• I. Selection and placement of items on reserve
    • A. Library circulating books, faculty members' personal copies, and photocopies may be placed on reserve.
      • 1. Library books to be placed on reserve must be pulled from the shelves by the faculty member and brought to the Circulation Manager.
      • 2. Personal copies
        • a. Personal copies must be delivered (via campus mail or in person) to the Circulation Manager.
        • b. As with all other materials, barcode labels must be attached to personal copies for check-out purposes.
        • c. Although every effort will be made to see that items checked out are returned, the Library is not financially responsible for personal copies which are lost, stolen, or damaged. When a student pays for a lost personal copy, payment will then be made to the faculty member.
      • 3. Photocopies
        • a. Photocopies of Library or personal materials for reserve are to be supplied by the faculty member. The Library will be responsible for actual photocopying only in the case of replacing photocopies damaged or worn through repeated use.
        • b. In compliance with the Copyright Act of 1976, the Library will place ONE copy of a journal article, chapter of a book, etc. on reserve. Additional copies cannot be accepted without written permission of the copyright holder. If a faculty member finds more than one copy necessary, he/she must obtain such permission and submit a copy of the permission, along with the additional copies, to the Circulation Manager. (see sample letter)
    • B. Items generally not accepted on reserve are complete issues or bound volumes of Library periodicals, Library reference books, and Special Collections books.
    • C. Reserve requests should be submitted at least 24 hours before needed for class assignments. A considerable number of items (10 or more) placed on reserve at one time may require longer than 24 hours to process.
    • D. At the time that reserve requests are submitted, the faculty member should also submit a "Reserve Book List" form, indicating titles that are being placed on reserve, the loan period of each, and when the materials should be removed from reserve (at the end of the semester, etc.) This will enable the Library to re-shelve books promptly when no longer needed on reserve. (See sample Reserve Book List).
    • E. There is no specified limit of items that may be placed on reserve. However, the Library urges faculty members to consider that if volumes seldom or never read in the closed reserve collection were on open shelves, they would be found by readers who are browsing in a particular subject area.
  • II. Removal of items from reserve
    • A. Removal of items from reserve is determined by information given by the faculty member to the Circulation Manager at the time the reserve request was made.(Section I. D. above).
    • B. One week after the end of the semester, Library books not to be used the following semester will be removed from reserve and re-shelved.
    • C. Personal copies and photocopies not to be used the following semester will be held at the Circulation Desk for one week after the end of the semester to be picked up by the faculty member. After this time, the items will be sent by campus mail to the faculty member's office.
    • D. The Library cannot store personal copies or photocopies which will not be on reserve the following semester.
  • III. Loan periods of reserve materials
    • A. Faculty members stipulate the loan periods for each item they place on reserve.
    • B. Generally, loan periods are as follows:
      • 1. Building use only (2 hours)
      • 2. Overnight (one day)
      • 3. Three day
  • IV. Borrowing reserve materials
    • A. Only Francis Marion University students and faculty may take overnight and three day reserve materials out of the building. Others (for example, cooperative borrowers) may check reserve materials out to use in the building, but they may not take them out of the building, regardless of the loan period.
    • B. Only one reserve item, regardless of the loan period, may be checked out at a time. EXCEPTIONS: 1) If a student wants to make copies, more than one item can be checked out. 2) Depending on demand, 2 to 5 juvenile books may be checked out at the discretion of staff on duty.
    • C. Reserve materials may not be renewed. The current borrower may return the following day to check the book out again if someone has not already done so.
    • D. Reserve materials cannot be "held" for anyone.
    • E. A faculty member may check out reserve items on his or her own reserve list for any specified time not to exceed the fixed annual due date for faculty check-outs. Reserve items on other faculty members' reserve lists may only be checked out for the stipulated loan period.
    • F. Reserve items must be returned directly to the Library. They may not be deposited in the book return unit located in Founders Hall.
  • V. Fines and penalties
    • A. Building use only: $25.00 for removal of reserve item from the Library.
    • B. Overnight: $1.00 per day.
    • C. Three day: $1.00 per day. D. THERE IS NO MAXIMUM ACCRUED FINE FOR A RESERVE ITEM.

  • VI. Confidentiality of library records
    In compliance with the South Carolina law, Library Confidentiality Act (Act 108), the Library will not divulge to any person, student or faculty, the names of persons who either are currently using or who have previously used reserve materials.


Sample Letter


Dear Sir or Madam:

I am requesting your permission to photocopy the following material for use in the
reserve collection of the Francis Marion University Library:

Title:    _______________________________
Author/editor:    ________________________
Page numbers/chapters:    _______________
Total number of pages:    _________________
Number of copies of original needed:    ______

I will need this material to teach my class, and I will distribute it from the Library. I have
no plans to either sell or make any money from these materials. Enclosed is a self-
addressed stamped envelope for your reply. Please advise.






Instructor:________________________  Course:_____________________  Semester/Date:___________________  Remove:_____________

Circulation Limited to:   Building Use [    ]       3 Days  [     ]     Overnight   [     ]

Call Number Author Title Number of Copies


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