Structures and Contributors

Structures and Contributors

The Leadership Team for the SACS reaccreditation effort at FMU consists of President Fred Carter, Provost Richard Chapman, Vice-President for Administration Charlene Wages (the University's liaison with SACS), Faculty Chair Ken Autrey, Director of Institutional Research Mike Jordan, and Faculty SACS Coordinator Lynn Hanson.

Dr. Hanson was appointed by President Carter and her appointment was ratified by the Faculty Senate.  As the faculty SACS coordinator, Dr. Hanson is the chair of the SACS Oversight Committee, which includes elected faculty members, two appointees of the Provost, and the Director of Institutional Research, ex officio.  Through the SACS Oversight Committee, and in concert with other members of the Leadership Team, Dr. Hanson developed the timetable and assignments for completing the SACS reaccreditation process.

All of the University's accreditation processes--SACS, NCATE, AACSB, NAST, NASAD, MPAC, CAMPP, and NASAD--are monitored by the University Accreditation Committee, which includes faculty members and administrators appointed by the President, the Provost, and the Faculty Chair. 



This chart shows the timeline the University followed to meet SACS deadlines for reaffirming accreditation.


Committee Assignments


To ensure broad-based input on Francis Marion University's Compliance Report, University leaders adopted a process for developing, reviewing, and revising content that involved the committees listed below, as well as many other members of the campus community.  To review the membership and charges of each group, click on the following links. 



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