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FMU history professor Scott Kaufman publishes books about Jimmy Carter, Gen. Francis Marion
    FLORENCE, S.C. – Francis Marion University associate professor of history Scott Kaufman has two books being published this month.

    The first book, “The Presidency of James Earl Carter Jr.,” is a revised edition of a book by Burton I. Kaufman, Scott Kaufman’s father. Burton and Scott Kaufman collaborated on the revised edition.

    According to the University of Kansas Press, “Burton Kaufman’s book on the Carter years was hailed as the best account of his administration. This new edition probes more deeply into Jimmy Carter’s approach to the presidency and the issues that he faced. It features more information on his foreign and environmental policies and expanded coverage of his personal background – both his upbringing and naval career – along with insights into his wife’s activist role.

    “Drawing on Carter’s previously unavailable Handwriting File, as well as on new oral histories and Carter’s own books, Burton and Scott Kaufman show the ways in which Carter had the opportunity – but failed – to be a successful transitional president. By the fall of 1978 he had become a more effective leader than during the first part of his presidency but could not undo his earlier mistakes and continued to make serious errors of political judgment…

    “In the final analysis, the Kaufmans fault Carter for not crafting a coherent message that would offer the American people a vision on which to build a base of support and assure his success. As his reputation as an ex-president continues to grow, this updated book offers an even better understanding of his White House years.”

    Scott Kaufman’s second book is titled “Francis Marion: Swamp Fox of South Carolina.”

    Aimed at fifth graders, this short children’s book about Gen. Francis Marion covers his entire life but focuses primarily upon his exploits during the American Revolution. Kaufman explains why Marion decided to join the South Carolina state militia, how he acquired an expertise in guerrilla warfare, and the larger impact he had upon the effort of southern patriots to seek independence. Oftentimes short on men and supplies, Marion ended up proving very important to the success of the Revolution in the South.

    Kaufman joined the FMU faculty in 2001. He earned the B.A. degree in history from Kansas State University, and the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in history from Ohio University.

    “The Presidency of James Earl Carter Jr.” can be ordered from the University Press of Kansas,, and all major bookstores, including Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, and Borders. It costs $17.95 in paperback and $35.00 in hardcover.

    “Francis Marion: Swamp Fox of South Carolina” is available from OTTN Publishing and It costs $22.95.

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Last Published: January 3, 2007 3:09 PM
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