiffany P. Williams, Clio, Management.

Orangeburg: Erica A. Anderson, Springfield, Mass Communication; Amber L. Dantzler, Eutawville, Early Childhood Education; Sherrell A. Fennell, Neeses, Political Science; Anthony M. Green, Orangeburg, Biology; John C. McLaurin, Elloree, General Business Administration; Karla S. Myers, Eutawville, Elementary Education; Elizabeth A. Rush, Holly Hill, Accounting.

Richland: David M. Bounds, Columbia, General Business Administration; Dana M. Bufford, Columbia, Marketing; Maria A. Fogle, Columbia, Mass Communication; Tiffany D. Glymph, Columbia, Finance; Lauren A. Karelitz, Columbia, Marketing; Lauren A. Moore, Columbia, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Britton Singletary, Columbia, Mass Communication/Convergence.

Spartanburg: Kathy A. Rollins, Duncan, Biology/Medical Tech Option; April A. Roper, Spartanburg, English-Pending Teacher Certification; Philip W. Shoolbred, Spartanburg, Sociology.

Sumter: Will R. Ardis III, Sumter, General Business Administration; Rebecca J. Brunson, Rembert, Psychology; Evan J. Dyne, Sumter, Marketing; Diedre S. Herdsman, Shaw AFB, Psychology; Johnny L. Massengill, Sumter, Management Information Systems; Larry D. Montague III, Sumter, History/Applied Social Studies Teacher Certification; Matthew A. Newman, Sumter, Management Information Systems; Regina C. Quick, Sumter, Mathematics; Christopher E. Wells, Rembert, Mathematics; Robert J. Woodward, Sumter, Management Information Systems, Marketing.

Union: Casey L. Boulware, Buffalo, Biology; Daniel L. Smith, Carlisle, Biology.

Williamsburg: Joe L. Brown, Nesmith, Biology; Kayla A. Brown, Lane, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Roxie D. Bryant, Greeleyville, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Rachel B. Caulder, Kingstree, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Kelli E. Coleman, Kingstree, Biology; Ryan S. Edwards, Hemingway, Marketing; Shameka H. Fulmore, Hemingway, Biology/Pre-Nursing; Winter N. Grier, Hemingway, Biology; Windell D. Hartfield, Hemingway, History/Pending Social Studies Teacher Certification; Michelle F. Henderson, Kingstree, Chemistry; Allen D. Kirby, Cades, Elementary Education/Applied; Dana M. Lee, Hemingway, Nursing; Richard Mention, Hemingway, Management Information Systems; Danielle M. Nelson, Salters, Elementary Education/Applied; Quanshae O. Randolph, Kingstree, Psychology; Margaret R. Rodgers, Kingstree, Elementary Education/Applied; Jessie M. Scott, Kingstree, Elementary Education/Applied; Latasha A. Scott, Hemingway, Early Childhood Education/Applied; Barton A. Snyder, Kingstree, Computer Science, Mathematics; Vyone R. Tisdale, Kingstree, Visual Arts/Graphic Design Specialty; Tiffany K. Vereen, Hemingway, Computer Science.

York: Shaquanna M. Corbett, Rock Hill, Political Science; Kathleen L. McKee, York, Psychology; Miranda S. Whistine, Clover, Finance.

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