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FMU Honor Code - Civility in the Classroom

Civility in the Classroom


The classroom is an integral component of the educational community, and FMU strives to provide an environment appropriate to the University setting.  Students are expected to interact in a civil manner, treating all persons with respect, and to adhere to behavioral standards contained in the respective course syllabi.  Disruption of classroom instruction by students is not tolerated and will result in removal of the disruptive student or students from class.  Disruptive or uncivil behavior in the classroom may result in appropriate disciplinary action, which could include suspension, expulsion, or other University sanctions.


Helpful tips for students:

  • Read the course syllabus, including instructions regarding eating, disruptive chatter, electronic devices, etc.
  • Discuss with the professor any information that may need clarification
  • Hold all personal concerns for professor office hours and speak with the professor immediately after class
  • Be considerate of your classmates
  • Should you have matters or issues that may delay your participation in class, notify your professor at the time of the issue, not at a later time which may affect your position in class or grade
  • Arrive to class on time



Last Published: April 7, 2012 2:02 PM
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