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math tournament
Wilson and Dillon High Schools and The Byrnes Schools Take Top Honors in Math Tournament

    FLORENCE, S.C. – Wilson High School, Dillon High School and The Byrnes Schools took top honors at the Pee Dee Regional High School Mathematics Tournament. The tournament, sponsored by the Pee Dee Education Center and Francis Marion University, was held in the university’s McNair Science Building auditorium.

    The 29th-annual event featured more than 240 students from 16 area schools.

    Participating schools were divided into Division I, Division II and Division III schools. Schools with A and AA athletic classifications were considered Division I, while AAA and AAAA athletic classifications were considered Division II. This was the first year there has been a Division III, which consists of private schools in the Pee Dee.

    High schools participating included: Creek Bridge, Dillon, Hannah-Pamplico, Hemingway Johnsonville, Kingstree, Manning, Marion and Mullins in Division I; Hartsville, Mayo High School for Math, Science and Technology, West Florence and Wilson in Division II; and The Byrnes School and Trinity Collegiate School in Division III.

    All students participated in a one-hour, 16-question, written competition during the morning portion of the tournament. Hui Lin and Ray Tsai of Wilson shared top honors with the highest individual results on the exam. Tsung-Han Tsai of Wilson was second and Justin Chen also of Wilson was third. Receiving honorable mention recognition were Shang-lin Chung and Amit Om of Wilson High School, Matt Geddings of The Byrnes Schools, George Cameron Dodge and Tom Sitti of Trinity Collegiate School, and Michael Kucek of West Florence High School.

    The top four individual test scores from each school were combined to create a team score. The four schools in each division with the highest team score qualified for the afternoon finals.

    The finals consisted of four individuals from each qualifying school answering questions flashed onto an overhead screen. Points were awarded to the first, second, and third persons who answered correctly.

    In Division I, Dillon High School won its fifth overall team title by defeating Mullins High School (second). The four individuals representing Dillon in the finals were Josh Hinson, Amy Jones, C’Arra Lampley, and Bennett Lewis. Teresa Proctor serves as the adviser for the Dillon math team.

    Among Division II schools, Wilson captured its fourth overall team title. West Florence High School placed second, followed by Hartsville High School. Representing Wilson in the afternoon finals were Justin Chen, Hui Lin, Ray Tsai, and Tsung-Han Tsai. Dorothy Fleck serves as the adviser for the Wilson math team.

    The Byrnes Schools took home the Division III title with Trinity Collegiate School coming in a close second. Representing The Byrnes Schools in the afternoon finals were Matt Geddings, Lucien Lapierre, Jake Northup and Arpita Patel. Winston Kohler serves as the adviser for the Byrnes math team.

Division I winners
Dillon High School Math Team:

Maigen Bethea, Alex Branham, Tyler Ford, Josh Hinson, Ryan Huggins, Amy Jones, C’Arra Lampley, Megan Lee, Bennett Lewis, Brittany McLeod

Division II winners
Wilson High School Math Team:

Dominique Adams, Justin Chen, Shang-lin (Sunny) Chung, Kevin Cielo, Edward Collins, David Dong, Ismael Hernandez-Cruz, Timothy Jiang, Benjamin Johnson, Jasper Lee, Hui Lin, Mira Narayan, Amit Om, Brad Orr, Sorin Pirau, Josh Railey, Tsung-han (John) Tsai, Tsung-yu (Joy) Tsai, Tsung-Jui (Ray) Tsai, Brandon Washington, Lintu Ramachandran

Division III winners

The Byrnes Schools Math Team:

Bence Bays, Jill Brunson, Meagan Cowles, Matt Geddings, David Hornung, Lucien Lapierre, Jake Northup, Arpita Patel, Mary Patrick, Candace Rath


Past Tournament Winners

Year Division I Division II Division III
2007 Dillon HS Wilson HS Byrnes Schools
Hannah-Pamplico HS
Wilson HS  
2005 Hannah-Pamplico HS Wilson HS  
2004 East Clarendon HS Dillon HS  
2003 Mullins HS Dillon HS  
2002 Johnsonville HS South Florence HS  
2001 Latta HS Mayo HS for Math, Science
and Technology
2000 Latta HS Mayo HS for Math, Science
and Technology
1999 Johnsonville HS South Florence HS  
1998 Johnsonville HS Dillon HS  
1997 Johnsonville HS South Florence HS  
1996 Hannah-Pamplico HS Dillon HS  
1995 Johnsonville HS Hartsville HS  
1994 Hannah-Pamplico HS Marion HS  
1993 Hannah-Pamplico HS Marion HS  
1992 Johnsonville HS Hartsville HS  
1991 Mullins HS Marion HS  
1990 East Clarendon HS Hartsville HS  
1989 East Clarendon HS West Florence HS  
1988 East Clarendon HS Marion HS  
1987 Johnsonville HS Marion HS  
1986 Mullins HS Marion HS  
1985 East Clarendon HS Marion HS  
1984 Johnsonville HS Marion HS  
1983 Hannah-Pamplico HS Marion HS  
1982 Johnsonville HS    
1981 Johnsonville HS    
1980 Johnsonville HS    
1979* Johnsonville HS    
1979* Wilson HS *Two Tournaments were held
Last Published: December 11, 2006 2:11 PM
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