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IFC Fraternity Recruitment

Member organizations of the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) at Francis Marion offer students the opportunity to get involved in campus life through brotherhood, service, and social activities.  Currently, two IFC Fraternities are active at FMU, they are Kappa Alpha Order and Tau Kappa Epsilon.

IFC Fraternities recruit and admit members through a process named "Fraternity Rush".  During Rush, students interested in joining a fraternity are given an opportunity to visit each chapter and become familiar with its members, activities, values, and culture. 

Fraternity Rush will occur in the Fall Semester, and students interested in joining an IFC Fraternity should register for rush during that time. Representatives from every IFC Fraternity will be at the event, allowing the potential members to meet current fraternity men, ask questions, and find out more information about the groups. 

Throughout the rest of Rush Week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), the Fraternities will host "Dry Rush Parties".  Each night, a different Fraternity will host an event, and all participants of Rush are encouraged to attend each event.  Alcohol is prohibited at these events, in according to Rush Guidelines.  During these events, Fraternities will provide more information about their organization and members as well as learning more about the potential members.

Bid Day occurs at the end of Rush.  On that day, Fraternities will provide the IFC advisor with their "Bids".  A Bid is an official invitation to join a Fraternity.  During a specified time frame on Bid Day, the IFC advisor will meet with each potential member individually.  During that meeting, the IFC Advisor will share any bids the student may have been offered.  If any bids are offered, the potential member must determine which bid he will accept.  At that point, the potential member becomes involved in the membership process for the fraternity from which they accepted the bid. 

PLease call the Student Affairs Office at 661- 1182 for more information.







Last Published: February 25, 2014 11:23 AM
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