Technical Requirements


Technical Requirements

Two options are available for electronically reviewing FMU's compliance materials. The information on our web site is also available on the CD.

Reviewing Our Accreditation Web Site


For internet access you can use Internet Explorer 6.0, Internet Explorer 7.0, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

The Compliance Report was created in Microsoft Word 2003, but you can open each draft in Word 2000 or Word 2007.


Reviewing Our CD


The CD functions just like our web pages.  To use the CD, simply load it in your computer’s CD drive and it will automatically open to Francis Marion University’s SACS Accreditation page.


If the CD does not open automatically, you can start it by following these steps:


1.      Open My Computer and select the CD drive.


2.      Double click to list the files stored on the CD.


3.      Double click on the Index file to open FMU’s SACS Accreditation page.


Then you can use the hyperlinks and tabs as you would on the internet.


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