Future Students:


Disability Services

Handicapped Parking Permits

After the student’s vehicle has been registered, the handicapped parking placard can be obtained from the Office of Counseling and Testing. The placard must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle whenever parked on campus. Students must meet eligibility requirements and must get a new placard at the beginning of each semester.

To obtain a handicapped parking placard: 1) The student must present the documentation outlined in the Eligibility for Services section. 2) The student must comply with South Carolina State Statute 56-3-1960 regarding eligibility for special consideration. 3) The vehicle must be registered on campus and display a FMU resident or commuter student decal. Students needing special parking consideration, such as pick-up or drop-off at crosswalks in front of buildings, should present these needs to the Office of Counseling and Testing so that Campus Police can be notified. At no time should a crosswalk be blocked for periods longer than necessary to pick-up or drop-off a student with disabilities.

Last Published: August 7, 2013 11:37 AM
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