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FMU's Fall Enrollment Tops 4,000, Second Highest Mark in History

          FLORENCE---Fall semester enrollment at Francis Marion University has topped the 4,000 mark for only the second time in the institution’s 36-year history.

          Official fall enrollment stands at 4,008 students, surpassed only by the record 4,103 students who attended FMU in 1993.  This fall’s enrollment has jumped by 310 students from last year, an 8.3 percent increase.

          “We are delighted that more students are discovering that FMU is a great place to continue their education,” said President Fred Carter.  “The credit belongs to the faculty and staff for the quality of education offered at this institution.  It is their work than enhances the university’s reputation that attracts these enrollments.”

          Carter said that enrollment has increased from almost all regions of the state, but particularly the Pee Dee.  He said that numbers were up sharply in all Pee Dee counties and from Richland, Sumter, Horry and Charleston counties.

          Carter said that 95 percent of the student body comes from all 46 counties in South Carolina.  The other five percent comes from 27 other states and 23 foreign countries.

          There are 3,500 undergraduate students and 508 graduate students registered for fall classes, both numbers up from last year.  This is the largest undergraduate class since 1994, and the largest graduate class since 2002.  This is the sixth straight year that the number of FMU underclassmen has increased.    

          The undergraduate enrollment breaks down as follows:  new freshmen, 803; other freshmen, 164; sophomores, 794; juniors, 717; seniors, 704; and special students, 318.

          Women make up 67 percent of the total enrollment.  Minorities make up 40 percent of the student body.  Seventy-seven percent of the students are enrolled full-time.  The average age of undergraduates is 21, and the average for graduate students is 35.6.

          Florence County continues to provide the largest number of students to FMU with 1,252, or 31.2 percent of the total.  Darlington Country is second with 311 students, followed by Marion County with 202, both increases from last year.

          Other counties providing significant numbers of students to FMU are: Dillon (179), Richland (177), Charleston (157), Horry (146), Sumter (143), Williamsburg (136), Marlboro (133), Chesterfield (132), Clarendon (91), Kershaw (86), Berkeley (81), Georgetown (78), Dorchester (73) and Lexington (54).

          The largest number of out-of-state students comes from North Carolina (19), Ohio (18), Virginia (16), Maryland (15), Georgia (14), New York (11) and Florida (9).

          The largest number of international students comes from Canada (8), Sri Lanka (5), Germany (4), and India, Ireland and South Africa (3 each).

          The total credit hours taught (49,256) also jumped significantly over last year (46,533), the fifth straight year that number has increased.  

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Last Published: February 22, 2007 10:08 AM
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