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FMU Honor Code

FMU Honor Code




Statement of Honor

Upon becoming a member of the Francis Marion University community, students are expected to behave with honor and integrity in a manner that reflects the values of the institution.  Students must interact in a civil manner, both in and out of the classroom, treating all persons and property with respect.  Upon enrollment at FMU, students pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal.  They also pledge not to violate the FMU Honor Code or any civil/criminal laws.  Inasmuch as honor and integrity serve to define one's character, the university community expects that students will not tolerate the aforementioned behaviors in others and will exhibit reasonable judgment in reporting students who violate the FMU Honor Code.


The Honor Pledge

"As a student at Francis Marion University, I pledge to obey the FMU Honor Code and civil/criminal laws.  I pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal.  I will encourage others to respect the Honor Code and will exhibit reasonable judgment in reporting students who violate it."


Philosophy and Purpose

The FMU Honor Code consists of two sections, academic and student conduct.  Each section contains the expectations, policies, and procedures that apply to all Francis Marion University students.  These sections are designed to support the University community from disruption and harm, and to maintain appropriate standards of individual and group behavior.  The sections should be read broadly and are not intended to define misconduct in exhaustive terms.


Benefits of the Honor Code

  • Creates a supportive peer environment that affirms honesty and discourages cheating
  • Creates pride in belonging to a community with strong values and standards
  • Promotes student ownership and responsibility in an atmosphere of mutual trust
  • Promotes responsibility and civility among students
  • Supports systems within the University and ties the campus community together
  • Lasts beyond graduation, encouraging a lifelong adherence to the Honor Code
  • Instills community trust in students and graduates of the University


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